LiGenics Reviews – Ingredients That Work for Real Benefits?

LiGenics is a dietary supplement that claims to support weight loss for anyone naturally. Across the globe, millions of people are struggling to find the best ways to get into shape. Many people end up spending their entire adulthood trying different diets that they see trending at different times. Unfortunately, most of the weight loss supplements available out there are harmful to users’ health.

The human body often undergoes constant changes, which can confuse the metabolism process significantly, and even make it more difficult to lose weight. The body doesn’t know what to do with the fat it accumulates and the constant changes often render it unable to determine when to release it.

The only way to overcome the issues is to balance the body’s processes, so it can utilize the fat that accumulates to facilitate weight loss. Fortunately, a new product on the market aims to achieve this goal. Read this review to discover what LiGenics has to offer.

What is LiGenics?

LiGenics is an all-natural dietary pill that is exclusively available online through the official website. This diet pill claims to be unique because it embraces 10 specific ingredients that aid weight loss. According to the official website, the ingredients in the supplement focus on the four pillars of weight loss.

By focusing on these four pillars, LiGenics aims to make it easy for users to lose weight while improving their overall health and well-being. This supplement operates on an “innovative morning trigger,” which activates the body’s natural fat-burning process to target the four pillars cycles.

Once it activates the trigger, the user can lose a considerable amount of weight without engaging in a specific diet or rigorous exercise. The manufacturer recommends LiGenics for people who have used conventional strategies for weight loss in vain. It works well for people who have been frustrated by diets, tight exercise programs, and other regular weight loss protocols.

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How Does LiGenics Work?

The creators of LiGenics went through years of research with different products before coming up with LiGenics. The idea was to identify the right product that pushes the body into the right type of weight loss. To achieve their goal, the creators focused on the four pillars to weight loss:

  • Adipogenesis
  • Insulin balance
  • Stable metabolic rate
  • Hormone balance

Here is how each of these pillars works:


Adipogenesis refers to the natural process by which the body cells that carry stored fat accumulate in the tissues. Usually, this happens during fetal development in the womb. It also occurs when the body becomes older with age. It’s the main reason many people become obese even without changes to their lifestyle.

This process is complex and works on the natural physiology of the user. It protects the heart, liver, and other muscles and organs to prevent the body from succumbing to toxic elements. It is also necessary to the immune system by supporting its function.

Insulin balance

For effective weight loss, the body should balance its insulin levels. Most people remember insulin only when they become diabetic. However, insulin already plays an important role in the body beyond that. In balancing insulin levels, many factors play a role, including genetics and age.

However, lifestyle choices such as excessive weight gain or lack of exercise can affect insulin balance as well. The body should have healthy nutrients, regular physical activity, and a regular sleep pattern to keep it balanced. In the absence of this balance, the body is likely to develop a resistance to the release of insulin, which only triggers further insulin production. Eventually, it makes it harder for the body to balance its blood sugar levels and shed off weight.

Stable metabolic rate

Metabolism is one of the body’s important processes, which work together to keep the body in a balanced state. One of the purposes of a stable metabolic rate is to utilize the calories the body takes in as its source of energy.

When consumers engage in different lifestyles and habits such as too many diets or different exercise programs, the metabolic rate becomes unbalanced. Over time, this fluctuation prevents the body from shedding weight or even maintaining it with the right diet.

Hormone balance

Hormonal balance is the final weight loss pillar, identified by the creators of LiGenics. The body needs to achieve hormonal balance, which includes all the hormones that control hunger and fullness, stress, and other areas of the body. For instance, too much stress can activate increased appetite.

Similarly, consistent eating even when there is no hunger can train the body to release hunger hormones more frequently. This can cause one to consume far more calories than the body actually needs. For effective weight loss, hormonal balance is important.

LiGenics claims to focus on these four pillars using natural ingredients. Each pill of LiGenics embraces a proprietary blend of 10 natural ingredients that help users lose weight and supercharge their metabolism. Additionally, the supplement supports the users’ overall health and wellness.

LiGenics Ingredients

LiGenics is an all-natural dietary supplement. To target the weight loss pillars mentioned above, it uses a variety of natural ingredients including zinc, green tea extract, chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, berberine, and resveratrol. With this special blend of vitamins, minerals, plant, and herbal extracts, LiGenics aims to support the four pillars and other effects. Here are the active ingredients in this formula and their core functions:


The LiGenics formula embraces two minerals, zinc, and chromium. Chromium is necessary for diabetic people and anyone looking to balance insulin levels. According to some studies, people suffering from diabetes often have lower chromium levels than non-diabetics.

Doctors recommend more chromium for people who are diabetic and struggling to control their insulin levels. On the other hand, zinc is necessary for immunity, metabolism, and general health and wellness.

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Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA)

This ingredient is a vitamin-like chemical that doubles as an antioxidant. It occurs naturally in the body and can be obtained from the diet as well. Users can take ALA supplements to boost their cellular energy. Some studies reveal that ALA supplements can boost mitochondrial energy levels.

Apart from taking ALA supplements, users can also obtain this ingredient from foods such as yeast, spinach, broccoli, kidney, liver, or potatoes. All these are equally good sources of ALA.

Green Tea Extract

This ingredient is available in the LiGenics formula, similar to other green tea extracts on the market. Green tea extract is crucial for its weight loss effects. Many people take its supplements daily for overall health and wellness. LiGenics contains 150mg of this ingredient with 90% polyphenols, 80% catechins, and 50% EGCG.

The catechins in green tea and the EGCG function as antioxidants. These components lower inflammation throughout the body. Some studies have also linked green tea extract to weight loss.


This ingredient is also available in LiGenics in 100mg. It is a chemical found in various types of plants. Berberine supplements are useful to diabetic people. They also lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as shown by some studies.


This ingredient is available in grape seed extract, wine, and other types of fruits. Users can simply take resveratrol supplements to provide them with antioxidants instead of taking several glasses of wine per day to get the same. This ingredient mainly helps lower inflammation levels throughout the body.

In addition to these ingredients, LiGenics contains relatively small dosages of other ingredients such as milk thistle seed extract, cayenne, Korean ginseng, Banaba leaf extract, as well as corosolic acid. These minor ingredients work together to complement the work of the active ingredients above.

Overall, LiGenics embraces similar ingredients that are found in diabetes supplements. Many diabetics need chromium, berberine, and ALA supplements daily to support their insulin levels and help their bodies manage diabetes symptoms. LiGenics provide all of these ingredients in one convenient form to help users control their blood sugar and support weight loss.

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Benefits of Using LiGenics

The LiGenics weight loss formula delivers the following benefits:

  • Helps users shed unwanted fat and maintain a lean body with strong bones and joints
  • Helps improve hair quality and restores shine and silkiness
  • Improves nail quality, making them strong and pinkish
  • Improves skin quality, making it glowing with a smooth texture
  • Balances glucose and blood pressure levels within the first few weeks of consumption
  • Reduces chances of severe health problems such as heart attack or disrupted brain functionality
  • Strengthens internal body organs and fulfills the nutritional requirements of the body
  • Improves immunity and gut health with no extra efforts
  • Works naturally with no side effects

LiGenics Drawbacks

Like any other product on the market, LiGenics has its share of downsides:

  • It’s only available online through the official website
  • Individual results can vary

Purchasing LiGenics Weight Loss Formula

Currently, LiGenics is only available for purchase through its official website. Consumers cannot get it in other stores both online and offline. Interested users must buy through the official website. The manufacturer offers three different packages, which allow users to purchase a single unit or multi-bottle packages.

The current prices are:

  • Buy one bottle of LiGenics at $59
  • Buy three bottles of LiGenics at $147
  • Buy six bottles of LiGenics at $234

These prices are already slashed to allow as many consumers as possible to purchase the product and achieve their weight loss goals. Importantly, each order is backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee for consumers who find the program unfit for their needs.

Those who are not happy with the delivered results or dissatisfied with the supplement for any reason can simply ask for a refund within 60 days. In that case, users have to pay for the return shipping while the manufacturer deducts the original shipping cost.

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Who is Behind LiGenics?

LiGenics is a brainchild of one Jacob Stewart, an Arizona-based industrial engineer. According to Jacob, he created LiGenics in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the USA.

Jacob is not a medical doctor. He has no medical industry experience. All the same, he claims to have created one of the best-selling diet pills available online today, courtesy of his research and testing. LiGenics is available for anyone to purchase from its official website.

Jacob has not published his findings online nor has he shared the results of any clinical testing and trials. This makes it unclear as to whether LiGenics was tested in a certified lab to verify its purity and potency. It’s also unclear as to whether he tested the formula on animals or humans to confirm its safety and efficacy.

However, Jacob lists more than 30 references on the official website to validate each of the ingredients used in LiGenics. He also includes peer-reviewed research. In general, some studies show that the ingredients used in LiGenics should work as advertised to support weight loss in several ways.

Even so, the dosages used in LiGenics are quite lower in most ingredients compared to what scientific studies and competing supplements show. Any user with concerns about any aspect of the product should reach out to their customer service desk.

LiGenics Verdict

The LiGenics diet pill is available exclusively online through their official website. This formula claims to help support four important pillars of weight loss by focusing on insulin, metabolism, hormones, and fat. The product uses natural ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), Berberine, Green Tea Extract, and Resveratrol to focus on those pillars.

These ingredients work together to give LiGenics a unique way of losing weight. Each ingredient plays an important role according to how the body handles different nutrients. By targeting the four weight-loss pillars, the creators wanted to develop a unique supplement, which is more than just a supplement.

In addition to supporting weight loss, LiGenics works to improve health and helps with issues that come with advanced age. According to the creator, it works for all individuals of all ages to ensure that the body remains healthy. All the same, users should note that individual results can vary and the best results are based on consistency and ability to stick to the dosage.

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