Letters to the Editor — Oct. 20, 2021

Vote for Kincaid

Please vote for Sarah Kincaid for Sequim City Council Position 2. She cares about the people of Sequim and votes for their best interests.

Sarah is against raising more taxes. She believes there should be lower fees and fewer restrictions for more affordable homes. She is concerned for retirees, many on Social Security, who need to live in comfort.

Keeping Sequim a safe place to live, for children as well, is a high priority for her.

A vote for Sarah is a vote for reasonable planning, for hard working taxpayers, of Sequim.

Myrna Mantle


Vote for Nicholas

I would like to express my support for Jeff Nicholas who is running for the position of fire commissioner for Clallam County Fire District 3.

Jeff has been a volunteer with our department for the past three years since moving here after his retirement. As a frontline first responder I have had the opportunity to be on several emergency calls for service with Jeff. He is always there for the citizens in Diamond Point and responds as a volunteer firefighter/EMT at all hours of the day and night.

He is also integral in supporting and teaching the community CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program which has proven to be exemplary in responding to community needs during the COVID crisis.

Jeff has immersed himself in the fire department and is also a part of the fire department’s strategic planning committee. His 30 years in the U.S. Navy which saw jobs as a Submarine Commander, Joint Plans Officer, Political Military Affairs Officer and a post military career with Fleer in which he was involved with forecasting, planning and budgeting.

It’s not very often that someone comes along who is as qualified as Jeff and willing to serve his community in every capacity that is asked of him.

I was honored to personally ask Jeff if he would be willing to run and serve as commissioner for the Fire Department. I have yet to meet his challenger who has not engaged with the line staff at the department.

Captain Chad Cate


Democrats should bear blame

With reference to “Who, exactly, is ruining our Democracy”? (Letters to the editor, Sequim Gazette, Oct. 13, page A-14):

I will pose an answer to that question: The present and continuing hegemony and “Reverse Midas Touch” of the Democrats.

Ethan Harris


‘Division, ignorance, conflict’

Recent accomplishments from our city council’s work effort has left me feeling that they are headed down the wrong path. I sense division, ignorance and conflict.

You have to ask yourself what is important. What are your guiding principles? If you subscribe to inclusiveness, compassion, integrity, reason, honesty, and solutions then it’s time for a corrective change.

Please join me by voting for Lowell Rathbun, Kathy Downer, Vicki Lowe, Rachael Anderson and Brandon Janisee for Sequim City Council.

William Biery


City council candidates deserve our support

I would like to recommend Sarah Kincaid, Mike Pence, Keith Larkin, Daryl Ness and Patrick Day for Sequim City Council. The first three are incumbents who have demonstrated their abilities well, especially through our Covid shutdown. They have kept costs and fees low, in helping small businesses and residents deal with our crises. They deserve our support.

The newcomers both have excellent business backgrounds and will surely be assets to the City Council.

The above team will work to make housing more affordable, bring new businesses to Sequim, create well-paying jobs, and will work hard to make Sequim even better than it’s been in the past. I encourage everyone to vote for these hard-working people.

Please also be aware that the Sequim City Council is a non-partisan entity but is being politicized by a local Marxist contingent that would take Sequim in the wrong direction, to the detriment of many, adding taxes and costs to our lives here, and having a detrimental effect on Sequim.

Bobbie Piety


Voter’s guide info lacking

In reviewing the Clallam County Voter’s pamphlet for the upcoming election, I note that 12 candidates submitted absolutely no data about themselves or why they were seeking the position.

If you have no interest in sharing your background or position, why on earth would you expect us, the voters, to vote for you?

Susan Hamman


Don’t blame staff for mandates

I have been to some establishments such as restaurants, stores and banks. I have spoken to some dishearten staff that have been reprimanded and treated horribly because they have to wear a mask and in some places show they have had the vaccine. They have had to put up with lots of verbal abuse.

These individuals are doing their jobs. Please don’t reprimand them and make them feel it’s their fault that they have to ask all of this. If you are angry about what these individuals are being asked to do then write or call your congressman or Dr. Berry. They are the one’s that allowed this. The staff has nothing to do with the rules.

Nobody wants to ask anyone for their vaccine or make people wear mask. It’s a shame the position the politicians or Dr. Berry have put these people in.

Please don’t be rude to these individuals it’s not their fault. They are just doing what they have been told to do. All of this is stress on everyone. Just make the best of it and protect our restaurants. If people quit going to these restaurants because of the anger of the mask and vaccine situation eventually they will have to close their doors. Let’s fight for our businesses in Sequim.

We all need to stick together and help preserve our small business. Being angry with them or being rude to them gets us nowhere plus we are blaming the wrong people.

Olga Mosher


Malinformation in letter

Pepai Whipple’s letter in the Oct. 13 Gazette (“SGGL suspect,” page A-14) appears to be malinformation — purposeful maliciousness in spreading incorrect information — about myself and the organization I volunteer with, the SGGL PAC.

Whipple wrote, “Documentation filed with the PDC indicates that the treasurer of the SGGL PAC is Dale Jarvis, a Seattle-based consultant.” And, “Now we learn that the SGGL’s own ties to Seattle-based interests run deep and wide.”

The supposed “Seattle-based consultant” is me, a full-time homeowner in unincorporated Sequim for more than two years. The malinformation comes from the website of my former business, Dale Jarvis and Associates, that has big red type stating, “Note that in January 2019, Dale retired and closed the firm. He is keeping this website open in order to continue sharing the large quantity of free material that can be found on the resources tab.”

I’m not a Seattle-based consultant. The SGGL PAC does not have deep and wide Seattle-based interests. Any reasonable, responsible person would figure this out in about five seconds after going to my old website.

Second, Whipple is accusing the SGGL PAC of refusing to disclose the “special interests” and “high value rollers” among its donor base, resulting in two formal complaints filed with the Public Disclosure Commission.

In the response we provided to the PDC and information shared on social media, the complainants know SGGL has received no funding from “special interests” or “high value rollers” and there is no substance to their related PDC complaint (pdc.wa.gov/browse/cases/99241).

We clearly stated on our website and Facebook pages, “The SGGL PAC has received 58 donations from local residents for this campaign season. 1 donor lives in Carlsborg, 1 in Forks, 3 in Port Angeles, and 53 in Sequim. 33 donations are between $10 and $50. 21 are between $100 and $200. And 4 are between $250 and $499.” No “special interests”, no “high value rollers.”

Dale Jarvis


No fraud here

Mail-in voting works! There is no proof, nor have you provided proof that it doesn’t work. You sound like the My Pillow guy who says thousands of dead people voted in the recent election. He just spouts out things and does not back up what his mouth says. It seems you do the same.

In Washington state, every signature is checked against the voter’s signature card, and ballots are pulled out of the stream and voters contacted if the signatures don’t match. Voters can track the path of their ballot and contact elections officials if they see something wrong.

There’s little evidence that vote-by-mail leads to widespread fraud or favors Democrats. Mr. Trump himself voted by mail in Florida’s primary election last month and the 2018 mid-terms.

You say we have ignored the evidence and there is plenty of undeniable evidence about election fraud. Where is it? You don’t state any evidence. Again, you just throw it out there hoping it sticks.

Even in Arizona, after going through the ballots dozens of times, there was no fraud found! You all just want to believe what matches your alternate universe. These are the facts: no voter fraud was found!

Voting is about the people not about partisanship! I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I just want to vote for the best person for the job. Republicans seem to only be concerned about being re-elected, not concerned for the voters.

Get over it, Trump lost! That is supported by facts, not baseless comments that can’t be backed up!

Pauline Geraci


Thank you for Back To School Fair success

More than 600 bags of school supplies, as well as back packs, were distributed at this year’s Back-to-School Fair held at the Boys & Girls Club in August. This outreach to help prepare Sequim families in need for the new school year, now in its ninth year, takes months to plan and many hands to accomplish.

There are many to thank: planning committee members started meeting in spring; Office Depot sponsored our Stuff-the-Bus school supply drive event; Walmart donated school supplies; CERT members helped direct traffic; Clallam County Health Department staff ran an on-site COVID vaccination clinic, and more than 30 volunteers made the wheels turn at the Aug. 28 event.

Thanks to our sponsors: Castell Insurance, 1st Security Bank, Sunrise Rotary Club, Sequim Association of Realtors, Boys & Girls Club of the Olympic Peninsula, Molina Health Care, Sequim School District, Sequim Kiwanis, Sequim Prairie Grange and United Way of Clallam County.

This collective effort is a great reflection of the level of caring in our community. Thanks to all.

Nan Burris and Patsene Dashiell

Co-chairs for the 2021 Back-to-School Fair Planning Committee

Editor’s note: Patsene Dashiell is the spouse of Gazette editor Michael Dashiell.

Can’t stop this vote

The election ballot was in the mailbox. Expecting it to glow with the effects of being handled by government lizard people, I felt disappointed that it was flat, plain, with clear directions. Sigh.

Reading the Voter’s Pamphlet a few days prior, determined to alleviate feverish candidates from my choices, I scoured the comments for any mention of disinformation resembling con men of QAnon : a discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is plotting against former President Donald Trump, who is battling them.(Wikipedia). Seeing none, I determined their messages to be camouflaged by code.

I recalled the Jan. 6 attempted “Big Lie” coup and the QAnon tweet: Mike Pence is treasonous. Remember the rallying cry to “hang Mike Pence” by the domestic terrorists? And thereafter, many other such efforts at voting rights sabotage.

Ron Watkins (graduate of Mukilteo high school) and his dad, Jim, whom many suspect to be “Q,” chortle in concert as bucks cling to their sticky hands and line slick pockets. Perhaps once captured by aliens, they can blame that close encounter on their maleficence.

I didn’t allow their mystifying, deliberately chaotic “Q” club to stop me from voting.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles