Letters to the editor — Nov. 4, 2020

Support for Langston

I read last week’s front page story in disbelief. I don’t know the school superintendent and have no knowledge about that situation, so I have no comment on that. But I do know the high school principal. I have watched Shawn Langston perform his job for years and have always been impressed, always grateful that our students here in Sequim have such a caring, involved principal to lead our high school. It is inconceivable that he would be suspended!

I understand that numerous laws require investigation of every little issue and complaint that arises, but I implore the school board to see that the necessary investigation move with all speed. At this difficult time caused by the COVID-19 virus, the school needs to put all its efforts into finding the best way to keep educating our students. I don’t believe that is being done without the dedicated leadership of Shawn Langston.

Sequim has been lucky to have him here all these years, and we shouldn’t take any chance of losing him. Many more young people can and should benefit from his guidance and leadership.

I invite all Sequim parents and citizens to join me in this petition to the school board.

Celia Fritz


Missed opportunity for council

It is amazing to me that Vicki Lowe was chosen by Gov. Jay Inslee to serve as one of three commissioners to the Washington State Women’s Commission but she was not considered the highest qualified candidate to serve on the Sequim City Council.

Maybe that is why the chosen council member received a 3-2 vote, with one voting member abstaining.

Kelly Mitchell


Power play in D.C.

News of the Bob Woodward book “Rage” about the Trump presidency facing a global pandemic, economic disaster and racial unrest has been circulating widely since its publication in September. “Rage,” and “Fear,” a previous Woodard book, on the Trump administration currently describe the mood of our country. And now Trump, his family and members of this administration have tested positive for the coronavirus.

When my letter to the editor of the Sequim Gazette was published back in February, little did I think of the convergence that would evolve between this virus and this president.

My letter then read in part: We also have a lethal virus in the Oval Office, POTUS45. Besides Hitler, world history is replete with dictators who have wreaked carnage on its people … and now we have American carnage at the hands of a president, his followers and the GOP. Who will be next to shine a light in this darkness? The pandemic of lies and indifference threaten us all.

This is a case in point where justice depends on those who have the power.

Today we associate this power with government. Justice depends on those in government who hold this power but it as well applies to our workplace and community organizations. The arc of justice sometimes bends away from the individual citizen, the worker or the volunteer in order for these institutions and agencies to retain power.

In my case it was this February letter to the editor that led to my two-year experience as a Sequim Community Broadcasting (SCB) volunteer announcer with KSQM 91.5 FM being terminated. While I never used my time as a volunteer announcer to express personal points of view, the SCB board asked that I resign because of the letter. It was a job I enjoyed and valued as a contribution to the community.

In short, injustice can be found where you least expect it.

Roger Briggs


Editor’s note: KSQM representatives declined to comment on this letter.

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