Milestone: Lions build fence for food bank

A group of Sequim Valley Lions club members rallied together in March to help the Sequim Food Bank.

Club president David Blakeslee said the club donated about $3,500 in materials and members contributed labor on March 15 to install approximately 180 feet of fencing on the west and north side of the facility at 144 W. Alder St..

The food bank’s fence recently fell down, and Blakeslee said it was their first fence as they typically build ramps.

Last fiscal year, the club built 44 ramps for people in-need, and has built 22 ramps since July 1, 2022 so far, he said.

“We’re so grateful of all of our community partners especially the Lions,”food bank executive director Andra Smith said.

For those in need of assistance, whether you can afford or not materials, Blakeslee encourages people to reach out by searching for the club online or visiting