Unearthing a Mastodon


Clare Manis Hatler and Museum & Arts Center Executive Director DJ Bassett examine a historical place marker for the Manis Mastodon archaeological site. Hatler presents a MAC-sponsored program on the site at 10 a.m. Friday, April 19, at the Dungeness Schoolhouse, 2781 Towne Road in Sequim. The Manis Mastodon, discovered by Emanuel Manis in Happy Valley in 1977, made news again in 2011 after a research study published in the journal Science revealed that new radiocarbon dating confirmed the archaeological site to be at least 13,800 years old and now the earliest known human settlement found in the Americas. Entry is $5 for the presentation, which includes a slideshow of Hatler’s dig site photographs. Photo by Reneé Mizar