Best Penis Extenders: The Most Effective Penis Stretchers of 2022 to Buy

It is essential to have a large penis. Men with penises above the average size are better in bed. In addition, guys with large schlongs are confident of their sexual performance. There are multiple options for males who desire to enhance their manhood. The market is rich in hundreds of male extenders that promise to boost the width and girth of your schlong. A penis extender works by stretching the penis’ skin permanently or temporarily, increasing its size. Unfortunately, not all penis extenders in the market work. Below is a review of the best penis extenders in the market 2022.

Top 8 Penis Enlargement Devices in 2022

Our editorial team pored hundreds of clinical trials, tested some penis enlargement devices, contacted manufacturers, and read thousands of customer reviews before coming up with the list below. After much consideration, we settled for eight of the best penis extenders you should try in 2022.

  • Quick Extender Pro
  • ProExtender
  • Phallosan Forte
  • Male Edge
  • Size Genetics
  • Jes-Extender
  • Hydromax
  • PeniMaster

1. Quick Extender Pro


Quick Extender Pro is marketed as the go-choice for thousands of men around the globe. It effectively improves the size of the manhood and corrects the penile curvature. Quick Extender Pro usage is backed by science, with the official website reporting that penile traction can improve the penis size by 32 percent after several months. Additionally, Quick Extender is a safe gadget that you can use discreetly in the comfort of your home.

How does it work? Quick Extender Pro uses a Double Strap Support (DSS) system to augment the size and curvature of the manhood. The 4000g DSS technology is comfortable and designed to offer all-out tension along the tip and shaft of the penis. Therefore, users will experience a boost in the size of their penis comfortably, safely, and quickly.

Quick Extender Pro can also correct severe and mild penile curvature, including those caused by Peyronie’s Disease. The creators claim that they offer a painless, natural, and non-surgical solution to poor penis curvature. Regular use of Quick Extender Pro supports cellular growth and better blood flow around the penile area. Consequently, it can lead to a proportional increase of the penis in girth and length.

Quick Extender Pro makers recommend you wear the penile traction device daily. The painless penis traction causes microscopic tears that heal and improve cell division. The creators claim that the penis enlargement device will work. Therefore, each purchase comes with 6-months money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, thus boosting your confidence in getting results.

There are hundreds of positive customer reviews from individuals who have used Quick Extender Pro. Quick Extender Pro comes in a package for budgets between $120 and $350. The Value Edition pack provides you with the essential pieces that can improve the curvature and size of your penis. However, the Deluxe Limited Edition comes with other devices, bonus products, and guides to enhance your manhood and overall health.

2. ProExtender


ProExtender is among the top male enhancement solutions that promise to offer you results in less than two weeks. It is designed to increase the penis size permanently. In addition, it is made of quality surgical grade steel and, like other top-rated, uses the traction method to enhance the penis size. ProExtender creators claim it is easy and comfortable to wear. Equally, you can use it at your leisure and discreetly.

ProExtender offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to enhancing your penis. In addition, the device stretches the manhood gently, causing mitosis. Also, the creator multiplies the penis cells, resulting in a broader and longer penis. The male enhancement device has zero risk of causing nerve damage and is 100% painless. Additionally, it supports better blood flow leading to more rigid and stronger erections.

Multiple clinical evidence and boasts of medical certification back ProExtender usage. Equally, the manufacturer claims they have an FDA clearance certificate and has zero risks of causing injury. In addition, ProExtender makers are confident you will experience significant results within six months. Consequently, each purchase comes with a 180-day return policy. Therefore, if you find ProExtender non-effective, you can ask for a refund within six months of purchase.

ProExtender is among the make enhancing devices that come with male booster supplements, guides, and coaching in selected packages. The creator claims that supplements and coaching can augment the penis size and improve the overall sexual health of men. At a starting price of $149, ProExtender might be the ultimate penis extender in the market today.

3. Phallosan Forte


Phallosan Forte comes with an extender device and a monitoring app. The makers boldly state that users can experience a two inches growth in the size of their penis without invasive surgery. A flaccid penis can grow up to 1.38 inches after 90 days and 1.93 inches after 180 days.

Equally, an erect penis increases by 1.5 inches after 90 days and 3.89 inches after six months, therefore, becoming the best penis-extending device on our list. Phallosan Forte is the only penis-improving tool that advertises it can improve the girth of a penis by 0.55 – 0.98 inches.

Phallosan Forte is FDA-approved and arguably a comfortable device that you can wear daily or night without discomfort. The creators claim it can treat Peyronie’s disease and enhance recovery after prostate surgery. As with other penis extenders on this list, it works by stretching the penis leading to cell regeneration and subsequent increase in manhood.

Phallosan Forte comes with a comprehensive manual to ensure you are wearing it well. Customers can purchase the basic or deluxe package starting at $120. However, you need to wear the device for 6-8 hours daily for not less than six months to get significant results. Some users state that Phallosan Forte, for about twelve months, has increased penis length by 3 inches.

4. Male Edge


Male Edge is advertised for men who desire to enhance their penis size without surgery, injections, or the use of pills. It comes with multiple accessories to guarantee you get the best results in boosting the manhood size. The company offers different products, including Male Edge Pro for $200, Male Edge Extra priced at $175, and Male Edge Basic priced at $150, depending on your needs and budget. In addition, the creators claim it is ideal for men with small or average-sized penises.

Male Edge uses the Phylogenetic traction principle to ensure your manhood improves in circumference and size. Additionally, it promises to fix penile curvatures, thus improving your confidence and enhancing your sexual health. Equally, Male Edge products are certified and are said to be safe. As per the official website, ten patients using a male extender showed a 28% increase in their penis size after using the device for six months. However, Male Edge recommends wearing the penis extender for the recommended number of hours.

Denmark-based Male Edge Company claims they have sold thousands of male-extending devices around the globe. In addition, they ship their products in most countries and offer free and discreet shipping to customers based in Europe.

5. SizeGenetics


SizeGenetics is among the oldest male-extending devices in the market today. They boast of over twenty-five years of selling practical, safe, and cost-effective male extenders. In addition, SizeGenetics claims that theirs is “the most comfortable” device around the globe and enjoys massive positive reviews from customers.

SizeGenetics uses 2.8 kilograms of tension and clinically enhances any penis length. The creators claim that extra tension leads to more tiny tears, increasing the penis size rapidly. SizeGenetics provides users with a genuine medical device certification upfront as a mark of quality and effectiveness. Equally, they boast of an FDA clearance certificate and are doctor-approved.

As a bonus, SizeGenetics promises to boost blood flow around the penis, improving the nature and size of erections. In addition, it augments sexual health by increasing performance and confidence. The SizeGenetics Multi Directional Angling (MDA) makes it comfortable to wear. After you purchase the male extender, you get different kits and accessories depending on the package you choose. SizeGenetics come in discreet packaging, thus protecting your privacy. The maker promises to give a double money-back guarantee, thus providing you with the confidence you need to satisfy your partner.

6. Jes-Extender


Jes-Extender promises to sweeten your sexual performance and confidence by boosting your penis size. The company has a proven record of selling high-quality devices to over half a million men since 1995. The creators claim that it can boost the size of a flaccid and erect penis permanently.

Jes-Extender also makes bold claims: “It can manage premature ejaculation and impotence.” According to the makers, it heightens blood flow, thus increasing the quality of semen, and can enable men to stay erect for extended periods. Jes-Extender has distribution offices in Denmark and USA, although they can ship to any continent. Jes-Extender is designed by Danish makers using fine-quality accessories. Therefore, it can augment your penis size by over 28 percent within three months of using it.

Jes-Extender is easy to assemble and comfortable to wear. Some men can have it on for over eight hours. In addition, you can purchase it at a reasonable price of $200. However, you can choose a package that comes with more accessories and supplements to boost your overall sexual wellbeing.

7. Hydromax


Hydromax is a group of penis extenders and penis pumps from renowned US-based Company Bathmate. Unlike most penis enhancers on this list that work using traction force, Hydromax uses the principle of suction to improve your penis size. The penis pump boosts blood flow around the penile region, making your penis transform in size remarkably when erect.

Hydromax penis pumps use medical-grade raw materials certified by the Aspen Clinical Research body. In addition, the creators are confident users will get satisfactory results. As a mark of quality, each Hydromax purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee,

Hydromax makers recommend you use the device regularly to get effective results. In addition, regular use supports better movements during sexual activities, genuinely adding to your performance. It is also one of the most reasonably priced male extenders on this list.

8. PeniMaster


PeniMaster is ideal for men looking for quality results and proven tensile strength. It comes adjustable to ensure you customize the intensity. While the creator deems it comfortable, it is best to adjust it or discontinue it if you experience any pain. The PeniMaster has a 7600g of pulling force to enhance the penis girth and length. In addition, it can support better and stable erections, therefore, protecting you against premature ejaculations.

PeniMaster devices are FDA certified and come with instructional videos. Additionally, the male extender is adjustable, thus catering to men with different penis sizes and curvatures. However, some users claim it is cumbersome and may not be ideal for travel or overnight use. Equally, uncircumcised men may find it uncomfortable and require patience to notice any results.

There are two kinds of PeniMaster, namely PeniMaster Classic and Pro. Both are from a renowned Germany-based company known as MSP Concept Medical Products. PeniMaster makers are well known for making urological medical products in numerous sizes, shapes, and varieties. Therefore, you can find various versions of penis extenders regardless of your penis shape and size. However, PeniMaster is among the most expensive devices on this list. Still, if you are looking for a penis extender that comes with several accessories, then, PeniMaster is your best option.

How We Ranked the Top Penis Extender Devices

Customers should comprehend there are numerous penis extender devices in the market. Our editorial team used the following criteria to separate genuine and scam penis enlargement products.

Science-Backed Design and Effectiveness

We looked at the science-backed designs on all our top male extender devices. Also, we checked the effectiveness of each of the devices above to ensure users get maximum gains. We considered penis enlargement devices made from proven medical-grade materials. In addition, we preferred products with the best tensile strength and precision engineering.

Scientific Evidence

Almost all penis extenders in the market claim they have scientific proof to ascertain their effectiveness. A suitable penis enlargement device provides customers with complete peer-reviewed medical trials. Therefore, beware of marketing teams that entice customers with catchy phrases backed by zero scientific evidence. We considered penis extenders that are supported by scientific explanation. When it comes to your sexual health, ensure you choose a penis enlargement product with a proven scientific approach.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is crucial for giving the best results. Almost all penis-extending devices work using the traction principle. The best manhood extenders have a tensile strength of up to 4kg, providing room for the best results. However, some products with a tensile strength of about 1kg can grow the length of the penis. Most fake penis extenders do not have adequate tensile strength and thus cannot offer significant results. We considered products with sufficient tensile power in our ranking.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews back the best penis extenders. We have tested some of the best male extenders on our list. Still, due to individual differences, we may experience varied results. Therefore, a penis-extending product that works for you may not offer another person significant results. What other customers say about a specific product may help you understand its effectiveness. We considered penis extenders with 1000+ positive reviews in our ranking.

Manufacturer Reputation

Some makers of penis extenders have a proven record of accomplishment of making premium-quality and effective devices. In addition, some producers are new in the penis enlargement devices space. Equally, some creators have thousands of positive customer reviews. We considered companies that are reputable and transparent in our ranking.

Medical- Grade Designs and Materials

Top-ranked options in our list use surgical-grade materials in making quality devices. Medical-grade designs ensure that the penis extender stays in place, comfortable and safe to wear even for extended periods. Penis extenders made from cheap and low-quality materials are not long-lasting and may cause discomfort. In addition, quality penis extenders do not fall apart easily, therefore ensuring you can use them for over six months.

Price and Value

Men who think they have small penises are willing to pay a fortune to have prominent members. Consequently, some men may buy penis extenders at rip-off prices. We considered the value and cost of penis extenders in our ranking. You should get quality results if you pay a premium price for a male enhancement device.

Ease of Use

There are multiple solutions for increasing the size of manhood. Some people make concoctions to enhance their penis size. However, not everyone wants to spend minutes exercising their penis or brewing certain concoctions. Additionally, some penis enlargement solutions are dangerous and may cause nerve damage. We considered penis extenders that are easy to assemble, safe, and comfortable to wear in our ranking. Any type of man can wear these devices confidently and discreetly.

Formulated by Doctors, Certified Specialists or Sexual Health Experts

The demand for manhood extenders is increasing daily. Unfortunately, online marketing teams are selling dubious penis extenders to make money. However, there are penis extenders developed by professionals, including urologists, doctors, sexual health specialists, and therapists. We considered a penis-extending device that provided certification from necessary professional bodies.

Honest Advertised Benefits

About 99% of penis extenders in the market are scams. Penis extenders advertising unreasonable benefits such as augmenting the length in a few days are frauds. Dubious penis extenders promise to improve the penis size by up to 8 inches within weeks. Our editorial team considered the company’s advertising in our ranking.

Some penis extenders on this list promise to improve the girth and length of the penis in not less than 24 weeks. Scientific proof shows that the best penis extenders should show significant results after about 90 days of regular use. Therefore, customers should stay away from companies promising to fix your manhood issues “overnight.”

Money-Back Guarantee

Penis Extender companies that are confident of the effectiveness of their products offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee. Legitimate penis-extending devices come with a valid money-back guarantee. Our ranking considered penis extenders with 60-90 or 180-day money-back policies. Therefore, users can comfortably try the penis extenders, and if they do not offer any results, you can always ask for a refund.

Do Penis Extenders Work? What is the Science Behind It?

For decades, scientists have stated that you cannot alter the size of the penis. However, technological advancements have shown that surgery and specific non-invasive procedures can augment the length and girth of the penis. The top-ranked penis extenders on our list have legitimate scientific proof to back their effectiveness and safety.

Multiple studies show that stretching the penis in a specific manner can enhance its length. A genuine penis-extending device visibly improves the girth and length of the manhood by stretching its skin.

Sexual Health Experts warn against using supplements and oral pills that permanently enhance the penis size. Currently, there is zero evidence to show that supplements can permanently enhance manhood’s size and shape. However, some male booster supplements may enhance libido and improve blood flow, thus altering the penis size. However, the stretching action may transform the size and shape of the penis long-term.

Some top-ranked penis extenders have completed trials verifying their effectiveness and advertised benefits. ProExtender is a male-enhancing device that provides complete clinical trials. As per ProExtender.com, volunteers using the device for over six months reported having increased the length of their penis after using it for six months. Other benefits include:

  • The flaccid penis increased in size by 0.75 inches.
  • Volunteers experienced conspicuous results in 14 days
  • The penis length is increased by 29% after six months
  • ProExtender claims volunteers experienced an increase in their penis size
  • The penis girth increased by 19 percent after 180 days

Penis enlargement is costly, ranging between $5000 and $15000, and has a success rate of 35 percent. In addition, invasive surgery is risky as it can cause permanent damage to the nerves around the penis. Equally, about 65 percent of men claim poor sexual health after getting penis enlargement surgery. Therefore, it is best to use low-risk and cost-effective methods of altering the penis size, such as using penis extenders.

Penis extenders are easy to use and unlikely to cause any discomforts or side effects. In addition, the devices do not affect your day-to-day schedule. Some folks can wear the male extender during the day or night without experiencing any discomfort. Moreover, some penis-extending devices promise to augment the length and girth of the penis permanently. Similarly, the devices may boost the performance and confidence of the users, thus improving overall sexual health.

Almost all top-rated penis extenders use the principle of traction to alter the size and shape of manhood. Sexual health professionals liken the increase in penis size to how you can grow muscles. The Jelqing or stretching technique causes the multiplication of penile cells. Regular stretching of the skin supports development of microscopic tears that heal and cause mitosis. Over time, the tears cause the development of new skin, therefore, altering the length and girth of the penis.

Genuine penis extenders are all-natural and have zero chances of causing damage to your organ. They work by applying pressure to the penis physically. However, you can constantly adjust the pressure when you experience discomfort.

Vacuum pumps are another popular way of altering penis size. In addition, vacuum pumps are designed to manage erectile dysfunction and enhance penis size. In 2006, researchers found that a vacuum pump could not improve the physical size of a penis even after 180 days of use. However, there is practical evidence showing that using penis extenders for six months can enhance the size of your penis. Penis Extender devices provide users with almost the same results as invasive surgery but with zero risk of side effects.

In a 2009 study, researchers established the effects of penis extenders on a group of 15 participants. The men were instructed to use the penis extenders for a minimum of four hours daily for 180 days. The researchers found that the participants showed a 0.9 increase in the flaccid penis and 0.7 growth on an erect penis. However, the penis extenders did not show any significant changes to the penis girth.

Another 2011 study showed that penis extenders increased the penis length of 23 participants using the penis-extending device for six hours daily by 0.7 inches. A similar 2013 study showed that a penis traction device could transform the size and shape of the penis.

In conclusion, numerous medical reports show that penis extenders can improve the size and shape of the penis. However, inconsistencies show the devices’ ability to enhance the penis girth permanently. As a result, numerous men are using penis extenders instead of opting for surgery or the use of oral supplements. Still, an excellent penis-extending device can offer you quality results.

How to Use a Penis Extender

It is a fact that most men have never used a penis extender. There are various brands of penis extenders. However, all work using the same principle. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s manual before using the penis extender to ensure you get effective results. Still, most penis extenders follow a similar manual and have almost the same accessories. To use it:

Insert the penis through the base ring of the extender. Ensure you secure the penis’ base with a strap or plastic ring.

Secure the penis’ head at the tip using the ring, gently pulling the loop to fasten the head of the penis to the end of the penis extender.

Adjust the tensile strength of the penis extender to suit your needs. When you reach your desired level of tension, stop the adjustment to prevent discomfort. Some devices use elastic or canvas straps to augment your penis size. Other creators design the straps using a metallic bar.

Most makers of penis extenders recommend you wear it for 8-12 daily for 90-180 days. However, you can continue wearing the device until you achieve desired results.

What is the Average Penis Length?

Penis size is a matter of concern across the globe. A well-endowed penis gives a man the confidence to boost their performance. In addition, some men feel their penis size can entice any woman they desire. Therefore, men who think they have a below-average penis look for ways of boosting their size.

In one study involving more than 15,000 men across different cultures, researchers found that men have an average flaccid penis of 3.61 inches and 5.17 inches when erect. In addition, several studies show that most men with average-sized penises seek to increase their penis size thinking they have small penises. A separate study showed that women are comfortable with the penis size of their partners.

What are the Side Effects of Penis Extenders?

Most penis extenders are unlikely to cause any side effects if used in the suggested ways. However, some users may experience some discomforts, remarkably if they do not follow the makers’ instructions. Some of the known side effects include:

  • Damage to the penile nerves leading to loss of sensitivity
  • Too much tension can cause physical damage to the penis and surrounding organs such as the scrotum
  • Misusing the penis extender can reduce sexual functions such as loss of sexual drive and stamina
  • Unacceptably wearing the penis extender can affect the urinary tract leading to frequent UTIs
  • Penis extenders can cause scarring, particularly when the device is tightened

Penis extenders warn against wearing the device improperly in the hope of getting results quickly. Any discomfort from wearing the penis enlargement device translates to poor sexual health. Therefore, if you experience any issues, it is best to consult the device manufacturer or a health expert to assist you in sporting it comfortably.

Oral supplements and injections for enhancing the penis size can cause hazardous side effects. Additionally, it is easy to overdose on some of the supplements. Equally, some OTC pills contain dangerous ingredients which cause high blood pressure and, in some cases, instant death. Also, FDA has not approved the use of any penis-enlarging supplements, and the ingredients have not undergone extensive research. Lastly, some makers advertise their products as 100% safe while they may cause other health concerns to users.

FAQs about Penis Extender Devices

We get numerous questions about penis extenders and how these devices function. Our editorial team has listed some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What are Penis Extenders?

A: Penis extenders are physical devices that you wear on your penis to grow the length and girth of your member.

Q: Do penis extenders work?

A: Urologists, physicians, or doctors that understand the physiology of the penis formulate some of the top-rated penis extenders in the market. Scientists have tabled multiple reports showing that penis extenders can significantly increase the length of the penis permanently.

Q: How safe are penis extenders?

A: Compared to other penis-enlargement solutions in the market, penis extenders are considered the safest option. However, users must follow the manufacturer’s manual to ensure they do not damage their members. In addition, if you have undergone any type of surgery around the genital area, it is best to consult a physician first.

Q: How much growth can I expect from using the penis extender?

A: Penis extenders are not a “miracle growth pill.” In addition, it may take up to 90 days before you start noticing any significant results from wearing the penis-extending device. However, on average, most penis extenders claim to boost the length by 10-20 percent. For example, one of the best penis extenders in the market promises to increase the penis size from five inches to six inches within three months.

Q: Who can use penis extenders?

A: Anyone looking to improve the size or shape of their penis can use penis extenders. Some people have below-average penises and therefore can try enhancing their size. In addition, folks who desire to have a large schlong can use penis extenders.

Q: Do penis extenders come in a one-size-fits-all design?

A: Most penis extenders can fit any type of penis. Nevertheless, if your penis size is significantly tiny or large, it may not fit standard penis extenders. However, some penis extenders are stretchy and may suit different penis sizes. Still, it is safe to purchase a penis extender with a money-back guarantee to ensure you get a refund if it does not fit. Equally, it would be helpful to contact the manufacturer if you are concerned about your penis size.

Q: Can penis extenders cause damage?

A: Unfortunately, penis extenders worn wrongly can damage the penis or other organs around it. In addition, some penis extenders can cause discomfort, scarring, and tearing. Still, if you purchase a penis extender from a reputable maker and wear it well, then there is zero risk of it damaging your skin or pressing other organs.

Q: Can wearing penis extenders hurt?

A: Wearing penis extenders for prolonged periods or under high tensile strength can cause pain. In addition, new users may experience mild discomfort the first few days when the penis skin is stretched. However, persistent discomfort indicates you are misusing the penis enlargement device.

Q: Can a doctor prescribe the use of penis extenders?

A: Initially, penis extenders were designed to correct Peyronie’s disease – a condition where the penis develops an abnormal curvature. However, today most people use penis extenders to improve the size of their penis. In addition, prostate cancer patients may use penis-extending devices to improve nerve response around the genitals.

Q: What other practices can improve penis size apart from using penis extenders?

A: Most sexual health experts recommend consuming healthy foods and reducing alcohol and smoking habits. Additionally, it is best to exercise daily and massage the penis using vitamin E oil to stimulate the growth of new skin. Equally, it is paramount to have regular sex to boost your performance and encourage better blood flow.

Q: When is the best time to wear a penis extender?

A: Most men prefer wearing the penis extender at night for maximum discretion. Still, most manufacturers claim that wearing the devices at night can have them caught under the sheet. In addition, top-ranked penis extenders are comfortable and ideal for wearing during the day as you go on with your daily schedules. However, some penises extenders can be worn under clothes and not raise suspicion.

Q: Is there any guarantee that penis extenders can augment the penis size?

A: The best penis extenders in the market promise to offer effective results and offer money-back surety to support these claims. In addition, penis extenders makers attach clinical claims of the effectiveness of the penis extenders. Customers should purchase penis extenders from companies that offer an excellent money-back guarantee.

Q: Can penis extenders improve your bedroom performance?

A: Some penis extenders promise to augment your stamina and performance in bed. They provide men with the necessary energy and confidence to improve their performance. According to some experts, the traction movement enhances blood flow around the genitals that can help you get stable and stronger erections. Still, it is best not to wait for the penis extender to develop your performance overnight.

Q: Is there any difference between a penis extender and a penis pump?

A: The penis extender is a physical device that uses traction force to enhance your penis size permanently. On the other hand, a penis pump is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can temporarily make the penis appear more prominent to boost blood flow. However, after use, your penis will return to its original size.

Q: What is the difference between Jelqing actions and penis stretching?

A: Jelqing is a sophisticated massaging movement that stimulates the growth of the skin around the penis, and stretching is the process of holding the penis crown, giving it a pull, and then maintaining the stretch for a few moments.

Q: Which is the best penis extender device in 2022?

A: Some top-ranked penis extenders like ProExtender and Quick Extender are among the most popular and effective penis-extending devices in 2022.

Top 8 Penis Enlargement Devices in 2022 Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of penis extenders in the market today. However, genuine penis extenders are made from premium-quality surgical-grade materials to enhance the length and circumference of your penis. In addition, penis extenders are a safe, affordable, and effective way of boosting your penis size with zero side effects. Still, it is best to purchase penis extenders from legitimate sites and dealers. Equally, consider purchasing penis-extending devices that come with a form of warranty.

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