Letters to the editor — Sept. 2, 2020

Thanks to parents

Kudos to the parents of Sequim School District! I was a traffic director for the drive-by back to school event and want to thank all the drivers for carefully obeying the signs and rules, patiently waiting in line. It was well organized with rules for cars to line up as we do for ferries. I had no idea the power that comes with a vest and a flag.

There was an understanding that the simple rules were there to keep everyone safe. It is baffling to me why we can’t do the same thing with a rule about wearing mask.

Linda Benson


Kudos to our volunteers

I’m taking a moment here to give a hardy thank you to those responsible for the weekly Sequim COVID Food Care Package Distribution program.

Since June 3, more than 500 families every Wednesday drive through a beautifully orchestrated system manned by volunteers to pick up their free boxes of surplus food.

This could never have gone off so successfully without the efforts of the Clallam County Fire District 3, Sequim Food Bank, the City of Sequim, Sequim Public Works, Sequim Police Department, Peninsula Behavioral Health and more than 40 fire district CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers.

Thank you for your service.

Butch Zaharias


Christmas during a pandemic

Driving along, down the dark, Diamond Point Road last December, I noticed the cheery, sparkly ornaments occasionally coming into view with my headlights. After a couple of long, arduous days, we had finally arrived at our new home in Sequim!

Inquiring about who does go to the trouble to make such a beautiful display led me to Marty, then George, then Penny, Blaine, Cindy … Christmas didn’t end in December!

As a new CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member, I am not only excited about the new friends I’ve met, but now, the weekly food distribution during COVID-19, what a gift!

Much gratitude goes to the Trinity United Methodist Church, as they have graciously shared their parking lot to stage the easy, drive-thru opportunity! They are located at 100 S. Blake Ave.

Many agencies are involved. I want to add a special thanks to the Sequim Food Bank, as their boxes are generously filled! As well, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Clallam COunty Fire District 3, the City of Sequim, Sequim Public Works, Sequim Police Department, Peninsula Behavioral Health and more than 40 CERT volunteers!

Held from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. each Wednesday through the end of September thus far, it is for everyone who could use the help.

As we mask up, keep socially distant and wash hands frequently, let’s remember that cheer and good-will continue in our wonderful community!

Dana Clark


Tribe projects benefit one another

The Jamestown Tribe makes available gambling to those who are addicted to gambling. They also sell booze, tobacco and marijuana to those who are addicted to that stuff. Now they want to open an addiction recovery clinic. Hmm …

Robert Larsen


Not that flag

Parents imprint beliefs onto children, knowingly or not. Role modeling, discerning fact from fiction, expecting accountability, provide guidance to become productive, contented, compassionate, lawful adults.

Parents face potent community and online opinions and recruitment efforts, challenging them to be watchful of influential forces misdirecting and manipulating vulnerable, inexperienced youth. Some worse-case ramifications are: allegiance to hate groups; racially-biased intimidation and attacks, and mass shootings.

The lack of support networks and the infiltration of lethal propaganda into our kids’ imaginations have caused catastrophes.

Young men flying the duplicitous confederate flag in the backs of their pickups, adults hanging it on poles by their houses and online bigots using memes and manifestos flaunt a lie about our history.

Speaking to teenagers about waving that flag may drive them to act out, if we don’t have their trust, respect and love. Yet parents and others must tell them about this mistake.

The confederate flag isn’t about states’ rights, independent thinking, or rebelliousness. It means owning people as slaves to use to gain wealth, in humiliation and degradation, beating, whipping, raping and murdering.

Our Civil War was fought to end this barbarous, shameful practice, because, needless to say, those in bondage have no freedoms.

Free speech and expression are integral to our way of life. Speaking the truth becomes crucial to pronounce the principles in which we believe and practice every day.

Don’t wave that tarnished old flag of the past, symbol of brutality, not honor.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

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