Enjoy a ‘walk about’ at Woodcock garden

Pack up a lunch, grab a sun hat and take a leisurely stroll through the Woodcock Demonstration Garden in early August.

Clallam County Master Gardeners host a guided “walk about” tour at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 4, at the 2.74-acre garden at 2711 Woodcock Road.

This is the third garden “walk about,” free events hosted the first Thursday of every month through October.

This guided tour will focus on all the gardens, with special emphasis put on the visitors’ interests.

Garden team leaders will be on hand to answer questions and give advice.

“Late July and early August brings about summer colors such as the deep purple and cool whites of the daisies and anise hyssop in the Pollinator Garden,” program organizers note.

“We will take a stroll through the shade garden amongst the ferns and clovers. False valerian or centranthus is in bloom throughout the other gardens in vibrant shades of pinks, reds and wines.

Dotted along the pathways and shining in the sun, you will see calendulas in shades of peach, orange and yellows.

In the small fruits garden, the raspberries, red currants, huckleberries, and strawberries are all coming into season.”

The Woodcock Demonstration Garden is open to the public daily.