Callam Conservation District’s plant sale ends Jan. 23

The Clallam Conservation District is accepting orders for its annual Native Plant Sale through Sunday, Jan. 23.

The bare-root tree and shrub seedlings are sold in bundles of 10 and 25, with prices ranging from $16-$25 per bundle.

Orders can be placed online through the Conservation District website at

Conifer seedlings remaining include Douglas fir, grand fir, Sitka spruce, and western hemlock and western red cedar. Deciduous tree seedlings include big leaf maple, Pacific crabapple, red alder, Rocky Mountain maple and vine maple. Deciduous shrubs include blue elderberry, mock orange, Nootka rose, oceanspray, Oregon grape low, osoberry, Pacific ninebark, red elderberry, red flowering currant, red osier dogwood, serviceberry, snowberry, thimbleberry and twinberry. Native pollinator seed packets are also available.

The district conducts the annual plant sale to provide affordable native plants for wildlife habitat enhancement and environmentally friendly landscaping.

Plants will be available for pick-up on March 4-5 at Lazy J Tree Farm,225 Gehrke Road, Port Angeles.

For more information, email to or call 360-775-3747, x5.