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Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory Review Thunderclap Research

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory is an email newsletter featuring investment analysis and recommendations.

Priced at $70 per year, the newsletter features investment information from former hedge fund manager Tim Melvin. Subscribers receive alerts, research reports, and monthly issues of the newsletter.

Is Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory worth the price? Should you subscribe to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory? Find out everything you need to know about this email newsletter today in our review.

What is Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory?

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory is a financial analysis newsletter led by former hedge fund manager Tim Melvin.

In exchange for $70 per year, subscribers receive investment information from Tim Melvin and his research team. Tim claims to intercept trades from Wall Street’s top investors. Instead of keeping those secret trades to himself, he shares them with subscribers.

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Tim Melvin and his team have launched a sales page and video discussing the post-COVID-19 boom.

Smart investors are positioning themselves for the economic boom set to occur as COVID-19 subsides. Tim Melvin claims to have learned the strategies top hedge fund managers are implementing today to receive returns of “194%, 350%, 623% or more, with minimal risk.” By subscribing to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory today, you can receive a report explaining how to earn similar returns through low-risk, high-reward trading.

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It would help if you were skeptical any time a money manager promises low-risk, high-reward investment opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll learn in Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory – and what Tim Melvin has discovered about the post-COVID-19 boom.

How to Prepare for the Post-COVID-19 Boom

Tim Melvin claims to have uncovered the strategies top institutions are using to prepare for the upcoming economic boom.

As COVID-19 subsides and as vaccines roll out, economies will return to form. Many analysts expect an economic boom. Certain stocks (like stocks related to working from home) will inevitably drop in value, while other stocks will surge.

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By investing in the right assets today, you can participate in this post-COVID-19 boom, earning similar returns to today’s top hedge funds.

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According to Tim, a secret group of Wall Street insiders has identified a group of under-the-radar stocks that are primed to explode as COVID-19 subsides. By investing in these stocks today, you can earn returns of 1,000% or higher, according to Tim:

“…a secret coterie of Wall Street insiders have identified a handful of undervalued, under-the-radar companies which are poised to explode in value as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And while you’re trying to scrape by with returns of 5%, maybe 10% per year… … they’re looking at making 100%, 500%, even 1,000% or more, no matter what direction the market goes.”

Instead of keeping these secret stocks to himself and reaping huge returns, Tim Melvin shares these stocks with his Investment Advisory subscribers.

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As Tim explains it, he’s “tired of watching the little guy gets screwed.” He wants to share Wall Street’s inside secrets with the world.

Tim reveals all of the stocks top hedge funds, institutions, and money managers buy in a new report. You receive access to that report by subscribing to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory today.

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Tim claims the world’s richest individuals are buying his recommended stocks to prepare for the post-COVID-19 surge, including Warren Buffett (worth $71 billion), Steve Schwarzman (worth $18.3 billion), and Carl Icahn (worth $15.7 billion).

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Tim could have kept these secret trades to himself, but he feels it’s his ethical duty to share these trades with the public:

“I’ve never shared this publicly before…Until now, it’s always been reserved for my private clients and me. But, in the aftermath of the pandemic… with the world in disarray… with the wealth gap accelerating faster than ever… with millions of investors unsure what to do next… and with the economy on the brink of collapse…I feel it’s my ethical duty to share this secret with you.”

Through the sheer goodness of his heart, Tim Melvin reveals his secret trades to the world, and investors can expect gains of 1,000% or higher by following these recommendations.

How to Intercept Wall Street’s Secret Trades

Tim Melvin claims to have a system for intercepting Wall Street’s top 0.1% buy and sell signals.

By subscribing to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory today, you can learn how to intercept those same trades to earn huge returns on investment.

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By learning to intercept Wall Street’s best trades, you avoid the need to do any research yourself. You can follow the world’s best traders, making the same moves they make at the same times they make them:

“These are the trades they’re making right now…The investments they believe will surge in value over the coming months. Stocks their army of PhDs, analysts, and accountants have spent months analyzing. Undervalued, under-the-radar opportunities with the potential to transform a small stake into huge, life-changing profits. And, you can invest right alongside them if you know how to intercept their buy and sell signals.”

So how do you intercept these trades? What’s the secret to Tim Melvin’s system?

Tim Melvin claims institutional investors are legally required to disclose certain parts of their portfolio based on SEC regulations.

To gain access to a portfolio, all you need is a three-digit backdoor, which gives you access to all the financial reports for Wall Street’s biggest names.

As Tim Melvin explains, it’s like being able to legally steal the ideas of the world’s biggest hedge funds:

“You can effectively unlock the portfolio of every big Wall Street investor… intercept their latest buy and sell signals… and legally steal their best investment ideas.”

Tim claims he has earned 400% returns through this system. He used this backdoor to snoop on the positions of hedge fund operator Bill Miller. He discovered Bill Miller had a huge position in ADT. Tim Melvin invested in ADT, and the stock rose from $4 to $16, giving Tim Melvin a return of 400%.

To achieve similar returns, all you need to do is learn about Tim Melvin’s Intercept Method. Tim shares his method in a report. You get access to that report by subscribing to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory today.

What is Tim Melvin’s Intercept Method?

In a report called Tim Melvin’s Intercept Method, Tim shares his strategy for intercepting the trades made by Wall Street’s biggest names.

Tim claims investors can “bank +100% returns” by legally stealing these trading ideas.

In the report, Tim discloses a full breakdown of his intercept technique. He discloses how to do it, intercept trades, and buy and sell the same stocks as hedge funds to earn massive returns.

All you need is a three-digit code, and you instantly get access to the backdoor of hedge funds, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals.

As Tim explains, he started Investment Advisory to help the little guy get rich. His intercept strategy explains a no-nonsense technique any investor can use to get rich quickly – just by copying big investors’ trades.

What’s Included with Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory?

By subscribing to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory today, you get access to the email newsletter’s monthly issues along with several bonus reports.

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Here’s what is included with your subscription:

Monthly Issues of Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory: You receive one new Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory issue every month. Each issue features market analysis investment recommendations, trading discussions, and other news and information. Tim Melvin is a former hedge fund manager, and he shares his wisdom with subscribers through his Investment Advisory. He launched Investment Advisory to help smaller investors get rich.

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Tim Melvin’s Intercept Method: Tim Melvin has created a special report discussing his Intercept Method. That method involves using a special three-digit code to “intercept” the trades institutional investors are making. By tracking these trades, you can earn huge returns on investment, making the same moves the world’s largest hedge funds make based on their legions of analysts. It’s completely legal, and the sales page is filled with stories of investors earning 100% to 1,000% returns with this method.

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Bonus #1: The Secret of Insider Trades: This report explains how to profit from insider trading in a 100% legal way. Tim has created a strategy that allows you to identify when an investor bases his decision on privileged information. If you spot this signal, you can legally follow that investor’s move. It’s not insider trading because you don’t know the insider – you’re just following someone who is engaging in insider trading. Tim claims you can earn profits as high as 623% with this method.

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Bonus #2: Banking Big Profits with Small Banks: This report explains why you should invest in banking stocks. Tim claims he has never taken a loss on a banking stock. He’s spent decades investing and has yet to lose money by investing in banks. Banks provide steady, solid, trusted returns over time. Tim claims dozens of his recommended bank stocks have earned 100% returns or higher.

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Bonus #3: 8 Landmine Stocks to Sell Immediately: Tim has intercepted some of the biggest sell recommendations from top hedge funds. Tim recommends selling these “landmine stocks” immediately before it’s too late based on these intercepts. These stocks are set to crater in the near future, and Tim recommends selling them quickly.

Extra Bonus: Risk-Free Way to Make Money With SPACs ($7): If you pay an extra $7, Tim Melvin bundles a bonus report to your order where he discusses the benefits of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). These companies have become wildly popular on Wall Street in recent years. Tim claims you can earn “astronomical” returns by investing in the right SPACs. SPACs are risky investments, yet Tim claims he has discovered a method for making these investments “risk-free.” In other words, investors can earn large returns with no risk by investing in Tim’s recommended SPACs.

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory Pricing

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory is priced at $69 for your first year.

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By signing up online today, you agree to renew your membership every year for $199 automatically. You can cancel at any time to avoid future charges. You will receive a reminder before your subscription automatically renews.

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory Refund Policy

Thunderclap Research fees are typically non-refundable. However, Tim Melvin is offering a 30-day refund policy in his Investment Advisory newsletter.

If you’re unhappy with the returns you have made from Investment Advisory after one month, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Tim Melvin

Tim Melvin describes himself as a “former major hedge fund manager.” Tim’s Marketfy profile describes him as a 27-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry. He has previously served as a broker, advisor, and portfolio manager.

Today, Tim uses his three decades of experience to help others get rich. Tim advocates for smaller investors, using Wall Street’s experience to tell smaller investors how to invest.

Tim lives in Windermere, Florida. He’s also the author of the Junior Chamber Course on Value Investing and a writer at RealMoney.com, TheStreet, and other blogs.

About Thunderclap Research

Thunderclap Research is an investment blog led by Tim Melvin. At ThunderclapResearch.com, readers will discover free blog posts explaining Tim’s insight into market conditions.

Tim publishes two flagship newsletters through Thunderclap Research, including Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory and Tim Melvin’s Takeover Targets.

The Thunderclap Research team includes Tim Melvin and Garrett Baldwin. Garrett Baldwin is a financial analyst and executive consultant with 15+ years of senior leadership experience. You can view his bio here.

You can contact Thunderclap Research via the following:

Final Word

Former hedge fund manager Tim Melvin has launched a new marketing campaign for his Investment Advisory newsletter.

The newsletter shares market analysis, trading strategies, and other news and information from across the industry.

As part of the new marketing campaign, Tim Melvin bundles several bonus reports with new subscriptions. One report discusses Tim’s “Intercept Method,” which allows him to intercept trades made by big hedge funds legally.

To learn more or to subscribe today, visit ThunderclapResearch.com.

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