TressAnew Reviews: Is It Worth the Money to Buy?

As a woman, your hair contributes a lot to your beauty, and it is one of the assets you invest a lot in, and it is expensive to maintain healthy and attractive hair. After all the struggle, you may notice that your hair begins to thin. You might also notice that your hair color fades or your hair becomes brittle, leading to breakage.

You might have tried several hair repair concoctions, herbs, and supplements without success. The good news is that there is now a proven solution that will help your hair grow back to its natural and healthy status. This solution comes in the name of TressAnew by Harmonium.

What is TressAnew?

TressAnew is a hair supplement that prevents excessive hair loss and improves hair growth. TressAnew is an organic formula that will rejuvenate your hair by providing the essential nutrients and minerals it needs.

TressAnew is a plant-powered and nutritive supplement that is oxidant-rich and nourishing. Through its restorative regeneration capacity, you’ll no longer have to worry about unwanted luster and hair loss and revealing a “sneaky enzyme” that can begin to affect the appearance of your hair. This hair replenishing formula will work wonders on your hair if you follow the instructions provided. It is a safe supplement because it is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and is certified by Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). This is a clear indication that TressAnew is free from parabens, stimulants, preservatives, gluten, and other harmful chemicals that can destroy your hair.

How does TressAnew work?

Unlike other hair growth supplements, TressAnew deals with the root cause of hair loss. It targets 5-AR or alpha-reductase, an enzyme that’s responsible for hair loss. The 5-AR enzyme converts testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone(DHT).

TressAnew will block 5-AR, so it doesn’t convert testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is what causes the hair follicle to fall off, resulting in hair brittleness and shedding. TressAnew will help the receptors beneath your hair follicles absorb the essential nutrients and minerals in TressAnew. This is how it helps your hair to look and stay radiant, strong, healthy, and youthful.

So, the action of DHT will be blocked by the potent antioxidants found in TressAnew. Using the supplement as recommended will help your hair grow with no breakage or minimal breakage. Hence it will boost your self-confidence because it will restore your beautiful looks.

TressAnew Ingredients

TressAnew contains all-natural ingredients, explaining why it is safe to use. When you use it as recommended, you will not have to worry about any side effects. The TressAnew include:


Fo-Ti is an ingredient that the Chinese have used for many years. It helps the hair to grow fuller and thicker. It is the component of TressAnew that will restore your hair to its natural state and make you feel and look youthful once again. Fo-Ti works by prohibiting 5-AR and fighting DHT’s androgenic effects such as hair damage.

Nettle Root

Nettle root is popular for its energy-boosting capacity, and because it blocks 5-AR, it does not convert testosterone into DHT. Nettle root also makes hair grow faster.

Saw Palmetto

This is a natural DHT blocker. Once it stops testosterone conversion, you’ll need the other TressAnew ingredients to boost your hair health and growth.


Horsetail uses its silicon and antioxidant content to support hair growth. Many studies have shown that Horsetail’s antioxidants slow down hair fiber aging. The silicon in the horsetail will make your hair thicker and lustrous. It also makes the hair grow faster.


Magnesium will clear your hair from any calcium clogged in it. Doing so will help your hair grow faster and look healthier.


Biotin is an element that prevents DHT from destroying your hair. Biotin is absorbed by your hair follicles, which also absorbs other ingredients to help stop DHT.

Benefits of TressAnew

How to use TressAnew

To benefit more from TressAnew, you must use it as recommended. A bottle of TressAnew has 60 safe and natural capsules. According to TressAnew’s official website, this bottle should last you for one month, meaning you should take two capsules per day. You can use a glass of water to take the capsules.

You have to stick to the recommendations on TressAnew’s official website. Consistency also matters, and once you’ve started using the capsules, you must not stop along the way until you get the results you are looking for. Stopping along the way may reverse the benefits that have been gained.

Many women have used TressAnew for several years. It has helped these women regain their self-esteem. The manufacturer recommends that you take TressAnew for at least 90 days (three months) consistently to get positive results. It may appear as though TressAnew acts slowly, but remember that restoring your hair condition is a gradual process and, therefore, requires some patience. If you give up along the way because you were expecting instant results, your hair will continue falling.

There’s no quick fix to attain healthy hair growth. Most supplements, lotions, drugs, and herbs that promise instant results are not genuine. Some of them contain dangerous chemicals that can damage both your hair and skin.

If you use TressAnew as recommended for three to six months, you’ll get top-notch results. You’ll join the thousands of women who now confess how TressAnew helped them regain their hair length, thickness, and glow. And, interestingly, the result can last for as long as two years or more, depending on how well you maintain your hair. If you want the results to stay longer, you need to follow a healthy diet plan, sleep well, and exercise as you continue using TressAnew.

Before using this product, consult your doctor or dermatologist to assess your hair and skin and decide whether you are a good candidate for this supplement. Again, if you are allergic to any of the TressAnew ingredients, you should not use this supplement. Remember to use this supplement as recommended to get the best results.

Buying TressAnew

If you decide to buy TressAnew, do so from their official website. There isn’t any other place where you can get TressAnew. When you buy TressAnew from the official website, you’ll get a genuine product. Additionally, you’ll enjoy big discounts depending on the number of bottles you buy.

A single bottle of TressAnew costs $49.95, exclusive of the shipping charge. If you buy three bottles, you’ll only pay $39.95 per bottle. If you buy six bottles, the price will go down to $33 per bottle. As you can see, the more bottles of TressAnew you buy, you get free US shipping, and the higher your discount will be.


Contact Information

The Harmonium company offers its customers a 90 day 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. To contact TressAnew by Harmonium, customers can reach out and send an email to customer service at:

  • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/
  • Product Support: customercare@harmoniumhealth.com


TressAnew is manufactured using science-backed ingredients in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility in the US. Many third-party vendors are claiming to sell original TressAnew, but they are dealing in counterfeits. To be sure you are getting the genuine product, place your order through TressAnew’s official website. This will ensure you are safe and you get the results you desire.