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Rocket Languages Reviews – Online Language Learning Courses?

As the name suggests, Rocket Sign Language is a service that aims to fulfill goals regarding perfecting American sign language. Seeing how nearly 5% of the world’s population (or roughly 470 million people) has some form of hearing loss, the best way to promote inclusivity is through communication. With access to Rocket Sign Language, individuals will be showered with all the support they need to complete the basics and eventually become more refined. Specifically, this course has been created in such a way that stimulates conversation by teaching the most useful signs first and uplifting people to take up more challenging assignments.

Sign language has become quite significant now that COVID-19 made its way across the globe. As consumers are asked to wear masks, people who either were born deaf or have some form of hearing loss are deprived of reading lips. Although masks with clear windows are starting to flourish, they still aren’t so common. These turbulent times have proven just how easy it is to bring people down mentally, emotionally, and physically. That said, the only way to comfort one another is through communication. This is where Rocket Sign Language comes into play.

Rocket Sign Language might be worth considering for people who have always wanted to learn to sign but have yet to decide which resource to go with. Why? This course not only includes diverse delivery of material, but it also gets everyone involved and motivated. The purpose of this review is to shed light on the ins and outs of Rocket Sign Language.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Rocket Sign Language contents.

Rocket Language

What is offered through Rocket Sign Language?

By now, it should be clear that the goal is to transform newbies into experts. To make the latter happen, Rocket Sign Language has been created by considering all angles of signing but also the most effective strategies of acquiring knowledge. As a result, interpretation and motor skills, ability to retain information, and most of all, the act of fortifying relationships is all believed to improve. Below is a brief break down of what Rocket Sign Language has to offer:

Video Lessons

The tutor in charge of Rocket Sign Language will share video lessons on a signing. Throughout this series, individuals will come to realize that the main focus is “relevant real-world topics.” What’s great to see here is that everyone is encouraged to follow along, copy and practice all the suggested signs until they’ve been perfected.

Sign Language Video Dictionary & Lessons

If video lessons aren’t enough, individuals can access the embedded Sign Language Video Dictionary, including thousands of signs. This extra resource is definitely useful, as it can motivate people to practice signing actively. Regarding the Sign Language Lessons, these are meant to serve as the foundation of signing. Again, mastering the basics is what will help individuals grow down the line.

Free Mobile App

Besides using Rocket Sign Language on a desktop, the option of downloading the iOS or Android-compatible app has been presented. In fact, information from one’s desktop can be easily synced to the app so that saved records are available in one place.

Tracking Progress

The team at Rocket Languages has decided to add yet another motivational booster, which has to do with keeping track of progress. Reviewing how far one has come in their learning journey is highly likely to push them further towards development.

Members Q&A Forum

With just any course, students are normally encouraged to team up to learn from the other. The Members Q&A Formworks in a similar fashion, as it brings together students and Rocket Languages’ staff to help clarify doubts regarding signs or to answer any question for that matter.

The Leaderboard

Throughout the entirety of Rocket Sign Language, points and badges can be accumulated. This has been done to show people where they stand amidst their classmates.

What is the Rocket Sign Language free trial?

The Rocket Sign Language free trial allows individuals to put this system to the test for a limited period of time. Given that it is a trial, access is somewhat limited. In particular, selected lessons of slightly over 4 hours are only available through the trial, which is small compared to the membership’s 96 hours. On that note, numerous benefits stem from such trials, two of which include assessing whether the approaches taken align with one’s learning abilities and having lifetime access (even if it is just four hours worth of content).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are course materials downloadable?

Although the Rocket Sign Language material is designed to be used online, the lessons can be downloaded as a PDF. It is unclear whether videos can also be downloaded, but the option does hold for audio recordings. This lack of clarity is something to take up with customer service. All things considered, sticking to the online version might be ideal, seeing that it carries a set of tools that otherwise can’t be retrieved (i.e., quizzes, progress tracking, libraries, etc.)

How long does a membership to Rocket Sign Language last?

Once a purchase of a Rocket Sign Language course has been made, there is no expiry, meaning that the course will be moved into the “Members Download Area” and remain there. The same applies to people who haven’t opened the contents for at most six months. Luckily, as software upgrades take place, all members will be notified and can benefit from them.

Is it possible to send Rocket Sign Language as a gift?

Yes, people who wish to gift a Rocket Sign Language course can order a gift voucher. Once it has been purchased, a voucher will be emailed to the buyer, who can either email it to the recipient or print it out. Bear in mind that account details can be updated, whether it be to change the names or email addresses linked to the account.

Are the courses offered through Rocket Sign Language only for beginners?

No, Rocket Sign Language can be useful for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. According to the claims made, each level is independent of the previous level. Hence, it is entirely up to individuals to choose a starting point that best reflects their experience.

How does the points and badges system work?

There are several ways to earn points. For instance, playing a sign language video from a lesson results in 2 points, completing a quiz results in 20 points, and rating a flashcard gets individuals a point. These are a fraction of the endless options. The badges range from Novice (0 points) to Black Star Hero (over 550,000 points).

Is Rocket Sign Language protected by a refund policy?

Yes, the Rocket Sign Language membership has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. As long as consumers voice their decision to request a refund within 60 days of purchase, there shouldn’t be any problems. Below is the necessary contact information:



International: +1 (310) 601-4958

New Zealand (Christchurch): +(64) 3-384-6350


3501 Jack Northrop Ave, Suite #P1171, Hawthorne, CA 90250, USA

12-987 Ferry Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand

How much does a membership to Rocket Sign Language cost?

There are two options to choose from. The first one, dubbed “Lifetime Online Access,” costs $69.95 after applying the coupon (regular price: $99.95). For this price (excluding taxes and VAT, among others), individuals will be able to navigate through 96 hours of lesson time, 30 sign language lessons, 18 video lessons, and a video dictionary with 3090 words and phrases.

For people who would much rather pay as they go, the “Payment Plan” current price is $15/month for six months. The contents for the second plan are the same as that of the Lifetime Online Access. The only difference is that the former presents a savings opportunity in comparison to the latter.

It is important to note that these prices reflect individual purchases. Businesses and/or schools are more likely to be granted discounts with increased purchases. More information on customer type prices can be either obtained from the official website or by emailing/calling customer service.

Meet the Co-Founder & CEO of Rocket Languages

Jason Oxenham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Languages. The idea to start this business endeavor stemmed from the lack of resources he had in 2004. Particularly, as someone fascinated by the French language, he found that his learning curve was unbelievably steep because enough language classes weren’t offered. Only a handful of French speakers were around. Above all, there were no courses that took into account the fact that he is tone-deaf.

On a mission to create a solution that is as inclusive as it gets, Jason and his team conducted research, surveyed polyglots, and hired linguistic experts, among several other steps, ultimately bringing Rocket Languages to life within 12 months. The first set of courses were Spanish and French, but as of now, the team has been successful in designing 14 courses altogether.

Here’s as per Jason Oxenham’s words:

“It all comes back to the vision that we had, and still have, for Rocket Languages: To provide the most effective online language learning courses possible. Foremost, this means that our courses must work for everyone […] We will do anything and everything to make your language-learning experience better.”

Rocket Language

Final Verdict

All-in-all, Rocket Sign Language is an online course suitable for anyone who wants to learn American sign language. Based on the analysis above, the resources are boundless, as the team behind Rocket Languages clearly investigated as many effective methods for teaching and learning as possible.

Forget just watching a tutor sign all day, as consumers can now do quizzes, access virtual dictionaries to develop their skills further, and even have fun in the process through the points and badges system. To think that 96 hours of content, followed using tracking, the aforementioned dictionary access, and lots more can be purchased for a measly $96 is quite impressive.

Such courses require time to create and format content, so to see that consumers can finally learn a language at reasonable prices is quite nice. To add to the above, Rocket Languages claims to hire experts within each language, heightening the value for money. To learn more about Rocket Sign Language and the current free trial in place, visit here.

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