Milestone: Olympic Peninsula YMCA CEO earns Women of Excellence distinction

Wendy Bart, chief executive officer for Olympic Peninsula YMCA, recently received the Women of Excellence Award from the Women’s Leadership Resource Network (WLRN), a YMCA of the USA-recognized employee resource group that aims to advance diversity, inclusion and global initiatives by providing support to underrepresented communities.

The WLRN Women of Excellence award celebrates exceptional women in all areas of YMCA leadership who are making a lasting impact in the Y and their communities, YMCA representatives said.

Bart received the award during a virtual International Women’s Day conference on March 8 hosted by WLRN members and YMCA professionals from around the world.

She was recognized for her leadership work in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Olympic Peninsula YMCA but also among the greater YMCA community.

“It’s an honor to receive this award alongside so many other amazing women in the Y,” Bart said in a press release. “I’m proud of the work our organization is doing toward diversity, equity, and inclusion in the communities we serve.”

For more about this award or the Olympic Peninsula YMCA, marketing and communications coordinator Erin Hawkins at or call 360-452-9244 ext. 896.