Ultimate Money Manifestation Review – Legit Working Program?

The Ultimate Money Manifestation program is claimed to assist you in resolving your financial issues so that you can attract money and more financial opportunities. According to its creator, after following it, you will become able to pay attention to the people around you, have time for your hobbies, and even leave a lot behind.

What Does The Ultimate Money Manifestation Program Offer?

Here’s what the program includes, as per its official website presents:

  • Wealth Mastery Guided Meditation (Audio Sound Track)
  • You will learn how to enjoy life more, overcome all limiting assumptions about your earning ability, and how to have more than enough money.
  • This 11-minute MP3 will provide information on the following:
  • Increasing your wealth potential and luck
  • Getting rid of those money-related beliefs that are holding you down
  • Relieving the burden associated with the financial challenges you’re facing
  • Standing out in a crowded labor market
  • Creating more profitable market prospects
  • Lifestyle Visualization Guided Meditation (Audio Sound Track)
  • This 9-minute MP3 will teach you about the following:
  • Getting a positive attitude
  • The importance of thanks
  • Being calm in the midst of adversity
  • Attracting the lifestyle you’ve always desired
  • Obtaining more employment options
  • Improving ties with family and colleagues
  • The Real-Life Story of Ultimate Money Manifestation

Ultimate Money Manifestation was created by James Irvine, who speaks on the program’s official website about how the finding of this unique blueprint saved his life and helped him get out of his $250k debt. Now, he’s living the millionaire’s fantasy. James grew up in a small family with a modest income, as his father was a cleaner and his mother didn’t have a job. He didn’t do well in school but always had a passion for basketball. His high school coach approached him one day and said that he had a decent chance of being offered an NBA scholarship. And James thought this was the ticket to a happier life for him! When a top scouting coach came to see his game, all he had to do was perform well. Unfortunately, he blew the one opportunity since his girlfriend had informed him before the game that she was pregnant, so he could not concentrate and compete. To feed his new family, he eventually gave up his dream of being a professional basketball player and took a job at Macy’s, the design and clothes shop. Soon after, he found himself trapped in the same loop as his father. He made a decent living but was overworked and unable to meet his family’s most essential needs. That’s why he said to himself that enough is enough.

The Mistake that Led to Ruins

He needed to find new avenues to earn more money and improve his situation. His coworker, Luca, introduced him to this “amazing” timber investment potential not long after. Being rash and inexperienced, he took out a mortgage on his house to collect a considerable amount of money to put into this company. He had put all of his money into it, believing that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for him to offer his family a decent life. Still, as you probably know, there was a catch. The plan was, in fact, a Ponzi scheme, in which promoters used funds obtained from younger investors to buy off older investors. As soon as he discovered this, his whole life fell into a downward spiral. He wasted all of his life savings in an instant and still didn’t really have a house to call home. Things got to the point that he couldn’t manage to put together a decent meal and his family was on food stamps. Then, at some point, he was left with only $2 in his bank account. Soon after, he was standing on top of a hotel, attempting to commit suicide. He was there, contemplating his fate while clutching his $1 million life insurance policy in his pocket, thinking this money can be used to support his wife and children. Just as soon as he was able to leap, he was yanked backward by a powerful force. It was the man who saved his life. As he looked at this man, he saw that he had a worried and concerned expression on his face. Then James proceeded to tell him about his financial worries. After telling him the money problems he has are not that big of a deal, Simon, as the man’s name was Simon, explained how this blueprint, which comprises 2 collections of audiotapes, could help James change his attitude and transform his life around. James was persuaded and agreed to give this blueprint a try, only to realize later it was the wisest choice he’d ever made.

Money Started Coming In…

James began listening to the blueprint daily. He had manifested $1k from scratch cards by the end of the first week. He also began earning $5k from the equity market by the end of the second week by choosing growth stocks. Then, he got a position as a stockbroker during the second month, a job that paid 3 to 5 times better than his previous job at Macy’s. Soon after, his relationship with his family improved, and he was willing to offer them a better life, a life without any food stamps. So, he wanted to invite Simon, with whom he had kept in touch after his attempted suicide, to a Michelin awarded restaurant dinner to express his gratitude for saving and transforming his life. Over dinner, he had a wonderful conversation about how the blueprint has changed his life and how he could tell his family and friends about it. Simon was accepting his sharing, with the only stipulation that James would encourage those who have received the “magic blueprint” to contribute 5% of their profits to good causes. But after the dinner, Simon seemed to have disappeared completely. There was no way to get in touch with him, find him, or learn anything else from him.

The Second Crash Followed by the Second Success

James believes Simon was an angel sent from the Heavens to bless him at the lowest point in his life. He says he wishes he could assure everyone that everything went well after the dinner with him and that he and his family were happy for the rest of their lives, but… Three months later, one of his customers didn’t listen to his recommendations and invested in penny stocks, losing $250,000. James was responsible for the loan. Another challenge of his life loomed ahead of him, but this time he was ready. He could transform his entire life around again because of his trust in the Ultimate Money Manifestation blueprint. Over the following year, he could pay off his debt and make even more money than before by investing in Bitcoin and Gold. Based on the money advice he was giving, his clients earned a ton of money too. To thank him, one of them even bought him a new BMW! In other words, James had yet again proved to himself that the blueprint he was following works! So, he became curious about how 2 sets of audio files can make a person so successful. He spent the next 4 years studying the 2 collections of audios and working with brain doctors and neuroscientists. After these years of study and consultancy, he discovered something exciting that will be detailed in the following section.

The Science Behind Ultimate Money Manifestation

These 2 Ultimate Money Manifestation audio sets stimulate a specific brain part known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS), a network of neurons in the brain that acts like a “money switch.” That’s why certain people will literally notice $100 bills strewn around the room. RAS is why certain people became wealthy overnight and why others don’t take advantage of the financial opportunities they come across. Ultimate Money Manifestation has assisted James in earning much more money than he ever imagined and resolved his financial and family issues. He says it has the power to transform anyone’s life.

Ultimate Money Manifestation FREE Bonus: Checklist for Money Manifestation

This book is said to show you how to use the Ultimate Money Manifestation audios to get the most out of them in terms of financial and personal development. According to James, it will provide:

  • What you need to do to have a firm grasp of how much money you want to have
  • A quick guide to expressing appreciation regularly
  • How to get the most out of the audio tracks
  • Information about how to behave when the moment is right
  • Is It Expensive to Buy The Ultimate Money Manifestation Program?

At the moment, The Ultimate Money Manifestation program is very reasonably priced. It no longer costs $191, but only: $37


Besides, it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days. James wants to be sure that you get the maximum value from your Ultimate Money Manifestation program, so if you are unhappy with what it has to offer for any reason, you have 60 days from the date of your purchase to ask for a refund. You can contact James at:


and he or someone in his team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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