Five-Acre student art selected for JFFA



To mark the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, Five Acre School displays artwork by students in grades K-6 in the hallways. Ten of those works have been selected by an independent judge to be displayed at the festival May 24-27 in Port Angeles (see brief below).

Artists and their works include the following: Ethan Melnick, age 5, “Parrot,” felt pen; Olivia West, 6, “Parrot,” felt pen; Evan Mackey, 6, “Parrot,” felt pen; Emily McAliley, 7, “Butterfly in the Rainforest,” collage/paint; Xander Bolinger, 9, “Fort Bolinger,” watercolor; Abby Schroeder, 10, “Leaves,” watercolor; Zoe Yates, 10, “Birchbark by a Sunrise,” watercolor; Enya Griffin, 10, “Schloss,” felt pen/colored pencil; Raven Sharpe, 11, “Red-Tailed Hawk,” colored pencil; Alissa Lofstrom, 11, “Illusion,” felt pen/colored pencil.