Letters To The Editor — Oct. 14, 2020

Guidelines a ‘contradiction’

Let’s see if I have this right: in March and April we were all told by local health experts to lock down and remain indoors to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Now, these same local health experts say we’re to remain outdoors as much as possible — to curb the spread of COVID-19.

I can’t be the only person who sees the blatant contradiction here.

Do these health experts really know what they’re doing? Or are they making up new protocols as they go along based on whims?

I for one have lost any shred of confidence I might have had in their advice.

Paul Schmidt


Let’s honor Myron

A big thank you for the wonderful “A field for Myron?” article that was in the Sept. 30 Sequim Gazette (“A field for Myron?” page A-1). Also, a special thank you to Michael Dashiell for the great job that he did on this story, on short notice! I really appreciate the research and interviews that Michael did and the old photos that he found.

With help like this I hope that we can get the football field named after Myron Teterud, to honor him for all that he has done for over 60 years, to show his support and love of everything Sequim.

The Sequim Alumni Association hopes that all past and present Sequimites will help make this happen, to share and pass on Myron’s legacy for generations to come.

Phyllis Meyer


BLM message aims to ‘bully with fear’

Mr. Morris is lucky he has only made someone want to “puke” (“An introduction to the Black Lives Matter man of Sequim,” Sept. 16, page A-8). When I cross this man’s path, I have an immediate reaction to jump out of my car, rip the American flags atop his BLM sign and push him over in his leisure chair and the only reason I don’t is that I believe in the law. I know Mr. Morris has the right to sit there as I do to air my disgust. Ah America!

Try saying that in a Marxist society! If you dare you may just disappear, your rancid bones surfacing years late in some oozing swamp.

Mr. Morris wants to “educate.” He could use some himself. BLM is a George Soros-funded, Marxist society determined to bully through fear. They are not about black justice, only their own.

BLM wants to dismantle American families and destroy our way of life. This is war. Just ask Americans whose lives have been destroyed by them. And by the way, these Americans are of all colors. Even Black!

Mr. Morris may not be a Marxist but he better know he is advertising for them. He may even be a good man. But ignorance causes damage to those whose perspective are limited.

My mother used to say, “Educate yourself. Watch subtle signs. Don’t wait for the tanks to rumble down your street to know you are in trouble. It may then be too late.”

Tess Bond


Vote for Erickson

Having been an official court reporter for 20 years in Clallam County Superior Court and after that as a freelance court reporter, I’ve had the pleasure of working for many great judges. During that time I gained a lot of knowledge regarding characteristics, experience and overall knowledge that a judge should have in their power to best serve the citizens of Clallam County.

The choice that I want to share with everyone for Superior Court Judge is Lauren Erickson. Lauren is a proven entity, having been successfully on the bench, is honest, compassionate and has the wherewithal to handle the massive amounts of court cases that will be forthcoming.

Please know that Lauren is the choice that will allow our courts to maintain a consistent flow as well as servicing Clallam County efficiently.

Please join with me in choosing Lauren Erickson for judge of the Superior Court.

Edie Beck

Port Angeles

A healthy Halloween holiday option

Since it’s obviously not safe for our little people to go door to door trick-or-treating, maybe the Rotary club or whoever does the Santa on the firetruck that comes each year could drive through Sequim and do a “yeet the treats” no contact Halloween.

Kids can come out when they hear the siren and pick up candies in their yards. Whoever is on the truck can “yeet the treats.”

Just an idea, I think we all need a little “normal” about now. Be well and stay safe!

Rebecca Davidson


Reject CSE, vote for Forde

In February 2019, the Institute of Law and Medicine published Institute Research & Evaluation’s assessment of 60 studies from 40 U.S. comprehensive sex education (CSE) programs and 43 of 39 other countries’ programs. Researchers concluded: “Negative effects listed in the review include increased pregnancy, increased STDs, increased sexual activity (initiation, frequent, or recent sex), decreased condom use, increased oral sex, increased sex partners, an increase in forced or coerced sex, or an increase in paid sex.” (www.institute-research.com)

Mike Chapman approved mandatory K-12 (CSE). Washington’s Family Policy Institute rated Chapman at 10 percent for his family issues votes. Sue Forde, Chapman’s opponent, collected signatures for R-90 to reject mandatory CSE.

Democrats rejected Republicans’ 45 attempted amendments (washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=183709), including:

• Allow parents and guardians to attend their children’s planned CSE instruction

• Require school directors’ consultation with parents, guardians and local communities about this CSE curriculum by 2021-2022

• Require monthly public school meetings displaying instructional materials before classroom instruction and school calendars posting of CSE classroom instruction days

• Require public schools to provide teachers a right of conscience opt out for comprehensive sexual education instruction

Democrat legislators abuse power and control to indoctrinate perverted, unscientific, harmful curriculum. Democrats disregard rightful parental and local authority over sex education, transparency, teachers’ personal standards, and right of conscience.

If ideologically driven CSE shoved into children’s minds worries you, vote to reject R-90 on your ballot.

Sue vows to work for legislative elimination of mandatory CSE, if R-90 rejection fails.

Elect Sue Forde.

Susan Shotthafer

Port Angeles

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