Letters to the Editor — Sept. 14, 2022

Ken Hays for PUD

Our energy environment is changing rapidly, and those supplying it need to be looking to the future to minimize costs. I support Ken Hays for PUD commissioner because he brings much needed vision and awareness of potential to the PUD’s leadership.

There are so many options for the future, as the agency responsible for reliable and affordable energy supply, we expect our PUD to consider them all. Sadly, this is not the case.

An example of this occurred at the Clallam PUD Board meeting of 14 December 2020 during the review of the 2021 Strategic Plan. The draft plan included language as follows: Page 3: “Our PUD is fortunate to have access to renewable hydroelectric power for the bulk or our power needs. However, we also recognize the increasing cost of hydropower and changes in the energy sector and markets will require displacing the portion of power received from carbon sources with affordable and cost effective renewable supply, additional conservation, and with effective management of internal and external cost drivers.”

Page 14: “Develop and revise net revenue model on a monthly basis using NISC month end reporting. Develop … technologies and conduct periodic financial feasibility analysis necessary and to decarbonize the power supply, including: EV charging, battery storage, SMR, solar and microgrid technologies.”

Commissioner Rick Paschall deleted the underlined clauses and both he and Commissioner Will Purser voted to remove them from the Strategic Plan. That sure doesn’t look like forward thinking we need to take us into the future.

Time for a change!

Paul V. Hansen


Pick Forde for strong parental authority

In 2018, all Democrats and some Republicans approved SB 5722 barring psychiatric counseling for minors seeking help for unwanted same sex attraction or gender dysphoria. All Republicans rejected and all Democrats approved:

• in 2019, SB 5889 mandating minors (13-17) access to “gender affirming” surgery, puberty blockers etc. paid by parents’ insurance without parental consent;

• in 2021, SB 5313 requiring health carriers and the Health Care Authority to provide for medically “gender affirming” treatment prescribed as necessary for ages 13-17.

• in the Washington State Legislature, Democrats rejected Republicans’ amendment exempting individuals under 18 years.

Apple Health (Medicaid) Transhealth program is one of many Washington providers offering a plethora of “gender-affirming” surgeries, including mastectomies, testicle removal and hysterectomies. (Transhealth Program, hca.wa.gov)

Boston’s McLean Hospital Brain Imaging Center researchers concluded, “While adults can use rational processes when facing emotional decisions, teenagers are simply not yet equipped to think through things in the same way.” Brain researchers conclude the human brain reaches full development at 20-25 years. (“Decision-Making Is Still A Work In Progress For Teenagers,” brainconnection.brainhq.com)

Without parental guidance, might 13- to 17-year-old adolescents with incomplete brain development, gushing hormones, and sensing discordant gender identity make an irreversible, future-shattering mistake by availing such procedures?

A Heritage Foundation Ph.D. researcher states “80-95 percent of adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria later accept their sex,” and those with who underwent transition surgery were “nineteen times more likely than average to die by suicide.” (“The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science,” heritage.org)

If you think parental authority curtailment benefits adolescents, reelect Mike Chapman. If you support parental authority restoration, elect Sue Forde a strong parental rights advocate.

Susan Shotthafer

Port Angeles

Heading toward fascism?

It is becoming more evident as each day goes by that the Republican Party is heading towards embracing a fascist ideology. Just do a Google search for, “Are the republicans becoming fascists?’ There are more than 20 articles covering this, many from renowned authors and universities.

Then search the internet and watch the latest edition of the craziness at the recent CPAC gathering in Dallas. Completely insane. Viktor Orban was invited to speak, advocating for keeping mixed races as well as LGBTQ+ individuals out of Hungary, to great applause from the audience.

And now, after the search warrant was served for documents stored at Mar-A-Lago, the Republicans have gone completely out of their minds calling for defunding the FBI. So much for backing the blue.

What they really want to do is be able to fire any federal employee without just cause and rebuild those organizations to their liking. (“‘There Needs to Be a Reckoning’: Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees,” govexec.com)

This would remove many civil service employee protections and reduce whistleblower activity. This is exactly what an authoritarian government would like.

Their latest scare tactic is to try and scare you about IRS armed agents coming to your house to audit you. What they are really worried about is the IRS auditing them. The only thing the IRS will be doing is looking for tax cheats who make over $400K a year to help them pay their fair share.

All this has caused an uproar in the MAGA voting base. It appears these people need to be put on sedatives.

Stan Riddle