The Erectile Master Review (Blue Heron Health News)

Have you ever wished that you could have a simple, easy way to get away from erectile dysfunction (ED)? The Erectile Master is a new course that promises to teach you every important exercise to heal from this problem and increase your vitality levels.

However, it costs $49 right now. That’s a pretty big investment unless you know that the course is worth it, right? Today you will discover whether The Erectile Master is a scam or not.

Read our review and you’ll be able to form your own opinion about it.

What Is The Erectile Master?

The Erectile Master is an online course that promises to teach simple pelvic exercises that can help you to overcome ED. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, thin or fat, by using this, according to the creators, you will “become the sexual marathon man that you deserve to be”.

All of the exercises can be done fairly quickly, and they have been tested and approved before the course was finished. But can you really trust this offering? Yes, because it was made by a professional that really understands the issue.

This product was created by a man named Christian Goodman. He used to run a couples therapy practice. There, he learned that ED is a very common problem that affects most couples.

Many couples were looking for a divorce, but he found a solution that finally helped them. After using it, most couples started to have sex again and were very happy. Goodman took the main exercises and packed them into this course, which is now for sale.

How It Works

The Erectile Master consists of a few videos that will teach you several pelvic exercises. The reason why they are important is that men who lack the ability to have erections often don’t get enough blood flow to their penises. Normally, the tension in the veins makes the blood go to the genital area, and then it’s restricted inside the penis chambers.

However, men who are old or suffer from cardiovascular issues may not be able to get erections. By doing these exercises, which stimulate the pelvis, they will increase the blood flow in that part of the body, giving you many amazing effects. You will be able to even feel the blood flowing after the exercises.

You can perform these exercises anytime you want. They are very discreet and do not take more than 20 minutes to complete. As long as the causes of your ED are physical, they will be fairly efficient.

Even if the cause is emotional, the makers of this program got you covered. They also teach you breathing and mental exercises that will help you to focus during sex and achieve better results. This way, erectile dysfunction will finally become a relic of the past in your life.

What is Included In The Erectile Master?

This course comes with the following exercises:

  • Four exercises for your muscles that will help the blood to flow better.
  • Four pelvic release exercises can diminish the tension in the area, making more blood go to your hips.
  • Five Lama exercises. They are unique exercises from a secret society that can improve blood circulation in the whole body.
  • Three breathing exercises to diminish stress and lift your mood.
  • Six mental release exercises to train your mind.
  • Nine mystical awareness exercises for people who want to improve their self-control.

The Erectile Master Pros and Cons

See some of the advantages and disadvantages that most customers say about The Erectile Master:


  • You will finally be able to get erections that will last for several minutes.
  • Improve the quantity and the quality of the sex you have.
  • The exercises are fairly easy to learn and perform.
  • May increase your vitality.
  • Can boost your self-esteem.
  • You won’t need to use medication that may affect your health.
  • Will make your partner fall in love with you again.


  • Can only be purchased via the official website.
  • All of the content is online and requires a computer, smartphone, or tablet to watch.

The Erectile Master Pricing

This course costs $49. It’s a one-time fee only, and you will get full access to the program after that. At the moment, there is no special discount on the price, but the access to the course lasts forever, and you can get a full refund by sending a single email to the creators of this offering.


The Erectile Master is a step-by-step guide that will give you all the knowledge that you need to treat your ED naturally, without needing to use any medication at all. If you purchase this product right now, you will probably not regret the decision after spending several nights making love once more.