Best Air Purifiers to Buy

Air pollution has been one of the world’s most significant issues since the industrial revolution. The air filled with toxins, radicals, and allergens is why people have breathing issues like asthma or sinusitis. Air purifiers were invented to cater to such problems in the future. Since then, with the latest technology integrated yearly, they have been perfected according to human needs.

Air purifiers are one of the most sought products today and are recommended by users worldwide. So, to help you maneuver through the labyrinth of air purifiers, our team tested some of the most recommended air purifiers in the market. Here we have put together a list of the top air-purifying devices that work to help you find the best air purifier that is perfect for you. The list includes the three best products for you: air cleaners, passive air purifiers, deodorizers, and products to improve breathing.

The Top 20 Best Air Purifiers of 2022

  • Purifair
  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Blaux In-Home
  • Proton Pure
  • DivinAir Dehumidifier
  • Ion Pure
  • Air Protect Pro
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • Air Cleaner Pro
  • CleanAir S
  • Air Cleaner
  • Safe Air X
  • Air Purifier X
  • AirJoi
  • PureAir Max
  • The Breather
  • AirPhysio
  • Hale Breathing
  • FEND Nasal Mist
  • LifeVac



Purifair is the latest super technology that provides cleaner air to your rooms without occupying an ample space. Its compact design enables it to be carried anywhere and has a stylish, sleek look that can fit every area, whether your office, car or bedroom. The single-touch button system makes the purifier user-friendly. The Purifair uses negative ion technology, which is emitted as it starts and attacks the positively charged airborne particles so that they fall on the ground. No filters need to be replaced in this cleaner, and no-noise technology makes you sleep peacefully in clean air.

The Purifair is available online for $50, and if purchased from the official site, you will receive a 10% discount. The box includes a USB charger, a user manual, and a discount voucher for the next purchase.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is a top-notch device to eradicate airborne particles even if they are in micrometers. In addition to the negative ion technology, one of the top techniques to lessen environmental toxicity, the device has an activated charcoal filter that gives additional protection against pet dander or allergens and removes the foul odor in the air. The device’s size is equal to that of a coffee mug, and with a rechargeable battery, you can use it on the go. Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is available online for less than $70.

Blaux In-Home


Smaller in size than other air purifiers, Blaux In-Home is a perfect gadget for clean and deodorize air. Equipped with the same negative ion technology to pull down the pollutants on the ground, Blaux In-Home starts its magic as soon as it plugs in. there is a cradle to add the scented pouch or activated charcoal. The device works on a normal volt range of 110-220 V.

You can buy this device for $49.99 and scented or charcoal filters for $10.

Proton Pure


The Proton Pure is one of the best air purifiers of 2022. It uses triple filtration technology to filter out air. The HEPATM filter works against bacteria and viruses by purifying air up to 99.97%. While the MaxFilter eradicates all foul odors from pet dander to mold spores. Lastly, the carbon filter layer is there to remove nighttime irritants. Other benefits are low energy consumption, portable, compact design, adjustable fan speed, purification frequency, and LED lights. The product is available online for $149.99, and from its original site, you might avail of a 50% discount.

DivinAir Dehumidifier


DivinAir Dehumidifier is a blend of an air purifier and a dehumidifier. On the off chance you live in a humid climate, dampness in the air can unleash destruction on your home and raise indoor temperatures.

Running a DivinAir Dehumidifier with a single button can solve this issue, leaving your home or any space dry and comfortable. Among different advantages, it offers 360 holes for dehumidification, two ceramic PTC heaters warming and drying the moisture-absorbing beads so they can be reused, and non-consumable silica particles for damping ingestion.

Other air purifiers eliminate particulate matter from the air, yet DivinAir Dehumidifier has the advantage of removing dampness. It works in up to 250 square feet of room and uses warming components to effectively remove moisture from the air, leaving your current circumstance feeling cooler and more agreeable. The device is available online for $69.99.

Ion Pure


Ion Pure is an air purification framework that seems to be a more compact hard drive than a conventional air purifier. You plug Ion Pure into a plug of your home, and the unit gives steady air purification without upkeep.

By plugging in a C-port charger, you can utilize Ion Pure to scrub the air in your home. You can purchase various units at a markdown rate, spreading them throughout your home to give compelling purifying power. Every Ion Pure produces zero pollution, consumes low energy, and is produced using shock-safe ABS material for improved toughness. The unit has negative ions to dissipate particles from the air you inhale around your home. The air purifier is available for $59.99 and a 50% discount on the official site.

Air Protect Pro


Air Protect Pro is an air purifier that gives you spotless, new, and safe indoor spaces with prevalent portability. It works quietly not to disturb you while you sleep or work. It has an LED display that makes it easier to use in the dark. The unit channels 99.7% of particles through the filters and develops indoor air quality. Air Protect Pro has dynamic detection, which includes: the three levels of air quality check continuously, making it simple to perceive the difference in air purity before and after the cleaner was started. The Air Protect Pro is available online for $139.5.

Ioner Air Purifier


Ioner Air Purifier is the best device for patients suffering from breathing diseases. The device is designed to be placed on a desk, a cabin, a tent, or anywhere to give you a flow of clean air. This portable air purifying device is available on the market for $59.99.

Air Cleaner Pro


One of the best air purifying devices of 2022, Air Cleaner Pro, has two types of filters that readily work to clean the air around you. The four buttons technology works to release both negative ions and Ozone, which work against pathogens, and positively charged molecules and decompose the bacteria. Ozone additionally eliminates foul smells in the air by eradicating bacteria. The device is available in the online market for $55.

CleanAir S


CleanAir S is a three-in-one filter system that cleans 99.9% of the air using a HEPA filter and carbon nano filter. It disinfects the air by ionizing it and giving pure air to breathe. It is a portable device that is easy to carry and has a good battery life if you travel a lot. You can get a cleansed room in one touch for $49 only.

Air Cleaner


Air Cleaner not only cleans the air with highly active filters but also humidifies it, so this is a two-in-one technology that protects your lungs and keeps your skin from getting dry and patchy. It is portable and rechargeable too. You can get your Air Cleaner for $55.

Safe Air X


Safe Air X is an air quality detector and can measure the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, temperature, and particulate matter in the air. This alerts the user by sounding an alarm if any of these concentrations are out of the set limits. These alarms help know when ventilation is required and can track the performance of any functioning air purifier in the room. It is available for $79.

Air Purifier X


The Air Purifier X uses ozone gas to reach all nooks and crannies of your room to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. This device produces Ozone as it is an unstable gas that quickly degrades to oxygen and hence cant be stored. You can purify the air in your room in about 25 minutes which is the approximate time it takes for Ozone to degrade. Air Purifier X has a long battery life, sustaining about five uses. You can buy this device for $65.



AirJoi stands out against the other products on the list as it does not need electricity to purify the air, making it an optimal and affordable choice. This cleaner comes in bags filled with activated bamboo charcoal, an environmentally friendly option. This product requires no setup and can be used from the get-go to passively clean air, deodorize areas or things, and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. This product is economically friendly as you can reuse it for up to two years.

All you need to do is take the bag and expose it to sunlight for an hour or so for the activated charcoal to reactivate. These bags are pet and children-friendly as they are free from toxic chemicals. The AirJoi is perfect for people who suffer from respiratory diseases related to airborne pollutants or allergens. You can use the AirJoi to deodorize your house, cars, office space, gym bag, or even old running shoes! The most popular deal for the AirJoi is buying five to get five free, making the individual retail cost $19.99.

PureAir Max


Here is another passive air purifier on our list. The PureAir Max works similarly to the AirJoi. It uses the same activated bamboo charcoal to trap toxins, pollutants, and other allergens. Activated charcoal is an industry-wide recognized substance for enhanced air purification. It is known for being economically and environmentally friendly due to its organic nature and chemical composition, which can trap these pollutants within its structure.

Like the AirJoi, the PureAir Max is perfect for deodorizing your house, car, or laundry. The PureAir Max retails for a much higher price of $49 per bag, but unlike with the AirJoi, you have the option of purchasing a single piece. You can also opt for a three-year warranty for just a few dollars.

The Breather


Products that help improve respiratory abilities are vital for people who suffer from breathing issues. One such product is The Breather. This product was designed by Peggy Nickolson, who worked in cardiovascular rehab. She came across the technology of Respiratory Muscle training, which is now being used in this device to strengthen the muscles for deeper breathing and make coughs more profound and effective in clearing out the airways. These targets help users sleep more peacefully and prevent choking from blocked airways.

The Breather was designed under the careful supervision of doctors and scientists. This device has been approved for use by the FDA. This product is perfect for anyone suffering from respiratory conditions and diseases like emphysema, bronchitis, etc., and does not require a prescription. The device is small, portable, battery-less, and works with the dials on the sides to control the intensity of training as you get used to it. The Breather retails for $49.99, and their website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.



The AirPhysio is used to naturally improve breathing in people suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma or acute bronchitis, where the airways get blocked by mucus. This blockage causes people to feel breathless, produce wheezing sounds and even choke as their airways get blocked. The AirPhysio employs a pulse technology called Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure, which creates pressure to help loosen the mucus from the airways.

The mucus can then easily be coughed out without the help of expectorants or other medicines. This device is 100% safe, easy to carry, and gradually helps improve lung strength. Over 250,000 people have used the AirPhysio and have labeled it as ‘life-changing.’ You can get the AirPhysio for $59.99.

Hale Breathing


Hale Breathing is an inconspicuous device that fits right in your nose for the ultimate comfort and efficiency. This device was designed and developed by Johns Hopkins Medical Center and is meant for people suffering from collapsed noses after improper correction surgeries, nose jobs, deviated septums, nasal inflammation, or other related concerns.

This device can help reduce snoring, improve your and your partner’s sleep, help increase your stamina for exercise and even improve your temper and spirits. Hale has been labeled 100% safe, much more successful than nasal strips, works 95%, and gets reconstructive surgery. This device comes in three different sizes so that it can contour with your nose perfectly. This allows it to blend in and become seemingly unnoticeable, making it appropriate to wear around the clock no matter the event. This device retails for $29.99.

FEND Nasal Mist


The air we breathe in is now more polluted than ever. This is precisely why respiratory diseases have become more common. FEND Nasal Mist is a small, discrete, and portable device filled with saltwater and calcium to help your airways filter out the harmful pollutants as you breathe in. Press down on your FEND nasal mist device and take two deep breaths in this concoction that will coat your airways and act as a filter. When you inhale, all the contaminants from the air will stick to this, and 99% purified air will reach your lungs for up to 6 hours! You can buy this online for $29.99.



Choking is a genuine hazard that you or your loved one may encounter in your lives. The LifeVac is a life-saving device for emergencies. Just place this device over the person’s mouth and nose, and pull it to suck out dangerous particles in their throat. You can get this for $69.95.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a part of a quality lifestyle. It is an eco-friendly device that can be used in all personal spaces, such as homes, dorms, hostels, and RVs, and commercial areas such as offices, shops, cabins, etc. It is beneficial for human beings and other living creatures in many ways. Some of the benefits are described below:

  • Throw fresh and pure air
  • Release refreshing and soothing effect fragrance in the atmosphere
  • Fight with dust particles
  • A great relief for pollen grain allergic
  • Provide a pure form of oxygen
  • Useful for asthma patient
  • Rid of environmental pollution
  • Smog free eco-system
  • Rid of airborne diseases
  • Health and fresh morning
  • Happy and sound sleep
  • Provide filtered air for cancer patients
  • Eliminate Toxic smell and reactive chemical hazard
  • Absorb pets and bathroom odors/smells.
  • Work as a dehumidifier.
  • Used as a humidifier also
  • Control seasonal diseases
  • Used as a repellent of pests and mosquitos
  • Boost your energy and life
  • Long and healthy life
  • Prevent Headaches and Bacterial diseases

Types of Filters in Air Purifiers

Activated Carbon Filters: Activated carbon filters are on the rise due to their large capacity to remove pollutants from the air as they have a large surface area to volume ratio. Additionally, activated carbon is safe to handle, works in all conditions, and can adsorb all airborne pollutants.

  • HEPA Filters: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) are filters that can eliminate at least 99.97% of airborne particles. These filters are made from minute synthetic fibers, which are then folded to create more surface area and trap the toxic particles.
  • Ozone Filters: Some air purifiers run on Ozone emission, a form of passive air filtration. One out of three atoms of oxygen, upon collision, attaches itself to mold, toxin, or bacteria and destroys it. However, consuming Ozone is not safe for health.
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers: These standalone filters transmit short wavelengths that destroy the DNA of the bacteria or mold. The UV-C is called a germicidal filter because it helps in removing all kinds of living bacteria from the room.
  • Negative Ion Filters: Such filters use the emission of negatively charged ions that interact with the positive ions in the air and attach themselves to them. This neutralizes the particle, and they fall to the ground.

Checklist While Buying an Air Purifier

Portable Air cleaners are readily available in the market, but most do not work effectively. The technology is so overused and hyped that many brands have launched inept purifiers to con the customers. To cater to this problem, we have articulated a solution for you; while buying an air purifier, some parameters must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Innovative technology that is backed up by actual science
  • Is it genuinely effective the way it is advertised?
  • Ability to eradicate pollutants in a given time
  • Battery Life, Power Source, and Charging Capacity
  • Ease of Use
  • Air purification percentage
  • Cost and Value
  • Maintenance, repairments, and further frequent requirements, like replacing filters and their durability
  • Area covered by the cleaner in square meters
  • Noise-cancellation system
  • Reviews and Ratings from the customers
  • Types of filters and how many are available
  • The number of features in the product, such as LED display, night lights, hand carrier, etc
  • Compact design, portability, and pleasing aesthetics
  • Warranty of the product

The checklist above can help you find the best air purifier for your space, or you can easily select a device from our list of top air purifying devices that work in 2022.

The Top 20 Best Air Purifiers of 2022 Final Word

Personal air purifiers are the need of the hour now. One of the most significant and feasible inventions, air purifiers’ price range is viable to all income class households in every capacity. With the affordable price ranges for all in this list of the best air purifiers of 2022, we are sure you will find your match.