LumaSlim Reviews – Is LexaPure Luma Slim Supplement Scam or Legit?

LumaSlim is advertised as a hormone support formula that opens up the gateway to fat storage. According to the official presentation, the formula in LumaSlim, may help speed up the fat-burning process. In doing so, one’s metabolism is expected to be heightened, while at the same, controlling select hormones that might give rise to unexplained weight gain. The beauty behind this formula is that it is simple and may contain patented ingredients that are research-backed and trusted to bring desirable results in terms of overall wellness. To better understand what the gateway is a reference to, and the power it has towards defining one’s physique, let’s take a closer look at how LumaSlim is meant to work.

How does LumaSlim work?

According to the official website, LumaSlim aims to direct the body towards an emergency energy reserve called visceral adipose tissue. This is the last place that the body might turn to for energy purposes, but this is also the very place that contains deep fat. As per the LexaPure team, one particular switch is all it takes to burn fat in the waistline, and it is none other than the Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). By activating HSL, fatty acids are freed and end up traveling through the bloodstream. This gives rise to burning fat for energy, hence shrinking the size of fat storage.

What ingredients are inside LumaSlim?

LumaSlim has been designed to include the following key ingredients (amounts are per capsule):

ArcticRoot™ (150mg)

ArcticRoot™ is a patented form of Rhodiola Rosea, a plant that grows in select European and Asian regions. Used excessively in traditional medicine, this respective ingredient has been linked to a boosted nervous system and eased mental health symptoms.

These benefits are achieved by reducing cortisol levels, as anything in excess can trigger cells to become resistant to the insulin hormone. Consequently, one might be faced with irregular blood sugar patterns, and unexplained weight gain among others. One thing to bear in mind is that long term use is typically not advised because studies haven’t looked specifically at the length of consumption and its effect on one’s health, but rather its efficiency solely.

LilyRoot™ (300mg)

LilyRoot™ is a patented form of konjac, or glucomannan. This is a type of herb that is home to Asia and is widely recognized for its starchiness. Since it is also a soluble dietary fiber, individuals can anticipate an overall reduction in body weight. However, this might only be possible with a balanced, and calorie-restricted diet and apt level of exercise. Some of the most common side effects that may arise include bloating, diarrhea and other bowel-related consequences.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg)

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant known for its ability to break down carbohydrates so that bodily organs have an ample supply of energy. Aside from digestion, it is trusted to support brain, nerves and skin health – all of which are doable given its anti-inflammatory properties.

BioPerine® Piper nigrum (6mg)

BioPerine® is nothing more than black pepper extract. In the case of LumaSlim, it seems to do several tasks. First, it helps the body to absorb ArcticRoot™ and its nutrients, and second, it might activate the body’s thermogenic activity, eliciting optimal fat burning results.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What features does LumaSlim have?

As far as features go, LumaSlim:

Does not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial colors or flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or added sugar

Is also GMO, herbicides, pesticides, wheat, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg and peanuts-free

Contains ingredients that have been clinically studied to some extent

Is manufactured in a U.S. facility that follows good manufacturing practices (GMP)

What is the best way to take LumaSlim?

The best way to incorporate LumaSlim into one’s diet is by taking two capsules with a glass of water 30 minutes prior to a meal. Ideally, this should be supported by daily exercise and a balanced diet. That said, LumaSlim is made to tend only to healthy consumers over the age of 18. This means that anyone younger, pregnant and/or breastfeeding or who are taking medications should first consult a doctor before making any changes to their routines.

What are the purported benefits of LumaSlim?

As per the LexaPure team, LumaSlim has been clinically shown to produce up to four times more weight loss results than diets alone. In addition, it might reduce stress (by managing cortisol levels), increase mental clarity and focus and support overall wellness.

How long will it take to receive LumaSlim?

LumaSlim orders are normally shipped within one business day. Once it has shipped, UPS, USPS or FedEx will generally deliver them within 3 to 5 business days to U.S. addresses. All orders outside of the U.S. may take up to 15 days.

Is LumaSlim protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, in fact all LexaPure products are protected by a 90-day money back guarantee. Should individuals find that LumaSlim simply doesn’t yield desirable results, customer service asserts to return all funds less shipping and handling fees. To get in touch with the team, the following contact information should be kept on hand:

Email: support@lexapure.com

Phone: 1 (855) 903-0840

Address: 10940 S Parker Rd, Suite 843, Parker, CO 80134

Website: store.lexapure.com.

How much does LumaSlim cost?

One LumaSlim bottle is currently offered at $69.95. For bigger savings, one can either go with the 2-bottle purchase for $119.90 or the 4-bottle purchase for $169.80. Having said that, the LexaPure team appears to also offer a free digital copy of “3 Plants Scientifically Proven to Burn Fat 2020” and:

Bonus #1: LumaSlim Kickstart 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge

As suggested in the title, this 14-day program is meant to jumpstart one’s weight loss efforts. Moreover, individuals are not only offered healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner recipes, but also healthy treats that tickle the taste buds. Ultimately, all guesswork has been removed so that caloric consumption is made easy.

Bonus #2: Flat Tummy Shortcut

Flat Tummy Shortcut has been designed to speed up fat-loss results by introducing individuals to flat-belly techniques that take very little time to complete. This can support those who want a firmer tummy or are ambitious and want to achieve 6-pack abs.

Bonus #3: How to Level Up Your Life

This bonus can be perceived as a step-by-step guide that focuses on shaping both physical and mental health. In it, the LexaPure team claims to have summarized:

How to become an expert at almost anything by just writing them down

The Egyptian secret to finding pleasure without exerting too much energy

Bonus #4: Mystery Gift

The last and final bonus is a surprise that acts as a special tool that can be used on a daily basis. More information on what this tool might be will be specified upon placing and finalizing the order.

Meet LexaPure

LexaPure is a brand that allegedly stands by holistic approaches toward wellness. In particular, they claim that education and empowerment are what guarantees maximum health benefits over hype, celebrity endorsements and empty promises. As a result, they’ve spent much of their time selecting ingredients that are pure, promoted by science and health practitioners and are safe for daily consumption. For more on LexaPure’s vision and how they plan to execute set goals, click here.

Final Verdict

Overall, LumaSlim is a dietary supplement that turns on one particular switch to maximum fat burning. LexaPure claims that fat storage is the last place that the body will turn to for energy, but unfortunately, it is the exact place that easily accumulates with time. By focusing the body’s attention on fat storage specifically, the LexaPure team believes that individuals can lose weight at an efficient rate.

LumaSlim is a vital solution, as its selected ingredients are trusted to make fat burning possible. In further researching the formula, one thing that seems to repeat itself is safety. In general, most of these ingredients are not encouraged for long term purposes. Hence, the moment one sees results, this supplement should be halted.

Nonetheless, now seems like the best time to invest in a clinically proven supplement, especially considering the window of opportunity that consumers have been presented with in relation to savings! For more information on LumaSlim and how it works with the body, click here.