12 Tools Students Should Use for Admission Help in 2022

Being admitted to college caps a long, multi-step process that requires a series of alongside actions within at least 6 months. That’s a lot to handle for one person. Fortunately, many handy tools are meant to help students along this thorny way. Below, you’ll find the list of 12 online platforms, services, and apps that can make the admissions process much smoother at each stage, namely:

  • choosing the college and start the application process;
  • figuring out financial questions;
  • applying for several educational institutions;
  • straightening out how to craft an admissions essay;
  • writing a standout college essay – single-handedly or with help;
  • getting ready for zero hour.

And now, let’s break it all down along with the tools to help you on each step, be it selecting the school, applying to it, crafting an essay for college admission, or preparing for the final effort.

1.-2. Choose Smart, Not Hard

The first step on your way to the college of your dream is choosing it. Or them. You’ll need to factor in majors and minors, location, costs, campus life, academic support, perspectives, and many other things. There are many decent platforms to find appropriate schools, including state-run (and hence extraordinarily old-fashioned and not user-friendly) CollegeNavigator. However, the two websites clearly stand out from the crowd due to their comprehensiveness and ease of use – CollegeBoard and CollegeConfidential. Both let you start building a college list from scratch with a wide range of filters and then learn more about the chosen schools in numbers and facts. The latter service even boasts the Artificial Intelligence Admissions Predictor to assess the admission chances. Remarkably, both platforms can be used without paying a dime – you only need to register for free! The bottom line here is that with CollegeBoard or CollegeConfidential, you can narrow down the choice to several schools that are right for you and proceed to the next step – the chips.

3.-4. Run for the Money

Sadly, studying in college, especially a really good one – costs a fortune. So, before even applying, you’d better figure out how you will deal with the money issue. If your parents are willing to throw in a couple dozen thousand dollars or have already made it to the Forbes Richest list, you can move on to the next chapter. All other wannabe students definitely should visit FinAid and Federal Student Aid websites. The first one is a comprehensive resource where you can find information and advice on any aspect of paying for college, scholarships, and grants, along with several calculators to evaluate the studying costs. The second website lets you fill out the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA), which is simply a must if you want to have a chance to save big time on college fees.

5.-6. Apply to Many Colleges in One Go

To increase your chances of college admission, you should apply to several schools at once. And there’s hardly a better application system for that than the Common App. This platform serves mind-boggling 900 colleges and universities across the US (including the Ivy League) and over 60 more across the globe, which makes it a must-use tool for every student. With it, you can apply for 20 colleges in one go for free. Another system you might find extremely useful is Coalition for College. Although it is only supported by over 150 US schools, it focuses on making them all affordable for students from all walks of life. As a result, when applying via this service, you have a high chance of graduating with little to no student debt at all! Plus, it has wider customization features and offers an awesome private digital space called ‘Locker.’

7.-8. Learn How to Create a Story or Find a Great College Admission Essay Example to Follow

Previously, there were a lot of speculations that application essays don’t weigh much in the entire admissions process. Well, it could be true several years ago. Nowadays, it’s the role of the SAT and ACT that decreased as one of the aftermaths of the COVID pandemic. Accordingly, crafting a great admissions essay can be now more important than ever. If you don’t know where to start, keep in mind that it should be about yourself. Ideally, it should tell a story about an aspect of your life where you showcase leadership and other strong personal qualities. And of the online tools to help you learn how to tell a good story, perhaps, one of the best is Story2. It lets you build your piece step by step, practice your writing skills, and even get personalized coach support from a college admission essay writer. Another way to get a better idea of what a worthy piece of writing should look like is by checking out college admission essay examples. To this end, visit the WowEssays platform that contains about 100 thousand free academic paper samples, including admissions, application, or personal essays. Also, you can find here several dozens of free writing assistance tools and address a professional essay helper assistance.

9.-10. “What If I Can’t Write My Admission Essay Single-Handedly?” – Get Help!

No matter how important your writing could be, sometimes you just cannot do it by yourself, be it because of the lack of time or skill. Plus, consider the situation when you need to customize your essay for each particular school you’re applying to – even the best college admission essay sample wouldn’t be of much help here. When dire circumstances require dire measures, you might need to consider addressing a professional essay writer ready to craft an entirely original admissions essay from scratch. Of course, you’ll need to fork out some chips for it. However, the piece will be completely personalized and composed according to the highest standards. The best-known services to provide high-quality writing are EvolutionWriters.com and PaperHelp.org. The former is a rather young company while the latter has a history since 2008; however, both are renowned for remarkable individual approach, delivery speed, and reliability.

11.-12. Knowing How to Write an Essay for College Admission Might Not Be Enough. Keep Preparing to Open Any Door!

Even when all of the above-mentioned is done or settled, there is no room for complacency. In order to be best prepared for the final push, you must keep yourself in shape, go over old grounds, deepen knowledge or better even learn new things. That’s where web-based courses come in really handy. For example, Coursera partners with top educational institutions and provides hundreds of free online college and university-level courses. Moreover, you can complete various certificate programs and expand your resume to impress the audience. Another great service is Udemy. With an astonishingly high number of courses at over 150 thousand (!), it features a particularly awesome catalog for business students. Other advantages include great content organization and very convenient smartphone apps that allow you to learn on the go.

Use Effective Tools, Get College Admission Essay Help, and Get In There!

Remember, the admissions process demands continuous effort for several months. Thus, you’d better plan every step in advance and create a specific calendar with reminders in order not to forget about any task or miss any deadline. Also, while at school, don’t neglect extracurricular activities and select appropriate people to ask for recommendation letters when the time comes. And while you’re in it, we hope that using the online tools and apps we described to apply to desired colleges, figure out education cost issues, or even ask a professional “Write my paper for me” will help you up your game.

However, remember that no matter how helpful various utilities might be, they are only here for assistance. The main responsibility – be filling out the Common App application form, writing an outstanding admissions essay, or visiting a college’s campus – is on you. So, brace yourself, gear up, and do your best to get into the college of your dream.

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