Super Speciosa Kratom Vendor Review: Best Brand on the Market?

The scientific name Mitragyna speciose Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The tree is renowned for its leaves containing a chemical known as mitragynine. Its pain-relieving properties are similar to that of other opioids such as morphine.

Kratom products are commonly used by individuals suffering from withdrawal effects occasioned by long-term use of hard drugs such as morphine and heroin. Its other benefits include treating different medical conditions, e.g., anxiety, depression, and persistent coughs.

Before we go any further, we would like to point out that some states and countries have banned its use. Below, we will take you through the different Kratom strains available, including the need for lab testing.

Natural vs. Adulterated Kratom Leaf

Natural Kratom Leaf

Its leaves are harvested from trees before being dried and milled. Once milled, the leaves undergo further processing to allow encapsulation or packaging. The natural leaf products typically exist as:

  • Powdered leaf in tablets or capsules
  • Powdered leaf
  • Crushed leaf

Products in this category provide the consumer with the product as it appears in its traditional state. You’ll get the product in its natural state without alteration. Such products have a mitragynine content of between 0.5% to 1.5%.

Adulterated Kratom

Regrettably, the marketplace has become saturated with all forms of adulterated kratom products. Evidence suggests that many commercial kratom tablets and powders today are degraded.

Some marketers have gone as far as promoting them as natural products. Such vendors have a habit of spiking their products with synthetic alkaloids. It’s believed that such alkaloids can assist in giving adulterated products an edge.

In other instances, you may even come across kratom products containing prescription and illegal medication. As a consumer, you must carefully assess the products you intend to buy to ensure that they are natural and unadulterated.

Kratom Tea

The Kratom tree is a coffee family member and native to Southeast Asia. It’s mainly found in Indonesia, a country renowned for its tropical conditions. The Kratom tree can reach heights of 80 feet when mature.

Whenever you hear individuals referring to Kratom products, they are probably referring to Kratom tea products or supplements. While users in global markets get their Kratom as a fine powder, those in Southeast Asia prefer to chew the tree leaves.

Kratom Tea Benefits and Effects

Most of its users view Kratom Tea as an herbal tea. Though it belongs to the coffee family, its main differentiating factor is the lack of caffeine. Caffeine is a common component in most traditional tea and coffee concentrations.

On the other hand, Kratom tea is rich in alkaloids, which can benefit its users. Individuals have different reasons for brewing this tea. However, you should note that its leaves contain two unique compounds: 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

Its benefits can vary depending on how you choose to take it. For example:

  • Kratom tea can prove to energize when taken in low servings
  • When taken in higher servings, it can promote relaxation and change the way the body reacts to occasional pain.

How to Prepare Kratom Tea

Most Americans use Kratom powder to prepare this type of tea. If you come across its advocates talking about preparing Kratom tea, what they mean is that they intend to mix the power with a hot cup of water.

While this is the most popular method of preparing Kratom tea, some people may not like it because of its flavor and texture. Tea, for most people, comprises a teabag that slowly strains its leaves from the hot water.

Worry not, as it’s possible to do the same with Kratom. Straining your Kratom ensures you’ll get a chance to enjoy its flavor while reducing the overall amount of plant matter consumed. You have a couple of options for preparing Kratom tea.

You can use:

Kratom Strains – The Truth About Them

If you have spent time online researching Kratom, you may have come across vendors claiming to sell different Kratom strains.

It can make it hard for you to keep up with the different colors and name combinations. So, how do you determine which strain or product is the best for you?

Kratom Production

All the Kratom found in the U.S comes from rural Indonesian villages. Many of these villages are located in an area known as Borneo. Here, the leaves are harvested from privately owned land or the wild Kratom trees in the jungle.

Scientists have attempted to understand the composition of leaves harvested from young Kratom trees and those from mature trees. The understanding, thus far, is that those from mature trees have a higher concentration of alkaloids.

The problem is that not all Kratom operators understand this simple distinction. Additionally, Indonesia has subpar quality control systems, meaning that not much thought goes into its harvesting.

What You Need to Know About The “Kratom Strains” Available Today

The inability to guarantee high-quality control during harvesting directly contradicts the idea of having different Kratom strains. Of importance to note is that there don’t exist any Kratom strains in Indonesia.

Researchers have hypothesized that the plants in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia may possess various genetic differences. But despite this, their differences haven’t stood out clearly.

Most vendors, therefore, end up making up the strain names. As a result, misinformed or unethical vendors tend to make inaccurate claims about the Kratom products they sell. For example, you may find some vendors claiming:

  • White Borneo is the best morning strain
  • Red Borneo is for nighttime
  • Green Elephant is made from giant leaves of the Kratom tree

These are inaccurate claims, as the vendor is filling orders from the same Kratom batch. You can attempt to prove this by checking the number of strains available for sale by each vendor. Too many strains are an automatic red flag.

What You Need to Know About the Kratom Leaf Vein Colors

Now that you’re well-versed with the strain’s fallacy, the chances are that you have started to wonder about the different leaf colors. Keen observers will have noted that Kratom leaves fall into different vein colors:

  • Yellow Vein
  • Green Vein
  • White Vein
  • Red Vein

The most common vein colors are white, red, and green. The yellow color has appeared much more recently. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if other colors begin to appear soon.

Based on the discussion we have just had about the different strains, you shouldn’t have a hard time realizing that categorizing Kratom based on the leaf colors is also misleading. The powders marketed based on their colors aren’t obtained from leaves having such colors.

It’s a misconception that needs to end as all these leaves with different vein colors come from the same tree. Vein color isn’t a reliable indicator of the leaf properties. Furthermore, there’s no proof that the vein colors can cause significant differences.

Moreover, Indonesian suppliers don’t sort their harvests according to leaf vein color. The resulting color arises from the different drying techniques employed by the farmers. A seller can choose to grade Kratom according to its color.

In such a case, they will sell:

  • The darkest leaf color is “red.”
  • The lightest leaf color is “green.”
  • Anything in between these two colors will sell as “white.”

Does this Mean that all Kratom is the Same?

As a consumer, you may want to believe that you have experienced different effects between the strains you have taken in the past. But, the reality is that the differences may have arisen because of using Kratom products from different batches.

Kratom farmers use natural harvesting techniques, meaning no two batches are ever the same. Every batch will have a different alkaloid content. For example, refined natural Kratom leaf products can have a content range of between 0.5% to 1.5%.

Studies have also shown that the effects can vary based on the serving size.

Kratom Lab Testing

There’s no better way to establish the quality of the Kratom leaves than through third-party lab testing. Lab testing for all Kratom products is significant for numerous reasons, including:

  • To preserve an ethical industry and promote access to Kratom products
  • To guarantee compliance with regulatory standards
  • To ensure consumer safety

Importation statistics indicate that nearly 15 to 25% of Kratom imported into the country doesn’t pass microbial testing standards. As a result, sterilization and pasteurization are needed to reduce the bacterial content.

As a consumer, you need to exercise caution when purchasing Kratom products. The industry has witnessed a surge in “fake lab certificates,” many of which are forged or counterfeits. Some Kratom sellers claim to test their products but can’t provide evidence to support their claims.

If you want to confirm whether the Kratom products have undergone testing, you can:

  • Request for lab certificates
  • Check whether the manufacturer has displayed the certificate on the product.
  • Inquire whether the lab has any form of accreditation

Where to Buy Kratom Products

Considering that you’re spending your hard-earned money to purchase these products, you deserve nothing but the best. For this reason, you have to take your time to research the Kratom sellers available on the marketplace.

Super Speciosa understands that its success is a direct result of the experience that its customers have with its products. It, therefore, promises to do everything within its power to ensure that all consumers have a pleasant experience with them.

Its Kratom product line is finely milled, packaged, and handled with care. Packaging occurs in-house, with every pouch being weighed and heat sealed to enhance cleanliness while reducing human contact.

As a brand, Super Speciosa proudly stands behind all its products. The brand encourages all its clients who aren’t satisfied with its offerings to get in touch with it to have their issues resolved. The brand prides itself on its relationship with its customers and suppliers.

Why buy Super Speciosa Kratom Offerings?

Every consumer deserves the best, and Super Speciosa strives to ensure they get it. Some of the top reasons to shop at Super Speciosa include:

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: All Kratom products available for sale at Super Speciosa is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, please feel free to reach out to the brand for a full refund.
  • Fast Shipping: All orders placed on the website before 2 pm eastern time ship out on the same day, except for Sundays. Please go through the list of expedited shipping options to decide which is best for you.
  • Trusted Quality: All Super Speciosa products are subjected to strict quality control standards to ensure that clients only receive the best products possible. Every batch undergoes a thorough inspection and gets tested for contaminants and impurities in a third-party lab.
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee: You shouldn’t hesitate to contact Super Speciosa if you feel that the botanicals on sale on the platform aren’t bringing you the happiness you deserve.
  • Friendly Service: The brand has committed to ensuring that none of its customers are ever left hanging. Its relationship with its clients matters, and it will, thus, do everything it can to ensure that it’s a meaningful one.

Some of the products available for sale at Super Speciosa include:

  • Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Tablets
  • Kratom Teabags

Kratom Conclusion

Kratom’s variability in the marketplace can be attributed to the presence of Kratom batches and not strains claimed by some vendors. Though you may encounter the term ‘strain’ every time, the vendor means they have different Kratom varieties.

Every Kratom variety you’ll encounter online will signify a distinct batch. When grading the Kratom batches, some factors are leaf vein color and mitragynine content. That’s where the vendor gets the Kratom’ strain’ came from.

Look out for Kratom products such as Maeng Da, Bali, and Thai. These are the most popular offerings from Super Speciosa, with each having a different mitragynine content. Please note that the names don’t indicate their place of origin.