Cycling for Kindness

  • Friday, March 21, 2014 7:58pm
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Cycling for Kindness

Sequim Gazette staff

In 1970, Brock Tully was playing football for the University of British Columbia. He also was drinking to excess, dealing with depression, and suppressing thoughts of suicide. Tully’s answer was a 10,000-mile bicycle journey around the outskirts of the U.S., through 33 states and all of Mexico.


During the journey he started listening to the strong, quiet voice in his heart that he believed was sharing the truth. He was slowly ridding himself of the constant negative chatter in his head — fears, paranoia, judgments that were keeping him from being present and joyful in the moment.


Over the years following his bicycle trip, Tully continued his journey to his heart and wrote five best-selling “Reflections” books of inspirational thoughts. In 1995 he co-founded the Kindness Foundation of Canada because he believed kindness was the solution to all of society’s challenges — bullying, violence and abuse, not only of others but also of animals, the environment and especially of people’s own thoughts and their health.


In 2000, Tully, with an amazing support team, bicycled 11,000 miles around the U.S. and Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia, to California to Florida to New York to the eastern coast of Canada and back across Canada to Vancouver) — “Cycling for Kindness.”


In 2008, he did a solo bicycle journey in the middle of winter, pulling a 70-pound trailer through middle America, speaking at schools along the way about the power of kindness and how it can ripple all over the world.


His entertaining multimedia presentation — with videos, PowerPoint slides, music, magic and juggling — will take you on a heart-warming journey. Tully shares profound stories from the road and insights gained from meeting people of all styles, ages, religions and ethnic backgrounds.

About the presenter:

Author and speaker Brock Tully draws on his background in education, coaching, counseling and three epic bicycle journeys — 46,000 kilometers (29,000 miles) — to inspire his audiences.


His presentation incorporates touching personal stories. He does more than just present to groups; he connects with them at a heart level. By authentically sharing a part of himself, he effectively inspires group action, while providing the tools for successful communication, team building, leadership and overcoming adversity.


An avid promoter of kindness and author of eight books, his goal is to bring more kindness and caring into homes, schools, workplaces and recreational pursuits to enable people to live happier, more harmonious lives. It is his belief that heartfelt caring for everyone enables people to relate in more healthy and positive ways.


Tully now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he organizes community events and reaches people all over the world through his websites. His focus is on prevention and finding solutions to life’s daily challenges.


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