Best Online Therapy Services Of 2022: Top Professional Therapists For Online Counseling Programs

The pandemic has made staying home a legal requirement in recent years. As a result, mental health has declined significantly. People cannot go outside. Social interactions have decreased. Therefore, we drew up a list of the best online therapy services. With e-therapy, people can improve their mental health from home.

You apply for an online subscription on a brand’s website for online therapy. After that, they provide you with a licensed therapist once you fill out relevant details. Interactions can occur through messages, emails, calls, and video mediums. Studies and research, though limited, have proven it is effective.

Online therapy is especially useful if your nearest mental health clinic is miles away. You might also struggle with a condition restricting you from leaving the house. It is a great source for youngsters who feel more comfortable sharing their issues online rather than saying them out loud. Similarly, individuals with social anxiety disorders can better interact with therapists online.

Clients can revisit messages for affirmations and advice whenever they need to. Moreover, sessions aren’t scheduled. So, communication can occur whenever a client feels comfortable. This flexible arrangement makes the best online therapy stress-free.

7 Best Online Therapy Services & Counseling Programs Of 2022:

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Providers With Multiple Therapy Programs
  2. TalkSpace – Top-Rated Online Counseling Programs For Adults and Kids
  3. Online-Therapy.com – Affortable Online Therapy Services For Counceling Chat & Video Calling
  4. BetterHelp – Most-Popular Online Therapy Programs & Teletherapy Services
  5. ReGain – Recommended Therapy Options For Teens

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Providers With Multiple Therapy Programs


Calmerry wants mental health help to be available for everyone. It should not just be a luxury. Hence, clients don’t need to pay a massive sum of money. Instead, they obtain valuable experience for the price tag they can afford. The service has licensed and verified therapists whom you can message or call on various mediums. Professionals help with childhood abuse, grief, trauma, and family conflicts, among other things.

Calmerry was featured in Vogue and mindbodygreen. This is because it is effective in alleviating clients’ symptoms. More than 90% agreed that the service matched them to suitable therapists. There are life satisfaction and relationship tests present on the website. The website also includes emergency resources and a benefit blog.

What They Offer

Extremely affordable: Calmerry services start at $42 per week. Therefore, Calmerry is one of the most pocket-friendly mental health services. It believes that therapy should be reasonable and not a luxury. Consequently, there is a price range for everyone. You can get $90 off your first month by signing up and starting your subscription. It is easy to make payments. These payments are collected conveniently every month.

Discreet and protected: Calmerry is SSL-certified and has banking-grade encryption on all communication mediums. Therefore, all your messages are safe from third-party viewers. This safeguards your privacy. Moreover, there is an option to make up a name for yourself. This allows you to remain anonymous while respecting confidentiality guidelines.

Human-operated support: Unlike the many online therapy platforms that use AI models to answer inquiries, Calmerry has human-operated support. Therefore, they do not offer pre-written replies. Instead, they answer your questions in real-time. It is clear they try their best to help you with your problems.


  • Evidence-based approaches
  • Mentioned in eminent magazines
  • Website has a blog
  • High customer satisfaction


  • Do not have a free trial

=> click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. TalkSpace – Top-Rated Online Counseling Programs For Adults and Kids


TalkSpace offers four services: individual therapy, teen therapy, couples therapy, and psychiatry. It has over 60,000 5-star reviews. Moreover, it is one of the few platforms with psychiatrists in its mental health professionals team. The service is also beginner-friendly. The platform’s trained staff guides you throughout the process.

Using TalkSpace is convenient as you can take sessions anytime, anywhere. Therefore, you can take care of yourself regardless of a busy schedule. You can also save money while receiving high-quality care. They have an offer where you get $100 off your first month.

Client reviews on the website showed that 98% of individuals find it more effective than in-person sessions. It is a suitable option if you need flexible video-based therapy.

What They Offer

Psychiatry services: TalkSpace is unique because it offers psychiatry services. If you are a first-timer, they are very reassuring. Furthermore, the prompts on the website will guide you. They ask a few detailed questions before professionals prescribe adequate medication.

Mental health tests: You can check your mental state by taking TalkSpace’s free mental health tests. These tests educate clients on the symptoms of various disorders. Also, they let clients know that they are not alone. Statistics are displayed with the test to normalize and spread awareness on the frequency of mental illness and disorders. Moreover, there are FAQs below the test to teach individuals about panic disorders, postpartum depression, OCD, etc.

Insurance coverage: TalkSpace is one of the few online therapy services covered by health insurance. They provide clients with many payment options. Clients can conduct transactions through aid organizations or pay out of their pockets. TalkSpace also offers to talk to your insurance company to negotiate if their coverage policies cover the service.


  • Flexible therapy
  • Covered by health insurance
  • Professionals experienced in an array of mental disorders
  • Intuitive app with a mental health tracker
  • Money-saving


  • Only available in the US

=> click here to visit the official website of Talkspace

#3. Online-Therapy.com – Affortable Online Therapy Services For Counceling Chat & Video Calling


Online-Therapy.com is very effective in improving its clients’ mental health. It has been helping individuals with a multitude of problems since 2009. 80% of its clients report feeling better. They also state the service gave them hopes of a fresh start.

You are directed to a short questionnaire that takes a few minutes when you get to the website. The test is to check on your mental state and collect information to select an appropriate therapist for you. It matches you to a therapist that works around your clock. The test also offers helpful insight to better your cognitive functioning.

Harvard graduates approve of their services. More importantly, they have an average rating of 4.7 stars. The website encourages yoga as a form of exercise to destress and relieve anxiety. It even provides free yoga tutorials to try out at home. You can put your subscription on hold whenever you need a break. Their friendly and supportive staff will aid you with all the procedures.

What They Offer

24-hour messaging: Online-Therapy.com does not have a fixed quota of messages you can send. The service encourages clients to share their feelings wherever they need to. Therapists respond within a day and are available weekly. This also works for individuals who have an irregular schedule and tend to message at different times every day.

Research-based methods: The primary method of therapy practiced is CBT. This is backed by years of research. The first step is to recognize issues. The therapist then helps you restructure and overcome your problems. This enables you to unlearn uncomfortable behaviors. CBT is especially suitable for improving long-term symptoms.

Self-help tools: Online-Therapy.com encourages clients to learn techniques that they can use outside of sessions. These techniques include journaling and using mental health trackers. Journaling enables people to write down their thoughts to process them. On the other hand, tracking their mental state allows them to see improvements. This, in turn, can motivate them to work harder in sessions.


  • Fast matching
  • 20% discount on the first month
  • Time-saving
  • Supportive staff


  • Does not have an app
  • Therapists don’t work on weekends

=> click here to visit the official website of Online-therapy

#4. BetterHelp – Most-Popular Online Therapy Programs & Teletherapy Services


BetterHelp is a superior online therapy service. Its goal is to provide accessible and affordable therapy. It offers discreet help to individuals, couples, and teens across the internet. The skilled staff has master’s degrees and doctorates in various fields. They aid with alleviating stress, trauma and anger issues. They also work on grief, addiction, family conflicts, and more.

Costing $60 to $90 per week, BetterHelp is affordable. Furthermore, the subscription is flexible. They display all the relevant information on their website. The information available includes effectiveness of online therapy and therapist profiles. Once you are matched to a therapist, you can talk to them about your issues. They will provide valuable insight. All interactions abide by BetterHelp’s strict privacy guidelines. Moreover, the private chatroom designated for your conversations has heavy-duty encryption. Therefore, your messages are protected.

The service is available on mobiles, tablets, or laptops. Plus, it doesn’t need extra software installation. All you need is your nearest gadget and internet connection to start.

What They Offer

Perfect match: BetterHelp matches you to 20,000 skilled and licensed therapists ready to help improve your mental state. They consist of psychologists, family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers. After you sign up, you fill out a short questionnaire. Then, you are paired with an appropriate counselor. Professionals are matched based on your preferences. So, the therapist recommended is the most suitable one for your needs.

Legitimate certification: BetterHelp ensures that its staff passes specific criteria before they are eligible to work. When a professional applies, they are asked to show evidence of their education and certification. After thoroughly checking their license boards, the applicants take a case study exam. Then they are further evaluated in an interview. BetterHelp only employs 20% of the best candidates.

Switch therapists: If you face issues with a therapist, you can seamlessly switch to another one. BetterHelp has a state-of-the-art matching technology. If your therapist isn’t as effective, you are matched with a better one.

Satisfied customers: Client reviews on their website state that taking therapy from BetterHelp alleviates their symptoms. Individuals claim they are taught techniques and skills applicable in their daily lives. This significantly improves their lifestyle and health.


  • Affordable and effective
  • Helps tackle most mental health problems
  • Membership cancellation anytime
  • Lots of communication methods offered
  • Encrypted messages
  • Payment is hassle-free


  • Not covered by health insurance

#5. ReGain – Recommended Therapy Options For Teens


ReGain is an appropriate choice if you want to improve your relationship with your significant other. Although it offers individual therapy, it is best known for couples therapy. Its mission is to build a platform where couples can easily get help and talk through their issues.

Many experienced therapists and other mental health professionals are readily available. Moreover, they give specific advice. Clients find that to be helpful and not generic.

ReGain caters to everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. It ensures you are matched to a therapist who understands your situation. This way, it takes a more advanced approach than simple coaching.

The service follows privacy and confidentiality rules. Therefore, your information is safe. Moreover, you and your partner can remain anonymous and opt for nicknames instead.

What They Offer

Specifically designed: ReGain recognizes the distress caused by bad patches in a relationship. Partners can talk to the counselor using a joint account and request private calls to talk one-on-one. You can invite your significant other via their ‘invite partner’ tab. This will send your partner a message after filling in the relevant details.

Convenient usage: Its services are designed to accommodate couples no matter where they are. This makes it suitable for long-distance as well. It’s a great alternative to scheduling in-person meet-ups. This is most useful if a couple is too busy to coordinate their schedules.

Informative resources: ReGain’s website has a section where you can read articles for free. Topics include couple health, date ideas and communication, They also cover marriages, divorce, friendships, etc. The writers are mental health advocates. Furthermore, medical professionals approve their articles before publication.


  • Private and protected
  • Licensed therapists
  • Easy payment methods
  • Helps all kinds of people
  • Delete messages anytime


  • Difficulty arranging an appointment with a counselor

=> click here to visit the official website of ReGain

#6. Pride Counseling


Pride Counseling operates to provide inexpensive therapy to the LGBTQ+ community and straight individuals. There are three easy steps. First, you fill out a questionnaire with all your relevant details. Then, you get matched to licensed therapists informed on the community. Once your subscription starts, you can start talking to your counselor.

The therapy service is flexible. Individuals can arrange sessions with their therapist or leave messages whenever they can. It costs less than $100 a week. Furthermore, it comes with unlimited and protected messaging. Clients can talk about anxiety, depression and OCD. They also talk about coming out, bullying and body dysmorphia. The website offers help on all kinds of disorders, illnesses and daily struggles.

What They Offer

Safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals: The therapy service is specifically for queer individuals. Therefore, as soon as you visit the website, it asks you for your gender, pronouns, and orientation. The options offered are extremely inclusive and allow the LGBTQ+ community to feel acknowledged. The platform also recognizes that the community suffers from various mental health issues and aims to help them overcome them.

A variety of communication methods: Pride Counseling offers cognitive behavioral therapy in the form of exchanging messages or chatting live. It can also happen by speaking over the phone or video conferencing with your therapist. Consequently, individuals can choose whichever method they feel most comfortable with.

Excellent customer support: Contacting customer support is easy and efficient. By clicking the ‘contact’ tab, you will be redirected to a page with several reasons pre-answered. However, you might need further help. You can contact the staff directly. The staff is friendly and works around the clock to help you. You can email support@pridecounseling.com. They will provide fast answers.


  • Smart matching technology
  • Fast responses
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited messaging
  • LGBTQ+ professionals


  • Do not provide a letter for HRT.

=> click here to visit the official website of Pride counseling

#7. TeenCounseling.com


TeenCounseling.com is an online therapy platform for teenagers and their parents. Teens can consult a therapist alone or with a parent or guardian. After making an account on the website, you are matched to a therapist. The therapist will help with various mental health issues. These could be daily inconveniences such as irregular sleep or improving one’s diet. But they could also be more severe issues like panic disorders, phobias, and mood disorders like depression.

The teen will use TeenCounseling.com’s app to message their therapist anonymously. These interactions are private and safe from third-party viewers. However, if appropriate, the parent is informed. This is for cases where an intervention is required. This will ensure parents take action if their child needs serious help.

What They Offer

Qualified therapists: Teencouseling.com has an attentive, educated, and experienced panel of medical professionals. They are skilled and informed on adolescent behavior. Moreover, the techniques and methods they use to communicate and advise teens are backed by years of mental health research.

Parent approval: A therapist cannot meet a client before their parent is allowed to discuss details with them. The parent can observe the counselor and decide if they are allowed to interact with their teenager. Consequently, the child will not be subjected to therapy unless the parent or guardian consents. This ensures your teenager is protected.

Helpful advice: Parents often have difficulty understanding their teenager’s behavior. By talking to a therapist and discussing their concerns, they can gain a new perspective. They can instill what they learn to improve relations with their child. These can be tips on effective communication, anger management, and cognitive understanding.


  • Therapy for teens
  • Specializes in adolescent behavior
  • A large variety of therapists
  • Economical pricing
  • Nicknames for anonymity


  • Not an urgent solution

How We Made This List Of Online Therapy Platforms Of 2022:

We set our goal to produce a list of the best online therapy services. To achieve this, we started by drawing specific criteria. We brainstormed factors that would help us choose services. Our team spent days conducting extensive research. They skimmed the internet for brands that suited all demographics. We checked the issues they covered, their subscription policies and pricing. We also checked their customer reviews and other pros that came with their services.

By doing so, we had a list of ten online mental health services. So, to further narrow this down, we checked ratings from eminent rating agencies. The shortlisting process allowed us to cut out any online therapy platform with a comparatively lower rating score. Consequently, we ended up with the seven best online therapy services.

What We Looked For

  • Service Reputation: We looked for online therapy services with a problem-free image. This means they had no affiliation with fraudulent firms. We ran background checks on the boards their therapists had gotten certification from as well. Furthermore, we examining their websites to ensure they will legitimate and offer quality services. After, we added those that checked out to our list.
  • Services Offered: We also looked for services that covered various issues. This guaranteed that there was a solution for everyone. The brands we chose have therapists specializing in everything. They cover issues ranging from disorders and illnesses to affirmations and daily support. Furthermore, we checked what else they were offering in terms of resources and advice.
  • Pricing: We wanted to make sure that the online therapy services we chose were accessible to everyone, despite their background. Therefore, all the platforms listed below have affordable pricing, discounts, and deals to save money.
  • Customer Satisfaction: For the effectiveness of a service, we read their reviews to confirm how helpful therapist sessions were. Customer testimonials are available on respective websites. Reading through these, we shortlisted the services that had helped the client’s symptoms to improve within three months.

How To Choose The Top Online Therapy Programs Of 2022:

Online therapy is still a foreign concept to most people as it is very different from traditional therapy. There are various factors involved. Most clients don’t know what to consider when they are starting out. On top of your strained mental health, the last thing you need is to get scammed by a fraudulent service. Our team has put together an informative buyer’s guide. This ensures you have all the necessary factors in mind to choose the best online therapy service available.

  • Legitimate Organization

Research on the effectiveness of online therapy is a work-in-progress. Consequently, many brands and platforms will use this to market their sites as helpful services and scam you. They can spread misinformation about serious matters. Unfortunately, this can worsen clients’ health rather than improve it. Furthermore, they cheat you by taking your money. Avoid wasting your bucks by researching the verification of brands. Find out whether relevant medical boards approve them.

  • Licensed Professionals

Similarly, the individuals operating or owning these sites can claim to have a certified panel of therapists. However, proof of their license should be available on their websites. Licensing protects you from generalized advice that doesn’t help clients. It also verifies that the services are legitimate. It also allows you to report a professional if they violate a guideline. Most states have an online directory of all the licensed professionals in that particular state. You can cross-check therapists with this to see if they are qualified.

  • State of Mind

It is important to note that online therapy is not a solution to an emergency. It exists to guide you through your problems gradually. If you require urgent help, contact an organization that provides immediate assistance or prescribes appropriate medication. Most websites have emergency resources linked. Therefore, checking those can be helpful.

  • Services Offered

Everyone has something specific in mind when they venture out to get help. This is because there are a variety of mental health disorders and illnesses. You can research beforehand to get an idea of your problem. The therapist can guide you with the rest. Do you need help with a larger issue, or are you struggling with daily stress? It will help to view what the service is covering.

  • Communication Methods Available

One of the most significant advantages of e-therapy is the many ways one can communicate. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to various communication mediums. What mediums are the service of your choice offering? Some online therapy sessions occur through video sessions. However, some people aren’t comfortable revealing their faces. Similarly, some individuals find calling people nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. Therefore, choosing a service with an array of options is suitable.

  • Insurance Coverage

It will help to check if your insurance company covers the online therapy service of your choice. Some companies include mental health in health insurance. However, most don’t. It is of great advantage to have your issue covered by your policy. It will ensure your state of mind is taken care of. In recent years, insurance policies have become more accepting of therapy as treatment and have introduced policies covering it. It is important to make the most out of these changes. Some services even offer to contact your insurance company. So, research what works for you.

  • Languages

Online therapy services take place virtually and are not dependent on a specific location. Therefore, it will help to see which languages are offered. It’s best to opt for a service available in your native language. This helps with effective communication and makes your interactions with medical professionals worthwhile. Moreover, choosing a service for various races and ethnicities will be advantageous. You could find a therapist within your location. This will allow them to understand your problems with a more precise context and offer useful advice.

  • Ethical Considerations

Mental health professionals have to abide by a specific code of conduct. A quick search will give you a list of guidelines. This will help you know if the service you are using is ethical or not. Privacy and confidentiality are essential as calls and messages are exchanged. Is your personal information protected? How strong is their privacy encryption? Can you remain anonymous? Most services provide all this information on their website. Therefore, reading through their specifics will allow you to choose a safe service.

FAQs Regarding Online Mental-Health & Therapy On Demand:

  1. What is the difference between online therapy and in-person therapy?

Online therapy is practiced via virtual mediums such as the internet. Meanwhile, in-person therapy requires meeting the therapist in person for sessions. Therefore, online therapy is more flexible in scheduling appointments as the location or time doesn’t matter. Individuals can get help without worrying about commuting to the nearest clinic. Moreover, best online therapy platforms use intelligent matching technology. The technology links you to therapists worldwide. This is impossible with in-person therapy. Online therapy is the better choice in terms of affordability. It aims to provide options for all pockets.

  1. Who should seek online therapy?

Anyone can seek online therapy as long as they are in need. If you struggle emotionally and it affects your physical health and relationships, it’s time for you to consider therapy. It also works if you want to gain or regain coping strategies. If you need to understand your situation or obtain mental health resources, seeking online therapy is helpful. But it is also okay if you just need someone to talk to.

  1. What does online therapy help with?

According to studies conducted, online therapy can alleviate symptoms of several generalized disorders. These include anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, and social anxiety disorder. They also help with PTSD, major depressive disorder, phobias, and persistent depressive disorder. Aside from these, the service can help with family conflicts and marital or relationship issues. Therapy is also effective in dealing with childhood trauma, grief, insomnia, and eating disorders.

  1. How long should one take online therapy?

It depends on the nature and severity of your issue and the type of treatment you are taking. Sometimes, slight differences are noticeable. Other times, it takes a little longer. The period of alleviation of symptoms is different for every individual. The majority of clients report feeling better after three months of therapy. To fully benefit from therapy, one must actively try to become better. This means completing designated assignments and exercises that have been given to them by the therapist.

Best Nootropics are also an alternative to drugs that ultimately betters mental health.

  1. How much does online therapy cost?

Online therapy services usually have a monthly subscription. However, some platforms ask for payments every two weeks as well. E-therapy with unlimited messaging therapy is comparatively cheaper than in-person therapy, starting from as low as $40 per week. The more expensive services charge $200. However, this depends on the quality of treatment and the advantages offered. There are discounts available as well. However, these usually apply to your first month. This is a great way to test out the waters and set your budget for the services.

  1. Is online therapy effective?

Online therapy claims to be effective. Especially online CBT, a kind of talking therapy. It restructures the way someone thinks in order to replace negative thoughts with healthier ones. According to this study, symptoms of depression and anxiety reduced significantly. Moreover, panic disorders, phobias, and PTSD improved as well. But like all ‘cures’, it’s essential to consider other factors. Therapy is not a cure but a way to understand how your mind works and what you can practice to improve your life. Changing habits like having a poor diet or not exercising for long periods can affect recovery and enhance the effects of therapy.

You can also use the best supplements for anxiety to relieve stress effectively.

  1. Is online therapy safe?

Online therapy is perfectly safe. Most sites use banking-grade encryption to protect client interactions. Moreover, therapists’ certification and license information are available on the website. However, if you doubt the security of the services, here are some questions you can ask yourself. Do they encrypt your interactions? Is your therapist certified? Are they qualified enough to give you mental health therapy? Luckily, most online therapy sites provide all of their security information on their homepage. A quick check will provide you with all the answers.

  1. What are the disadvantages of online therapy?

The main disadvantage of online therapy is that it needs the internet to work, so you cannot attend sessions if you face a connection issue. Elderly individuals have difficulty operating their devices and navigating the internet. So for them, online therapy is challenging. Aside from that, many clients argue that there are some behaviors or emotions they can only express in person. Luckily, most sites offer video sessions so you can see your therapist and communicate better.

  1. Who cannot take online therapy?

If you are a minor under the care of a legal guardian, you need their consent to apply for therapy. If you are unable to, you cannot use the services. Moreover, online therapy is not a solution for an urgent situation as it takes time. If a person is in danger, there are a multitude of resources that you can visit. Similarly, if you must undergo therapy by an authority, such as the court, online therapy is not the solution. All platforms claim that they cannot fulfill a court order. Lastly, if you don’t have a compatible device or strong internet connection, you cannot use online therapy services.

Concluding – 5 Best Online Counseling Services For Therapy Benefits In 2022

Taking the first step to getting help might seem difficult, but the platforms on our list ensure you a great experience. They are beginner-friendly. Also, they offer a variety of amenities to make your sessions comfortable. They are dedicated to supporting you during your mental health journey.

Everyone has their own needs. So, it’s important to know what you want and how to get it. Even though all the platforms in our list are top-tier brands, we recommend BetterHelp. It consists of everything that makes online therapy successful. It has licensed and experienced professionals, affordable pricing, and research-backed methods. Furthermore, it has encrypted interactions using state-of-the-art technology.

Its matching process helps you connect to the perfect medical professional and provides you with the help and support you deserve. BetterHelp is convenient, effective, and inclusive.

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