Milestone: Jacobson gets OMC leadership award

Samantha Jacobson, operations manager for Olympic Medical Physicians, with the August leadership award, Olympic Medical Center officials said recently.

OMP chief physician officer Josh Jones presented the award, praising Jacobson for her detail-oriented and efficient approach to new and changing clinic services, updating processes and collaborating across clinics.

“Sam is always thinking ahead and gets it done,” Jones said. “She can always be relied upon to critically think through the steps and ensure everyone is on the same page.”

Jacobson started with Olympic Medical Physicians in 2013 as a medical assistant, and steadily grew into management as a result of her ability to work through complex issues.

“Sam works well with our clinic management teams,” Jones said. “Her eye for developing efficient processes that support OMP functions has been an asset from day one and we are very pleased to have her on the OMP team.”