Letters to the editor — Oct. 30, 2019

Stoffer for school board

For the past 10 years, I have known and worked with Jim Stoffer through various school organizations and functions.

He’s an honorable, trustworthy and thoughtful man that’s worked diligently these many past years on the school board to make a better environment for our kids and give our school district a voice in Olympia.

I have attended many school functions over the years – concerts, sporting events, fundraisers, and campus – he’s always there doing good for our kids and researching new ideas.

His experience, high ethics, and determination will assist the Board in moving forward – he has the right vision.

The knowledge of what has happened and experience and judgment in what will transpire in the future is invaluable. Vote for Jim Stoffer.

Lora Armstrong


Re-elect Ozias

I recommend re-electing Mark Ozias as Clallam County Commissioner. Mark has done an outstanding job in his position the last four years. He is transparent, communicative, respectful of others, intelligent, a hard-worker and he continually strives to accumulate more information for the betterment of our county.

Mark works with all areas of the county — economic development, the health-care industry, budgeting and planning, better nutrition for children and seniors, nonprofits and more. He serves on several advisory boards.

He listens well to others and he gathers facts to make good decisions for the good of the general public. He will be spending time on climate change, as it is already having implications for life on the peninsula.

Mark’s opponent showed up for the first debate and never showed his face for the following three debates. Maybe the opponent didn’t want to answer questions, or maybe he felt that he didn’t need to show any accountability to the public for questions, concerns or access to his ideas. What are his ideas?

Not showing up displays a total lack of commitment to the job and to the public.

Mark is the very effective hard worker that we need. Please vote for Mark Ozias for county commissioner.

Dianne Salyer


Stoffer for school board

Since 2002, Jim Stoffer has continually worked for our students in the Sequim School District. Prior to his election to the school board, he had been active with the parent-teacher-student groups, district strategic planning and working on levy campaigns. He has advocated for our children as a Prevention Works board member.

Jim has also been there for our youth, volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club Summer Lunch Program.

When his child graduated, he could have walked away. Instead he continues to be all in as the most tenured member of the school board.

He has displayed integrity, compassion and fairness when dealing with the diverse needs of our schools. Jim has been working on developing partnerships within the district and the community.

He has also been honing the district’s relationship with the state legislature as the board representative and member of the Washington State School Directors Association. These relationships are key to creating and developing our schools for the 21st century.

Mr. Stoffer is concerned that the educational tax dollars allocated to the Sequim School District not be misspent. He has spent time understanding the nuts and bolts of the complicated financial structure of education in Washington state, especially since the recent changes to how monies are appropriated to each district by the state government.

I hope that you will join me in re-electing Jim Stoffer to the Sequim School Board. He is the person we need to encourage continued progress and educational growth for our children.

Erika Starks


Vote for Stoffer

Jim Stoffer: What is in this name? To me, this name rings like a triumphant trumpet, resounding strength, excellence, and security; an individual that is the exception to the rule with pure altruistic intentions, and seeks to better his community when few others have the gumption to.

I have known Jim since I was 10 years old, and worked with him during booster meetings, and the school board. This past decade, I have grown up thinking of Jim as a role model. As I have matured, my respect for him only grows. He has proven to me time and time again, that he is someone I can find in my corner.

Never wavering, he has supported me through every fundraiser, attended every choir concerts, and assisted me on my path to create a better and brighter future for myself.

However, what is most inspiring, I am not the only one he has supported. Students at Sequim High know who Jim Stoffer. He is the guy that shows up. More than any teacher, school board member, or faculty member; Jim shows up. He supports the students and families that he represents, taking their concerns/burdens on as his own.

If anyone deserves to win this election, it is Jim Stoffer. He is a true intentioned leader and has proven his position time and time again.

Please vote for Jim Stoffer, Sequim School District Director Position No. 3.

Annie Armstrong


Jim for Sequim

Jim Stoffer is the best candidate for the Sequim School board District 3 seat!

I have had the privilege of serving with Jim on the Legislative Committee with the Washington State School Director’s Association. Jim’s knowledge in trust lands and legislative issues is simply amazing. Jim is a person that you enjoy spending time with and want to be around. He is a true leader.

He advocates for Sequim on the local, regional, state and federal level. He truly wants what is best for all 1.1 million students we serve in Washington state.

Jim is very involved in his community and the Sequim School District. Jim is proud of the community he represents and dedicates countless volunteer hours making sure he is getting the best for the students in his district and across the state.

Jim Stoffer is the best candidate. I encourage you to vote for him.

Michelle Perry


Perry is a Sunnyside School District board member

Henninger for hospital commissioner

Ann Marie Henninger will make an excellent hospital commissioner. I have known her for four years, and in that time I have found her to be compassionate and passionate advocate.

I recently gave birth to my third child and experienced many difficulties with my daughter’s feeding issues and weight loss. Ann Marie supported me in seeking solutions, which included me going out of the area to have my daughters lip and tongue ties released.

I am incredibly grateful to Ann Marie for her support, information and advocacy during a very stressful time. I owe her a debt of gratitude for helping me access resources and believing in me. Ann Marie is very knowledgeable with resources in our area.

I am happy to report that my daughter is now eating and gaining weight well! Ann Marie went above and beyond for my family, and I am so grateful. I am proud to vote for her!

Stacy Madison


Vote for Janisse

Brandon Janisse is my choice for Clallam County Commissioner District 1.

Mr. Janisse’s resume speaks volumes about about his character, service and integrity. Thank you Mr. Janisse for your service in United States Army serving in 101st Airborne, and defending our precious American freedoms.

I commend your tenacious, perseverance and steadfast commitment to excellence as a City of Sequim Councilor. I have observed you place a high value on the safety, security and the voice of your constituents.

Thank you for stating, “A public official should work for their citizens. No collusion, no backroom deals. The people decide what they want in their communities.”

Please vote for Brandon Janisse. I believe he will do an outstanding job for the citizens of Clallam County.

Terri DiMartino


Come together to solve violence

I don’t claim to have the answer, but I’m reasonably certain we’re not going to find any answer at all by yelling and calling each other names.

Gun violence and violence in our country are problems — problems not likely to be solved by any one, quick answer. While we have to find some way(s) to stop them, we can’t do that at the cost of our freedoms.

There is a lot of concern about Second Amendment rights. But I’m equally concerned about losing the protections of the Fourth Amendment.

If certain weapons and/or other accessories are banned, how will we determine who has them, before they are used to commit a crime? Authorities would just have to search for them everywhere – in every home, car, truck, camper, boat, and anywhere else that someone could hide them. How do we retain our protection against unreasonable search and seizure if the police can search anyone’s home at any time, just to look for items that may not even be there — and possibly never were?

A problem with most gun control laws is that they are after the fact laws. They can only be enforced after the gun has already been used to commit a crime. They will not reduce violence or have an impact on crime. But they’ll have a tremendous, and growing, impact on our freedoms.

We need to work together to find a way to reduce violence. I doubt more after-the-fact gun control laws are the answer.

Ken Lillagore


Responsibilities of government

Council members, citizens and proponents of the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) facility: I would respectfully like to remind you that all levels of government, both local as well as national, share a primary responsibility to its citizens.

The safety and security of all cannot be jeopardized in the name of social responsibility or economic advantage for a few!

Please review Sequim Municipal code 18.56.60, parts A, B, C1 and C2 (see www.codepublishing.com/WA/Sequim).

Sequim is very unique, with all the qualities we look for in choosing a place to live.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be used a parasitic host to the drug addiction business!

My wife and I briefly lived in Everett before coming here to live. Compared to Sequim it could be described as a hell hole! And that would be a compliment!

And what we are inviting in is the fertile ground for what in time will resemble the filthy drug and crime infested communities many of us have lived in!

Please don’t allow this to happen to us!

“Just say no!”

Gary Miller


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