Compare, Review and Buy the Best Knee Sleeves to Use in 2022

Knee sleeves are essential tools that come in handy whenever knee pain strikes. The knee-supporting tools also enhance movement for people with diverse knee conditions.

The primary feature of good knee sleeves is the ability to provide support. This elementary functionality makes knee sleeves suitable for people recovering from knee injuries.

Knee sleeves have several other functions, including but not limited to improving blood circulation and fortifying knees during athletics, amongst other uses.

The modern market is awash with numerous and diverse knee sleeves. Marketers advertise them with similar zeal and assumed effectiveness. However, knee sleeves are not homogenous as some purport them to be. It is paramount that you learn their differences to avoid confusion. What is a better way to do so other than find out the best amongst them all?

The Top Knee Sleeves & Knee Compression Braces in 2021

Browsing, testing, and verifying the best product is never a downhill task. However, our committed team set out to do all that pertains to certifying that what advertisers say are the best knee compression braces are.

After all the hassles, the team compiled a list to utilize whenever shopping for knee sleeves. Below is a list of the top-of-the-range knee sleeves currently available for purchase:

  • Exo Sleeve
  • PentagonFit Knee Sleeve
  • Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve
  • KneeWrap Pro
  • TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve
  • VitaKnee
  • Kompress Kinetic Socks
  • Knee Relief Patches
  • Smart Knee Pad
  • Soul Insole
  • Knee Hero
  • Compressa
  • Knee Force
  • Feel Good Knees

Exo Sleeve


Exo Sleeve ranks amongst the crème de la crème and most renowned knee sleeves brand. Luckily, the brand goes the extra mile to ensure that all its promises to customers are fulfilled. The brand has presented top-quality knee sleeves for various and diverse applications.

Exo-sleeve’s products have achieved success so well that they have enabled the company to add weight belts, sandbags, and other fitness products to its production line.

The company’s knee sleeves are tight-fitting, compressive garments that help improve performance and protect the knees from injury. The sleeves work by providing support to the muscles and ligaments around the knee, which helps keep them warm and stable. They also help improve proprioception, or the sense of where your body is in space, which can help you stay stable when lifting weights.

Exo-Sleeve is available in three sizes; 5mm, 7mm, and 3mm. The first two are best for use when doing high-intensity bodybuilding activities. The 3mm light knee sleeve is optimized for more knee mobility.

Unlike others, Exo-Sleeve allows you to enjoy the freedom of choice. The three Exo-Sleeve knee sleeves are available in different colors and designs. You can get the sleeves in your nearest outlet for $29 or slightly more.

PentagonFit Knee Sleeve


PentagonFit Knee Sleeve is a compression sleeve that provides knee joint support, graduated compression, and patella control during sports activities or when recovering from an injury. The innovative design is specially tailored to help reduce pain, protect the knee, and recover after a knee injury.

An interesting fact about the medical-standard knee sleeve is that it has additional benefits that place it above most others. They include improving blood circulation, improving proprioception (balance and body awareness) by providing feedback to the muscles and nerves around the knee, increasing motion ability, and reducing inflammation. If you need knee protection, you can wear the PentagonFit Knee Sleeve daily.

All of these benefits make the PentagonFit Knee Sleeve an excellent choice for athletes and sports enthusiasts, as well as those who have arthritis or any other condition that affects the knee joint. You can purchase the PentagonFit Knee Sleeve for $39.95 and enjoy knee comfort, protection, and pain relief.

Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve


The Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve is made of neoprene material that maintains knee warmth, lubricates the knee joint, and protects the joint. It is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

Unlike most others, the Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve is compatible with all daily activities, including walking, jogging, and cleaning. You need not be a bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of this everyday use product.

The Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve’s sleeve is made with a durable and breathable fabric that helps to keep your knee comfortable all day long. The sleeve also features a silicone gripper at the top to keep it in place.

Amongst the most exciting characteristics of the Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve is being unisex. The knee sleeve is a near-perfect choice for both men and women seeking knee pain relief or pursuing better motion abilities. You can get a piece of this fantastic product at the economical price of $42.

KneeWrap Pro


KneeWrap Pro is a light knee wrap that offers maximum comfort by compressing the knee area to relieve pain and eliminate leg discomfort. It is designed to be used in clinical, at-home, and athletic environments.

Similar to several others, this knee sleeve is machine-washable, which means that you can keep it clean and hygienic with ease. In addition, the fabric is moisture-wicking, meaning that it will help keep you comfortable when you wear it. Finally, the knee-wrap pro can provide added support and stability to your knees during activities.

You can get the KneeWrap Pro for the regular price of $39. However, you may want to seize the opportunity of purchasing each unit for as little as $20 during discount days. If you are looking for a high-quality, machine-washable knee sleeve, the KneeWrap Pro is highly recommended.

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve


TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve is a pain-relieving knee sleeve that works in minutes. Thousands of excellent reviews point to TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve as an effective knee pain-relieve. TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeves’ effectiveness results from the built-in features that work by compressing, cooling, and heating for quick pain relief.

Unlike most others, using TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve is procedural. You start by placing the knee sleeve in a microwave or freezer to heat up or freeze its gel. After freezing or heating up, you can use the sleeve on the painful knee or elbow joint. You need to wear the sleeve for about 15 minutes to reap its full therapeutic benefits. The compression is incorporated in a single tool combined with heat and cold to ensure speedy pain relief.

The TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve ranks amongst the best-selling knee sleeves in the current market. Its effectiveness in performing the primary support and advanced pain relief heightens its demand. The brand has made more than $1 million in sales, owing to the fast pace at which the product flies off shelves and online stores. For $34.99, you can reap the benefits of TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve’s cold and hot compression on your injured knee or elbow.



VitaKnee is a famous knee sleeve whose online popularity tells a lot about the knee sleeve’s quality and functionality. The ergonomic tool is renowned for delivering according to the manufacturer’s promise.

VitaKnee has established itself as a remarkable product despite its recent entry into the market. The brand does not achieve half the reputation that most other knee sleeves on this list attain. However, being placed amongst them is a well-deserved honor. VitaKnee is gaining traction along the path to fame to formulate its niche in the low-cost market.

The knee sleeve manufacturer guarantees satisfaction within 30 days, presents numerous offers, and gets countless positive reactions from users. These features make VitaKnee’s placement amongst the top brands.

If you are looking for a knee sleeve guaranteed to perform effectively, VitaKnee is highly recommendable. You can get the benefits of guaranteed protection, support, and comfort for 39.99.

Kompress Kinetic Socks


Kompress Kinetic Socks are therapeutic socks that relieve knee pain without gripping the knee. They also have focal straps that wrap around your shin, fortifying the socks for more protection.

Kompress Kinetic Socks are made with a lightweight, breathable fabric and are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. The socks can be worn while sitting or standing, and they are ideal for people with knee pain, arthritis, or other medical conditions that affect the knees.

Kompress Kinetic Socks are meant to be worn especially during exercise. They can help improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and speed up recovery time. The socks work by providing compression to your muscles and tendons.

People prefer wearing therapeutic socks while donning knee sleeves to increase protection in some cases. If in need, you can get the Kompress Kinetic Socks for as low as $24.99.

Knee Relief Patches


Knee Relief Patches are a relatively new product on the market. However, they use traditional Chinese formulas to help relieve knee pain.

The patches are made of a stretchy fabric and are applied directly to the skin. Each patch contains traditional Chinese ingredients, which penetrate the knee and the skin surrounding it. The patches are also said to help relieve pain and stiffness in the knee.

They work by stimulating blood flow and providing heat and compression to the knee. The patches can be used to treat various knee injuries and illnesses, including arthritis, sports injuries, and knee pain caused by aging.

The proximity of the patch to the skin ensures that the ingredients get direct access to the injured parts. There is no use restriction since one can patch them for as long as required.

Regular knee sleeves compress the knee to ensure support. On the contrary, Knee Relief Patches deliver ingredients into the knee, enabling quick pain relief. The advantage of Knee Relief Patches is that you can comfortably add a compression sleeve for better results.

If you are experiencing knee pain, consider giving these patches a try. You can get a pack of 12 patches for $39.75. Purchases are made exclusively online on KneeReliefPatches.com.

Smart Knee Pad


Smart Knee Pad is a knee sleeve that utilizes technology to relieve pain. According to the treated ailment, the smart technology adjusts the knee sleeve to three different temperatures. The knee pad material, graphene, also assists in regulating temperature.

Smart Knee Pad can be used on several other body parts, including the elbow and calf muscle. The pads relieve pain while working, usually to prevent knee injury.

The ability to relieve pain and prevent injury makes the Smart Knee Pad an excellent tool for use in times of need. However, its extra features make it more costly than any other product on this list. It is recommended for people who wish to tailor therapy by regulating temperatures despite the price. If need be, you can get a unit of the Smart Knee Pad for $79.95.

Soul Insole


Soul Insole is a unique pad designed to fit in your shoe and assist in relieving pain in the knees, back, and the whole body.

The Soul Insole is a pad with a shape that can be inserted into the shoe. The Soul Insole was created through experiencing many knee injuries and talking with athletes who had back pain. The insoles reduce stress on the knee and back, so you can perform at your best.

In some cases, soul insoles serve the purpose of relieving plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the plantar fascia, the band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. This condition can cause pain in the heel and arch of the foot. Soul insoles may help relieve this pain by providing support and cushioning for the feet. Additionally, soul insoles can help keep the plantar fascia in a stretched position, which also helps to prevent pain.

Soul Insoles assist in general body pain relief. The significant aspect of the insoles is that one does not need to be in pain to use them. The insoles work well in improving general health and increasing the length of time one can stay in motion.

Shoes may not always feel comfortable, making it hard to maintain the body properly aligned and pain-free. However, Soul insoles can boost your wellbeing and protect you from unnecessary pain. The insoles are washable, which makes them reusable for a long. You can save money by purchasing each unit at $29.99.

Knee Hero


Knee Hero is a knee brace designed to help protect and support the knee joint, meniscus, and knee cap. The knee brace is breathable and lightweight, and is designed with a non-slip surface that helps prevent the brace from sliding down the leg during play.

Knee Hero is an excellent addition for everyday use and working out since it supports the knee joint for maximum protection against injuries. It can also assist during the recovery process after an injury since it helps relieve joint pain.

Knee Hero is available in various sizes, including medium, large, and extra-large. You can purchase Knee Hero for $65 per unit. It may seem pricey, but incurring the cost for the knee sleeve is worth it. Unlike others, it comes with a two-year warranty.

The functionality of the Knee Hero makes it worth being priced higher than other knee sleeves on this list. It is also worth noting that Knee Hero is made of better quality material than most other items on this list.



Compressa is one of the best sellers on this list, owing to its popularity amongst knee sleeves of its kind.

Compressa is famed for its various benefits. It works both as a knee brace and a compression sleeve. It means that it can protect the knee, simultaneously improve blood circulation, reduce the time taken to recover from an injury, and help loosen the muscles, amongst other capabilities. Compressa is also an excellent thermal and cold treatment and contributes to lower inflammation and significantly reduces pain.

Compressa has its origins in Germany, where it can be regularly seen on numerous runners at various running events. It is also helpful during weight-lifting activities, playing ball games, and participating in sports. It works perfectly as a support for both professional athletes and amateurs.

People prefer Compressa despite being priced higher than most other knee sleeves due to its packaging. You can purchase a unit of 3 Compressa knee sleeves for $59.99. Different knee sleeves come in a package of 1 or 2.

Knee Force


Knee Force is a knee sleeve optimized to fortify knees, relieve pain, and soothe the joint. The knee sleeve is more comfortable than most other sleeves, owing to the breathable material from which it is made. The material’s quality also makes it usable in everyday activities and when working out at the gym.

Knee Force’s characteristics match those of most other knee sleeves mentioned on this list. However, it offers a stylish blend of green and black colors.

Many people give the knee sleeve a 5-star review, owing to its functionality and availability in local stores. You, too, can get a sleeve at $39.98 and, if lucky enough, get a 50% discount.

Feel Good Knees


The final product on our list is the pain treatment program. Feel Good Knees offers visual instructions and eBooks. You can purchase either through FeelGoodKnees.com or order a physical copy of the instructions.

Feel Good Knees program guides how you can hasten the knee healing process after an injury using proven practices that stimulate your body’s natural processes. It best suits people whose knee healing processes need more than the use of a simple knee sleeve or patch. You can get the guide for as little as $15.

How We Ranked The Top Knee Sleeves & Knee Compression Braces

All knee sleeve companies claim to have the best products, but only a few works as advertised. To separate legitimate knee sleeves from ineffective ones, we used the following methods:


The choice of material plays a significant role in determining how effective a knee sleeve becomes. We opted for knee sleeves made of high-quality elastic material that stores energy to support the joints during high-intensity workouts. Low-quality, stretch-resistant materials might cause more damage than good.

Customization Options

Leg muscles around the knee are bound to expand after prolonged, consistent workouts. After long breaks, they might also shrink, causing legwear to become oversized. We preferred customizable knee sleeves that can fit every user’s preference.

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is a priority when choosing wearable workout equipment such as knee sleeves. Professionally designed knee sleeves fit individuals comfortably and have a firm, soothing grip rather than extreme constriction.

Supported by Doctors or Medical Professionals

While knee sleeves might seem like ordinary cloth, they have a medical impact that needs to be strategically defined by professionals with the know-how. We preferred knee sleeves with chiropractors, physicians, and therapists involved in their making.

Advertised Benefits

Some knee sleeves are designed to deliver quality service, while most are created for economic reasons. Manufacturers driven by sales will promise desperate consumers anything that pleases the ear, such as overnight pain elimination while causing more damage. On the other hand, legitimate sleeves promise good benefits.

Manufacturer Reputation & History

Luckily, many customers spare time to recommend manufacturers whose products have been beneficial to them while warning against those that have exploited them. We ensured that none of the manufacturers on our list had alarming reports in the past.

Value for Money

People have different budgets for knee sleeves, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take anything manufacturers throw at you for a low budget. Some brands might sell high to make their products seem more legitimate than they are. We ensured that even the least costly sleeves offer reasonable value for their cost.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Many companies have become aware of how vital satisfaction guarantee has evolved. Besides giving the manufacturer more legitimacy, it assures customers that they will get value for their hard-earned money or suffer no losses if the product fails.

We were wary of brands that have hidden terms in their refund policies and those that offer none at all.

What Do Knee Sleeves Do?

People develop knee problems from different issues such as aging, injury, or diseases such as gout and arthritis. Knee sleeves are designed around compression, helping the knees to provide more support than they typically would during exercise.

The compression helps keep all knee parts intact as more pressure is exerted to prevent injury or pain.

How Do Knee Sleeves Work?

The compression offered by knee sleeves provides a variety of benefits. Besides inhibiting inflammation and mitigating pain, knee sleeves also offer warmth and stimulate blood flow in the affected area. Here is how knee sleeves can help during workouts:

Provide Warmth and Compression

Increased warmth and compression are some of the most noticeable effects of wearing a pair of knee sleeves. They promote blood flow, which in turn increases responsiveness around the joints.

Give Better Control and Stability

Through their compression effect, knee sleeves also help increase stability by reducing unwanted movement of muscles around the knees. The sense of intactness improves athletic performance and action accuracy.

Limit Movement

By reducing unnecessary movements such as muscle vibrations around the knee, knee sleeves also increase comfort, which allows the athlete to make better-defined moves and reduce the chances of suffering an injury.

Stimulate Blood Flow

By promoting blood flow around the knees, knee sleeves stimulate recovery since blood transports vital nutrients.

Reduce Swelling

Knee sleeves also help reduce after-workout swelling, a common issue among athletes.

Who Should Use Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves provide numerous benefits, which may apply differently in various situations depending on different people’s needs. For instance, some individuals wear knee sleeves to inhibit age-related problems such as aching joints, while others wear them during intensive workouts.

A pair of knee sleeves is also an essential tool for people who work out regularly, especially those that experience swelling after workouts. Others use them to increase their range of motion during workouts.

How to Pick the Right Knee Sleeve Thickness

Knee sleeves are designed into different thicknesses, which fit various athletic applications. The most common are 7mm knee sleeves, but you can also opt for the 3mm or 5mm. Here is how they contrast:

3mm (for maximum agility and mobility)

The 3mm knee sleeve is the thinnest and typically has the lightest material. They are mainly used to increase athletic endurance, especially among runners who need more flexibility than support. However, they might not be practical for weightlifters whose priority is stability. Most 3mm knee sleeves are made of materials such as nylon and spandex.

5mm (for medium strength and agility)

The 5mm knee sleeve moderates both stability and flexibility; hence it might fit more applications. They are more durable than the 3mm option, giving enough support for weight-lifting without compromising agility for running exercises. However, the 5 mm knee sleeve is still not enough for most weightlifters.

7mm (for regular strength and support)

7mm knee sleeves provide maximum support and stability for more demanding exercises such as weight-lifting. However, they are less flexible, hence might not be the best option for runners and other agility-based workouts. Yet still, the 7mm knee sleeve is the most popular for most athletes.

Benefits of Knee Sleeves

Practical knee sleeves can offer various benefits, including stimulating recovery and providing warmth and support. Here is how wearing one during workouts can help:

Knee and Patella Support

The patella, also known as the kneecap, can be extremely painful when injured. It is a triangular piece of bone located on the front part of the knees and helps to protect the joints from injury. Knee sleeves provide a firm compression that keeps the patella in place, reinforcing its protection by its muscles.

Knee Recovery

Knee sleeves have a massaging effect that stimulates blood flow and air circulation around the knees, ensuring that vital nutrients enrich the knee. It may also promote recovery by preventing excessive movements and maintaining warmth around injuries.


Knee sleeves have a thick layer of clothing that provides warmth. Different sportspeople have different preferences during work, some preferring their joints warmed. The heat helps to minimize the time required to warm up before diving into intensive exercise.


Knee sleeves provide a protective layer that gives some form of assurance against minor injuries, such as when kneeling on a rough surface. The compressing effect also includes control, giving athletes the courage to take on more challenging workouts.

Knee Sleeves Versus Knee Wraps Versus Knee Braces

There are high chances of confusion between knee sleeves, knee braces, and knee wraps when buying for the first time. Here is how you can easily distinguish between the three and make a better choice.

Knee Sleeve

Knee sleeves are pieces of cloth specially designed to be worn around the knees. They have a compression effect that supports the knee during exercises such as squats and can help manage conditions such as joint pain and inflammation. They can provide the needed support during injuries or increase your technique by providing stability.

Knee Brace

Knee braces may also be used to support injured joints or to prevent injuries. Unlike knee sleeves, they are made from different highly resistant materials such as metal, plastic, foam, and straps. It provides protective cushioning to the covered knee area.

Knee Wraps

Knee wraps work similarly to knee sleeves. However, you wrap them around the knees rather than wearing them as you would with knee sleeves. They are also more flexible as they lack a predefined shape. Knee wraps are mainly used to ease the tension around the knees when lifting heavy weights in specific workouts such as squats. However, there have been claims that their tendency to press the patella against the thigh bone increases friction, which is not safe.

Best Knee Sleeve Fabrics

Neoprene is the most popular fabric for knee sleeves, thanks to the many benefits discussed below. However, some manufacturers may use alternative materials for knee sleeves designed for specific sports.


Neoprene is one of the most affordable materials that offer high performance. Therefore, some manufacturers may differentiate themselves from the market by terming theirs as “mesh underlayer” or “high-performance fabric.” Most of the knee sleeves on our list are made from Neoprene.

Nylon / Spandex

Nylon or spandex is the most popular material for thinner knee sleeves. Nylon is less resistant than Neoprene, allowing more flexibility, which is needed in the 3mm knee sleeve market.

Copper-Infused Sleeves

Copper-Infused sleeves are considered hybrids that speed up the healing process. Although there is little evidence to support the claims, they are known to reduce odor and bacteria build up around the area they cover.

Knee Sleeve Studies: What Does Science Say?

Different studies have conflicting conclusions concerning the benefits of wearing knee sleeves. Some claim that they are effective, while others claim that their benefits are an illusion rather than reality.

For instance, a 2012 study investigating knee sleeves and knee braces suggest that none of them have the claimed effects on athletic performance. The research involved tests on crossover hops, extension, knee flexion, and single-leg vertical jumps. All the subjects were healthy athletes, yet none showed an improvement in any of the tests. However, the researchers also recommended their use, saying that knee sleeves can positively affect adjacent joints around the knee.

Another 2017 study investigated numerous previous studies and narrowed them down to the most common observations across the majority. They observed that knee sleeves had repeatedly shown improvements in sensory ability around the knees, recovery, and the reduction of arthritic complications. According to the researchers, this is mainly due to sleeve compression that increases blood flow and the supply of vital nutrients.

According to some studies, knee sleeves significantly impact osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear” arthritis. In a 2019 study, the researcher subjected a group of osteoarthritis patients to a six-week application of knee sleeves. During the study, participants reported a reduction in pain and increased walking speed. According to the researchers, the ordinary knee sleeve increased knee movements by 14%, while those with the patella cut out only increased flexibility up to 12.1%.

The same was also observed in another 2015 study. Researchers were studying the benefits of the elastic effect of knee sleeves. Their initial assumption was that knee sleeves store energy to make movement easier. However, they discover that knee sleeves can reduce knee adduction angles and impulse in osteoarthritic patients.

The two studies agree that knee sleeves are potentially beneficial when dealing with injuries. Knee sleeves promote blood flow, which transports vital nutrients to the lacking areas stimulating recovery. It also prevents further damage by storing energy to make movement easier while controlling unwanted movements of knee bones.

But a 2018 study conducted by the Human Movement Science Theses & Dissertations disagrees. The study investigated the effects of wearing knee sleeves when doing squats. It involved a group of experienced weight lifters with and without sleeves. However, knee sleeves had no impact on any critical aspects they were inspecting, such as weight lifted, Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE), and muscle activation. The researchers ended up making no comments about wearing knee sleeves as they are not unsafe, yet their benefits have not been fully proven.

Nonetheless, not everyone wears knee sleeves for support—some like the comfort, warmth, and compression they give.

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FAQs About Knee Sleeves

Despite how elaborate our review of the best knee sleeves might be, we cannot expound on all readers’ questions. However, here are some of the most common questions we get:

Q: What are knee sleeves?

A: Knee sleeves are pieces of cloth designed for wrapping around the knee during workouts and heavy exercises that might lead to joint discomfort or injury. They support the joints distributing the pressure evenly to prevent damage.

Q: Do I need knee sleeves?

A: You may buy knee sleeves at your pleasure. However, knee sleeves are needed mainly by individuals who experience pain when performing squats or lifting heavy objects. It may also be helpful to individuals who do heavy workouts often.

Q: How do I reduce knee pain?

A: Besides sickness, joint pain may result from a lack of essential body components such as water and nutrients. Wearing knee sleeves during workouts, taking nutritional supplements, and increasing your water intake may help relieve joint pain.

Q: What are the advantages of knee sleeves?

A: There are many health perks that you can benefit from the compressing effect of knee sleeves, including increased blood flow, pain relief, and increased mobility.

Q: What are the disadvantages of knee sleeves?

A: Some researchers have nullified the effectiveness of knee sleeves in providing support, claiming that most people get influenced by the illusion of effectiveness. They are also less adjustable for healing injuries than alternatives such as knee braces. Nonetheless, most users claim that knee sleeves help them lift more weight and increase support around the joints.

Q: Do I need knee sleeves for lifting?

A: Many people prefer to wear knee sleeves when lifting weight, but they are not essential and should be worn at preference.

Q: Should I choose a 5mm or 7mm knee sleeve?

A: Most knee sleeve manufacturers offer both the 5mm and 7mm options, which might confuse newbies. The gap between the two might be minor but has a significant impact depending on the type of workout.

The 5mm option provides just enough support while allowing more agility. On the other hand, the 7mm knee sleeve is designed for maximum support, which means less flexibility.

Q: Do knee sleeves prevent injury?

A: Knee sleeves have shown possibilities of stimulating recovery, but there is no evidence of whether they can prevent injury. Yet still, the support they provide to keep the joint intact may prevent injuries by giving athletes more control.

Q: Do knee sleeves help with osteoarthritis?

A: Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Studies suggest that knee sleeves can help reduce the symptoms of the condition. However, more studies need to be conducted to verify the claims.

Q: Do I need knee sleeves for powerlifting?

A: Research shows that knee sleeves do not increase the weight one can support. However, some individuals may prefer to have them on for their comfort. Wearing knee sleeves for powerlifting entirely depends on personal preference.

Q: Are knee sleeves legal in powerlifting competitions?

A: Different games have adopted different rules due to controversies around knee sleeve support in workouts. However, the USAPL and the IPF accept the usage of knee sleeves, but with certain conditions. For instance, they must be Neoprene and not thicker than 7mm. They might also dictate the manufacturers whom you should buy from. Therefore, it is always advisable to revise the rules of each game before purchasing knee sleeves.

Q: Can I wear knee sleeves at CrossFit events?

A: CrossFit allows participants to wear non-branded items such as hand tapes, non-tacky gloves, and joint sleeves, among others. However, you need to seek approval in advance via CrossFit Inc, after which the Head Judge will choose whether to allow it or not. However, they typically don’t accept the usage of grip and weight support gadgets

Q: How much should I pay for a knee sleeve?

A: The average price of a pair of sleeves ranges between $70 and $120. However, even cheaper and more expensive sleeves should be judged by the value they provide. You can find good quality sleeves with anything between $30 and $60.

Q: How do I wash knee sleeves?

A: Knee sleeves are sensitive wear as they sometimes cover wounds in sensitive joint areas. Although some are machine-washable, some individuals prefer to boil or soak them in sanitization products such as vinegar to kill the germs.

Q: What are the most affordable knee sleeves?

A: Some of the most top-rated brands also offer the cheapest sleeves. We recommend trying out Knee Hero, Knee Force, and PentagonFit Knee Sleeve.

Q: What’s the best knee sleeve material?

A: Knee sleeves come in three primary materials, Neoprene, nylon or spandex, and copper-infused sleeves. Neoprene is the best material for standard-use knee sleeves. However, nylon or spandex might be less effective for most workouts but the best for agility-critical exercises. As previously stated, copper-infused sleeves provide an additional layer of safety by eliminating bacteria and odor.

Q: What’s the best knee sleeve for squats?

A: According to customer reviews, we recommend the 5mm or 7mm Exo Sleeves for squats depending on the load size.

Q: What are the best knee sleeves for running?

A: We recommend runners opt for the 3mm Exo Sleeve option, which allows free movement of the joint.

Q: What are the best knee sleeves for women?

A: Exo Sleeve also produces a variety of women-specific knee sleeves.

Q: Which size of knee sleeve should I buy?

A: Although the compression offered by knee sleeves is essential, there needs to be a perfect balance that provides the necessary support without constricting blood flow. You should choose a snug fit for the best outcome. Knee sleeves come in various sizes, including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

The Top Knee Sleeves & Knee Compression Braces in 2021 Final Word

Despite the minor differences between products of different manufacturers, slight changes in the design of knee sleeves can significantly impact their effectiveness. Therefore, you should conduct further research on a product you wish to purchase before settling for one.

Although scientists may not fully back the usage of knee sleeves, their mental impact on athletes is worth spending on. The comfort they provide during workouts is the reason behind the obsession of many athletes over knee sleeves. Try one of the top knee sleeves or compression braces today!

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