Pass Your Test Review (PassYourTest.com) Effective Detox Cleansing Products?

Pass Your Test is an online website specializing in drug detox and at-home drug test kits. The company was founded in 2000. At Pass Your Test, many products are available, including detox kits to help pass drug tests. One of these is a 5-10Day Extreme Detoxification Program guaranteed to get everything out of your system. Another is a Fail-Safe Kit, and there is also another kit which is the Clean-Shot Detox Formula.

People are often asking if Pass Your Test is a legitimate company whose products will help you pass drug tests? In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to decide if Pass Your Test.com is suitable for you or not.

What is Pass Your Test?

Pass Your Test is an online company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, helping individuals pass drug tests. The company was started in 2000, and with more than twenty-two years of experience in the industry, it is considered one of the best drug detox companies in the United States.

At Pass Your Test, you can buy everything from drug detox cleansing kits to at-home test kits. Other products include same-day cleanses, permanent cleanses, total body detoxification programs, at-home testing kits, and cleansing shampoos.

One benefit of the website is you can take an online quiz to help you determine which product is best for you. Or, if you know already, you can buy the product immediately, no questions asked.

Pass Your Test has been seen in several different publications and media channels. These include Vice, Merry Jane, High Times, Leafly, and other media outlets. The company offers free shipping on all orders made in the United States and has a 100% customer retention rate plus a one-month money-back guarantee.

What Products Does Pass Your Test Have?

Several products can help pass drug tests, test for drugs in the system, and help detoxify the body.

Same Day Cleansers

Most of the products on Pass Your Test are simple cleansers. To use them, you use the product, and immediately the potent ingredients inside go to work to rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, and plant matter from the body.

Many of these are same-day cleansers, meaning you take them the day you need to and clean your body instantly; your urine will stay clean for the next few hours.

Same Day Cleansers work like this:

  • Stop putting toxins in your body before the cleanse.
  • Follow instructions on the product to start your cleanse.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated; urinate twice or more for the first hour and a half.
  • Cleansers are considered effective in one and a half hours and should work up to six hours afterward.

The Same Day Cleansers are made of different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help cleanse toxins from your body. B12 is a common ingredient in the cleansers, as is B1. They also have specific types of proteins, milk thistle, to detoxify the liver, echinacea, and other elements that cleanse your body.

Pass Your Test has the following Same Day Cleansers readily available:

Fail-Safe Kit


The Pass Your Test Fail Safe Kit is probably what they’ll need for people who use drugs daily and can’t run the risk of failing a drug test. If you know there are a lot of toxins in your body, the Fail-Safe Kit can give you the assurance you need to take and pass your test confidently. It works within one hour and lasts for the six following hours of activation. In each kit, you’ll find 1 Clean Shot and 1 Clean Cap, meaning you get two different products in one box. It’s the perfect kit for heavy users who need to flush out their system, have high body fat levels, and want the best possible chance of cleansing their bodies.



Clean-Shot is a mid-level cleansing product for moderate-heavy drug users. Mainly for people with average body weight, it works all day and is activated between 60 to 90 minutes after taking it.

Clean Caps


Clean Caps are made for light drug users or people who weigh lighter with lean body fat. Clean Caps may be the right product if you aren’t sure whether they have drugs or toxins in their system.

Permanent Cleansers

Permanent Cleansers from Pass Your Test are designed to help cleanse toxins from your body more effectively than Same-Day-Cleansers. The best way to ensure you’re clean is to buy a Permanent Cleanser, go through the cleanse then use an at-home drug test kit to ensure you are clean. If you stop putting toxins in your system, you will permanently be clean until you use it again.

To use the Permanent Cleansers:

  • Stop using or putting toxins in your body.
  • Follow the directions on the cleanser to completion.
  • Use a drug test at home to ensure you’re clean.
  • Do not use substances to keep your blood clean until after your test.

Permanent Cleansers will altogether remove toxins from your body. They work by using alfalfa, burdock root, cascara Sagrada bark, cranberry, dandelion root, echinacea, goldenrod, green tea leaf, guarana, licorice, and several other natural plant compounds and substances.

Below are the two different Permanent Cleansers available at Pass Your Test:

5-Day Extreme Detoxification Program


This detoxification kit has helped more than a quarter of a million people remove all toxins from their system before taking a drug test. It’s made for people with high levels of substances in their bodies due to heavy drug use. The kit will remove any toxins from your body.

In the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program, you get the pre-cleanse formula capsules, 30-morning formula capsules, 30 evening formula capsules, and eight post-cleanse formula capsules. Ingredients include several minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, a detox meal guide plan, phone, chat, and email support. There are also two at-home drug test kits included.

10-Day Extreme Detoxification Program


If you know you will be taking a test within the next ten days, then the Pass Your Test 10-Day Extreme Detoxification Program is probably for you. It is for individuals with high levels of toxins present in their system. It is also ideal for anyone weighing more than 250 lbs as toxins tend to accumulate in fat cells. After using the cleanse, all toxins will be removed entirely from your system until you use it again.

In the kit, you get four pre-cleanse capsules, 60-morning formula capsules, 60 evening formula capsules, and eight post-cleanse formula capsules. Also included are three at-home drug testing kits to ensure you’re clean. There is a detox meal guidebook and more.

Hair Follicle Cleansers

Folli-Clean Shampoo


Folli-Clean Shampoo was formulated for people of all body types and compositions regardless of their fat levels. It also works for anyone, irrespective of their levels of drug use. It works the same day to cleanse the hair and follicles of any substance, giving you an excellent chance of passing a hair drug test. Folli-Clean only takes one hour to work and lasts for a full day or 24 hours. You get the shampoo and a detailed guide on properly shampooing your hair to get the most bang for your buck.

Total Body Cleansers

Total Body Cleansers are the best products to select for anyone who wants to clean their entire body for an upcoming drug test. There are multiple types of cleansers, and they are straightforward to use.

  • Stop using any substances before the cleanse.
  • Follow the instructions given with the product.
  • Use the body wash/shampoo as instructed.
  • Your whole body will be cleansed if you don’t use drugs again.

Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program


Nutra Cleanse Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program is a complete all-in-one product designed to help you pass any drug test. Made for people who are light to moderate users, even heavy users may use it as long as their body fat is average or lower. This works for blood, urine, and hair drug test and is the proper selection for people who need to guarantee they can pass any drug test they’re put through. With the product, you get the Clean Caps, Cleanse Pre-Cleanse Formula, Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Program, and Folli-Cleanse Shampoo, plus more from Pass Your Test.

Ultra-Total Body Cleanse Program


The Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program is the cream of the crop, considered the best product they have, and will cleanse anyone, regardless of their body weight, composition, or current level of drug use. It requires a full ten days to use the cleanse kit and will work to help an individual pass a blood, urine, or hair test. The Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program is the best cleanse kit they offer.

Home Testing Kits

Pass Your Test offers several at-home testing kits that can be used at home to test for THC, Nicotine, and other drugs. These are best used by parents and people who want to guarantee they pass their test without needing to go to a lab. Kits are simple to use and can be done anytime from home.

To use the at-home drug testing kits:

  • Remove the cap and fully immerse the test strip into a cup of urine.
  • Remove strip once the C line appears.
  • Replace the lid and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Wait 5 minutes and read the results, do not read after ten minutes.
  • Negative tests will show two lines; positive tests will show a C next to the line. If no lines appear, the test is considered inconclusive.

uTest Marijuana


uTest Marijuana tests for THC levels of 50ng/ml or higher are considered the standard for THC lab tests. Once the test strip is immersed in urine, it will detect a metabolite the body produces when exposed to THC. If no metabolite is present, the individual has not been exposed to sufficient levels of THC. This simple test can be taken at home and is 99% accurate.

Test-O-Meter THC Home Test Kit

This kit can be used from home and checks for various levels of THC at 15, 100, 20, and 300 ng/ml to help determine if an individual has been exposed to THC and how much. It’s nearly instant-read and 99% effective, considered one of the best THC testing kits available on the market.

uTest Nicotine Testing Kit

Similar to the THC kit, this test for Nicotine concentrations in the blood at 50 ng/ml is the standard testing rate. It provides customers with a 99% accurate read and is simple. This can be used from home without needing to access a lab.

Pass Your Test Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Pass Your Test is a well-respected at-home test company with more than twenty-two years of testing. Customer reviews are nearly 100% positive and written by happy customers. Most customers who’ve used the company’s products have claimed they worked as directed.

Three aspects are shared among customer reviews:

  • Customers report the tests or cleanse worked as advertised and helped them pass tests or determine if a specific substance was in their system as long as the product was used as directed.
  • Customers report weight loss when using detoxifying products.
  • Customers who are long-time users even claim the cleanses helped them pass the tests as directed.
  • Customers show full appreciation for how effective the kits are.

Like any other company, Pass Your Test has negative and positive reviews. Some customers report the kits did not help them pass their tests or test accurately for substances in their system.

Some claim they were overcharged for shipping, and their product showed up late, not as fast as expected by the given time frame.

For the most part, Pass Your Test has positive customer reviews and is viewed as a trustworthy company by most customers who’ve used them.

What is the Pass Your Test Refund Policy?

A one-month full money-back guarantee has been in effect for over two decades. For any customers who are not satisfied with their purchase, they can get a full money-back refund. To start the refund process, email your requests to refunds@passyourtest.com.

About Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test was started in 2000 and is considered one of the best companies in the world for at-home drug testing kits and cleanses designed to help an individual pass a drug test. The tests and kits are simple to use and work within a couple of hours to ten days, depending on the kit purchased.

You can read everything you need at the Pass Your Test website or make an immediate purchase today.