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Lou Basenese Trend Trader – Elon Musk Next Big Bet Super-Net

Lou Basenese recently made a strong claim that investors who get in on Elon Musk’s next big bet by Monday, March 1, 2021, will be making huge profits. How come? Well, it turns out that Elon is the first mover in a supposed market that’s likely to be worth $1.32 trillion. Seeing that the genius was behind companies like PayPal and Tesla, people who’ve missed both rockets can finally say that they invested in an “Elon Project.”

For those of you wondering what his next big bet is, it is none other than his vision for internet services. Particularly, his Starlink project has made many headlines and managed to accomplish so much more than existing internet service providers. To think that Elon is just getting started is truly insane.

Nonetheless, Starlink is poised to put others out of business because:

  • Overly expensive internet bills will have become a worry of the past.
  • The general public will no longer have to chase after companies such as Comcast, Verizon, or Charter Cable for their slow services.
  • The internet connection offered is the fastest known to man (i.e., 12 times faster than existing ones) and is accessible regardless of location.
  • This service will eliminate the need for expensive cell towers, inefficient networks, and cable modems.

The aforementioned date is when his service will supposedly be up and running across the globe. Lou believes that “an investment in Elon’s New Super-Internet could double your money and on the higher side, you could pocket more than 47x your investment.” Want in on the details? Well, individuals will first have to become a member of Trend Trader.

What is Trend Trader?

Trend Trader is an investment research service that expounds on profitable trends hidden within the stock market. Led by Lou Basenese, the specific trends that he will be covering throughout this service range from 5G, cannabis, space-based internet, and autonomous cars to artificial intelligence, 3D printing, biometric authentication, and mobile payments. His goal for this service is to provide complete analyses on his picks, which help make money and serve as an educational tool for doing the most detailed research on a company before investing.

What does a membership to Trend Trader Include?

Before getting into the incentives, individuals need to realize that investing in Starlink isn’t a simple task, as it is privately-owned. This means that “shares” cannot be purchased because they are not available to the public. Hence, by signing up to Trend Trader, Lou will walk individuals through a “backdoor” that will allow everyone to benefit from Starlink.

This is alleged “without being an insider or having connections, without waiting around for the company to go public and without needing a lot of money to get started.” Furthermore, he trusts that as little as $5 is all it takes to get started. That’s because individuals will be investing in a company specializing in a proven receiver/terminal technology required at home and in the sky. Most of all, this small company is supposedly in a direct link to Elon’s Starlink.

With all of the aforementioned in mind, below are a list of perks to becoming a member of Trend Trader:

Special Report #1. The Secret $5 Company Behind Elon’s Race to Own the Internet

Inside this report, Lou summarized everything there is to know about the company and how to invest in it. Specifically, individuals will come to understand how their receiver technology works, the action(s) that need to be taken to make a profit, the name and ticker symbol of the company, and Lou’s guidance when it comes to investment allocation.

Special Report #2. The One Space Move to Own Everything

Lou affirms that he’s found a “new way to own ALL 31 of the hottest companies vying for a piece of the profits,” and the exact details have been disclosed in this second report. In particular, this guide includes sales of critical components that can receive satellite signals, rocket and satellite parts, space-based imagery and intelligence services, companies that own all of the aforementioned components, and other infrastructure services.

Special Report #3. How to Claim Elon’s Starlink Internet Before Everyone Else!

Finally, Lou believes that he’s found a secret site that could let individuals in on Elon’s beta-group before Starlink is open to all. All of his findings regarding Elon’s internet service testing phase will be covered in this respective guide.

Free Bonus #1. The trend of the Decade: Ride the “5G Profit Wave.”

The first bonus includes details on a $3 stock belonging to a company with more than 225 patents for 5G handsets and has partnered with a top 4 smartphone supplier.

Free Bonus #2. Two Ways to Profit from the Boom Times in Gene Therapy

Lou reasons that investing in the gene therapy sector is one of the smartest ways of making money. He claims to have found “research involving one-time treatments designed to replace faulty genes with healthy ones.” By making a single move, individuals are likely to gain access to 20 deals, i.e., stock recommendations.

In addition to the 5 reports above, members will automatically gain access to new investment prospectus monthly, analyze each ground-breaking investment trend, details on the company’s management team and its respective investors, and upside potential downside risks for comparative purposes. Above all, his picks are usually solid, stable companies that are considered mid- to large-cap and have surpassed the “risk” phase of growth.

How much does a membership to Trend Trader cost?

A membership to Trend Trader is anticipated to cost $149 for a 12-month subscription. This price will only be available to the first 50 responders today. If individuals are dissatisfied by how Lou approaches the stock market or the analyses he provides, this respective service has also been backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, the customer support team can be reached at 1 (844) 575-7767.

Meet Lou Basenese

Lou Basenese is the founder and editor of Trend Trader. As described on the official website, Lou is a professional investor of 20 years and has garnered the title of being “one of the country’s leading technology analysts.” He’s gone as far as analyzing markets and developing proven methodologies that bring in profit.

His career supposedly started at Morgan Stanley, and because of the lasting impression he had on the firm, it eventually led him to direct over $1.5 billion in the capital. That’s not all. It turns out that he co-founded Wall Street Daily, which to this date includes 700,000 daily readers. From there, he founded Disruptive Tech Research (specifically tailored for institutional investors), became a television commentator on all things business and the stock market, and decided to help the general public make profits, i.e., through the knowledge shared by Trend Trader.

Final Verdict

Ever since Elon shared with the world that he will be sending satellites to outer space, very few people seem to have believed him. Fast forward, here we are, a place where internet services are delivered straight from space. In fact, he has managed to raise billions of dollars to make this happen, and finding just about any way to invest in his project is likely to bring profits. Lou isn’t the first investor to have spotted an alternative way to make the most out of Starlink, as many investment research firms have hinted of a “tiny company” with enormous gains.

However, what sets Lou apart from the rest is his level of transparency, detailed reports, and experience, all of which make him a fit editor for a service like Trend Trader. While the price is slightly higher than his competition, one, it is quite discounted, and two, he affirms that members will gain access to several resources, making one’s investment journey a possibly smooth-sailing one. To learn more about Trend Trader and the company that is poised to boost one’s profit-generating potential, click here>>>

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