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Echo Trades Review: Rob Booker and Jeffry Turnmire Trading Event

Echo Trades is an upcoming financial webinar hosted by Rob Booker.

During the webinar, Rob Booker will reveal a “game-changing” investment opportunity that could help traders get rich quick.

What will you learn during the Echo Trades webinar? Is the Echo Trades webinar really free? Find out everything you need to know about the webinar.

What is Echo Trades?

Echo Trades is a free webinar from Rob Booker, a trader and investment guru found online at

Anyone can attend the webinar for free by entering their email address into the online form.

The Echo Trades webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 23 at 1pm ET.

After entering your email into the online form, you’ll receive a link to the webinar on the day it takes place. You may also receive advertising material from Rob Booker and his team, including ads for paid financial newsletters and other products.

Rob publishes his work through and through Daily Profits Publishing.


What Will You Learn During Echo Trades?

Rob is sharing an investment opportunity with viewers during the Echo Trades webinar.

The investment opportunity is related to a farmer in eastern Tennessee. That farmer has discovered a way to double his money in as little as five days, earning “triple-digit profits in just 5 days or less” (which is the same as doubling your money, at minimum, every 5 days).

In 2020 alone, the farmer earned $2.3 million in profit using his investment system. Now, Rob is sharing details about how the system works – and it’s possible you could make similar returns on investment after attending the webinar.

Rob compares the opportunity to other investments he has recommended this year. He claims he predicted the 2,484% rise of Dogecoin (DOGE) earlier this year, for example. He also claims he started the year with a 13 trade winning streak, recommending 13 straight trades that generated profits for individuals.

However, Rob claims the investment opportunity he discusses in Echo Trades “might be his most incredible breaking story yet.”

During Echo Trades, Rob discusses the specific opportunity linked to a farmer in eastern Tennessee. Rob claims it’s one of the wildest stories he has ever discussed – and it could create huge profits for individuals.

The Eastern Tennessee Farmer Investment Opportunity

Rob has identified an investment opportunity linked to a farmer in eastern Tennessee.

Rob claims this farmer has “created this incredible trading breakthrough” that allows him to get rich quick. That farmer’s unique investment system has helped him double his money in just 5 days or fewer, earning triple-digit returns regularly with minimal effort or risk.

Here are some of the claims Rob makes about the eastern Tennessee farmer and his unique investment system:

  • The farmer made over $2.3 million from his investment system in 2020
  • The farmer told US veterans to buy GameStop (GME) stock before its rise, allowing them to “secure incredible profits” from his investment advice
  • The farmer collects “triple-digit profits in just 5 days or less” with his investment system, which means he can double his money (at minimum) every few days
  • Rob describes the investment system as “a whole new way of trading you won’t see anywhere else,” claiming his webinar is a “game-changing reveal you won’t want to miss”

We can’t spoil the investment system upfront without spoiling Rob’s webinar. You need to enter your email address into the online form, then learn about the farmer during the Echo Trades webinar.

Who is Rob Booker?

Rob Booker is an investment analyst and financial publisher found online at He has been a professional trader for 20+ years. He also publishes analysis and recommendations through Daily Profits Publishing.

Rob currently lives in the Woodlands outside of Houston, Texas. He hosts a podcast called the Trader’s Podcast. He also wrote a book called Adventures of a Currency Trader. He describes himself as a “full time trader” and a “part-time troublemaker,” using the slogan “I make cool stuff for traders” on his social media.

At, you can discover free blog posts featuring Rob’s market analysis. Rob also offers a free email subscription service.

In recent months, Rob has focused on crypto trading and other unique opportunities.

You can contact Rob and his team via the following:


Mailing Address: 1800 Hughes Landing Blvd, Ste 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA

Phone: 888 203-6792

Phone (International): +1 321 888-3962

Echo Trades Webinar Pricing

Echo Trades is a free webinar for anyone to attend.

Just enter your email address into the online form to receive a link to the webinar. You must agree to Rob’s privacy policy to attend the webinar. You will receive marketing communications from Rob and his team at Daily Profits Publishing, including advertisements for paid newsletters. However, you are not obligated to buy anything to attend the Echo Trades webinar.


Final Word

Rob Booker has launched a new webinar called Echo Trades. That webinar will take place on Tuesday, March 23 at 1pm ET.

During the webinar, professional trader Rob Booker will discuss a new investment opportunity linked to a farmer in eastern Tennessee. That farmer has purportedly discovered a trading system that doubles his money in as little as five days.

Echo Trades is free for anyone to attend. You should be skeptical when someone claims to have a trading system that helps you get rich quick. However, it’s free to check out the Echo Trades webinar for anyone who is curious about Rob Booker and how his system works.

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