Pianist plays for downtown Sequim

Anson Ka-lik Sin may not be originally from Sequim, but that doesn’t keep him from wanting to make the downtown area sound a little better when he’s here.

A musical doctorate student at the University of Oregon and a former Peninsula College student, Sin enjoys taking time during his day when he’s in town to visit one of the pianos scattered around downtown Sequim in the summer to sit down and play for awhile.

“I just love sharing music,” Sin said.

On July 11, the Hong Kong native played at the piano in front of the US Bank at the corner of Washington Street and Sequim Avenue for around half an hour, and earlier in the week he played there for two hours. Both times, he attracted a small crowd before he was done.

In April, Sin played in a series of recitals and performances in Sequim and Port Angeles, and plans on more such performances in the future.

“I love hearing him play, and I love seeing these pianos here in town get utilized so well,” said Rana Wintermute, a local musical performance coach who used to work with Sin when he lived in the area. She’s gotten to know him so well she says she now considers him part of her family.

“I love having another grandma,” Sin said, grinning.

According to Sequim City Clerk Karen Kuznek-Reese, the piano Sin was playing is one of three currently being maintained as part of the Keying Around program that’s been in Sequim for several years. Another is located in front of the Sequim Civic Center, while the third is at Tedesco’s.

Originally, the program decorated and eventually aucitoned off several pianos, but the three current pianos are being maintained and reused year to year, with no donations of other pianos being accepted.