FitFreeze Reviews – FITera Nutrition Chocolate Ice Cream Mix

FitFreeze by FITera Nutrition is a mix developed by Kriss Berg that’s purpose is to function just like a booster shot to meet weight loss goals. It’s said to also eliminate cravings for sugar and other sweets. Another great thing about this mix is that it’s, in fact, a delicious ice cream that can be enjoyed guilt-free. It comes in chocolate flavor and has a very silky texture packed with all the nutrients known to burn off fat and keep a sweet tooth satisfied. FITera has helped Kriss develop and distribute FitFreeze, with the company focused on providing consumers the healthiest and efficient weight loss solutions. Most FITera products are available in digital format, as planners, guides, or recipe books. But FitFreeze is different because it’s a physical product, more exactly a delicious ice cream that helps the body burn off fat naturally. After all, it contains just the right ingredients to make this possible. Moreover, FitFreeze is currently being offered as a free sample.

Who Is Kriss Berg?

Until becoming a Precision Certified Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer, Kriss Berg had struggled to lose weight. He says that he grew up eating sugary cereal in the morning, granola bars filled with sugar a few times a day, and, of course, ice cream more than often. Kriss also says he was never taught anything about healthy eating, as even when serving vegetables at dinner, his parents served them out of the can. But when he became older, he discovered the secret of achieving that perfect, toned body everyone dreams of. He then decided to build a successful career in Nutrition and Fitness.

Ingredients Used in FitBreeze

According to Kriss, FitBreeze contains 16g of protein, which is how much protein 3 eggs can provide. And this is per each serving of this silky-smooth, delicious diet dessert. While 16g of protein might sound like a lot, Kriss has an explanation as to why this is necessary when it comes to weight loss.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is known to reduce ghrelin levels, and ghrelin is a hunger hormone. Eating whey leads to feeling fuller and longer after a meal. Moreover, according to a 23-week study (1), whey protein doubles the fat loss compared to some other protein types. Whey has also been shown (2) to preserve muscle mass during the weight loss process. Besides, it speeds up recovery after the most strenuous workouts. Whey further contains leucine, a branch-chain amino acid that plays an essential role in muscle, skin, and bone growth.


As a food, it can be said fiber is very underrated, even when including it in one’s diet can be essential to remain healthy, especially for those who are on a keto or carnivore diet. It’s known to support digestion and help with the excretion of toxic elements from the body, helping to eliminate that hard-to-lose belly fat (3). At the same time, fiber helps with feeling full after a meal, not to mention it reduces the bathroom visits while keeping cholesterol and blood sugar at normal levels. Furthermore, fiber is prebiotic, which means it encourages good bacteria production in the gut. According to some studies (4), it also prolongs the lifespan of those who consume it.

Since Kriss is allergic to gluten and has a few other food sensitivities, he made sure FitFreeze is free from gluten, GMOs, soy, and artificial sweeteners. When compared with other ice creams available on the market, this one has:

  • 42% fewer calories
  • 74% less sugar
  • 7x more fiber
  • 3.8x more protein

Every FitFreeze bag contains 15 servings and150 calories and makes 2 ice cream pints. FitFreeze can even be made into single-serving popsicles that can be enjoyed on the go. When it comes to the tiny amount of 6g of sugar it contains, this was added to make it sweeter. FITFreeze contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, soy, or trans fats.

Kriss’s Experience with Sugar

Like many people out there who are struggling to become fit, Kriss says he tried quitting sugar cold-turkey one too many times. He explains that when doing so, he used to be alright for a week or two and sure that the weight loss process has begun. But after, his cravings were starting to come back and even take over completely, moments in which he desperately needed something sweet but couldn’t find anything satisfying. By having sugar little by little, he always ended up wanting more and more. He obviously ate more, too, so the vicious cycle continued and didn’t allow him to keep the weight he lost off. And this is what’s happening with 97% of the people out there who are dieting. They manage to shed some pounds, but after rewarding themselves with a small treat, they continue to consume that treat and many others more until they’re back to where they started. But Kriss claims he has found the solution to this problem, and that solution also satisfies sugar cravings. This solution is FitFreeze, and its secret ingredient is protein.

It’s Easy to Mix

FITFreeze is easy to prepare. After blending the formula, it can be put in the freezer right away. The mixture can be mixed in the ice cream too.

  1. Mix the contents of the bag with 3 oz. of water. A whisk or a blender can be used or shake in a jar with a lid.
  2. Freeze for at least 2 hours.
  3. Take it out from the freezer for 5 mins to soften before eating.

FitFreeze can be put into single-serve cups, popsicle molds, and even silicone ice cube trays when preparing to freeze.

Recipes from the FitFreeze Recipe Book allow users to make Pumpkin Spice, Cookie Dough, Pina Colada, Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors, and more.

How Does Protein Help With Weight Loss?

According to Kriss, protein is essential when it comes to weight loss. This is because it takes more of the body’s energy to get digested, more exactly 33% of the calories from the foods in which it’s contained. This means a third of the calories in protein-rich foods are used to digest the meal that has been ingested. And protein has another weight loss superpower, which is switching off the hunger hormones. The perfect phrase to use here is that it turns off ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone and turns on leptin, which is the hormone that brings about the sensation of satiety (5). Therefore, foods rich in protein make people eat less and feel full after a small meal. According to a study (6), participants that consumed high-protein foods were more satisfied with their meals and managed to lose more weight than the others being on a carb-rich diet plan. Another study (7) discovered a high-protein diet helps the body burn more calories during sleep.

Is FitFreeze Really Available for Free?

FitFreeze is currently offered absolutely free to those who hurry and order. Only a $9.97 fee to ship and handling fees for the samples need to be paid for. Moreover, FitFreeze comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied customers can return it for a full refund of their money. Requests for refunds can be sent to the product’s customer service via the email address provided below. The FitFreeze official website features a Support Portal for customer service to be contacted, or send an email to:

  • support@fitera.com