Crunchless Core Reviews (Brian Klepacki) Ab Workout Program Really Works?

Gaining the desired six-pack abs that you dream of often comes with a hefty price tag attached to it, especially if you do not use the correct form during workouts or are using inappropriate exercises. The spine, many times, suffers the consequences of a poor workout regime, and this has always been a detrimental health mistake for anyone who has suffered with it.

Athletes have long used crunches to build core muscles, especially in their abs. However, recent clinical research by Researchgate discovered a close association between crunches and spinal injury. It is, therefore, crucial to follow a clinically approved method that not only allows you to achieve the abs you dream of but also offers the safest route to achieving this goal.

This review focuses on Crunchless Core, a new method to achieve your goal efficiently and safely.

Introducing Crunchless Core

Crunchless Core is a new core muscle exercise that gives you the safest core exercises tailored to take care of your spine from serious injuries. Many traditional core exercises have been proven to be dangerous to your spine, hence needing a safer path to achieving your dream body shape. This training program has been developed to offer you a safer and quicker route to maximum core gains by eliminating the harmful crunch exercises and replacing them with a safer alternative. It is a six-week results-focused, step-by-step program that guarantees you finally get the abs you want. It offers a two-phase total body program that includes over eight full-body workouts containing over 70 crunches and less functional exercises.

The Science Behind the Crunchless Core Program

This program is tailored to save you the life-long agony of dealing with a damaged spine. The developer considers the anatomy of the spine and how crunches affect it. The spine is made of many overlapping discs on top of each other to enable movement. These discs are made up of two parts, the nucleus pulposus, also known as the jelly center, and the outer, protective layer, known as the annulus fibrosus, works together to help the disc move. During crunches, the body movement puts direct pressure on the discs at the point of the back where the crunches flex the spine. This causes the outer layer of the spine to wear away, and the nucleus pulposus is pushed through, causing pain. Over time, overloading progressive movements damage the spine, a lifelong injury.

Why Crunches Are Dangerous

Based on recent research, crunches have been found to have the following adverse effects on your spine.

Crunches age your spine.

The shelf life of the spine is limited. Our spine deteriorates as we age in a process that can’t be changed or reversed. Continuous flexions of the spine only work to add stress and age it even faster. Crunches work your spine directly by flexing it, even more, aging it more quickly.

Crunches don’t aid good posture

Good spinal health is directly correlated with having a good posture. Anything that works against your posture is dangerous for the spine and needs to be avoided. Crunches reinforce the bending over movements you make when sitting at a desk or slumped in a seat, which harms posture.

Crunches Don’t Work the Core

Crunches don’t replicate any natural movement our bodies were designed for; hence they are not functional. This puts more stress on the spine, raising the risk of damaging it.

Crunches cause lower back stress

As mentioned earlier, crunching movement inserts stress over the spine’s discs over time, causing damage to the outer layer. Over time, this wears away the lifespan of the spine, causing long-term pain of the spine, especially in the lower back. This poses the threat of dealing with a permanent problem of a damaged and functionless back.

Crunches Don’t work

According to the developer, crunches don’t hit the core muscles, including your deep abdominal muscles, your transversus abdominis, and the obliques as they should. Crunches have been shown to work only rectus abdominal muscles close to your skin. Therefore, people end up with fake abs that are not strong enough.

Why you Need the Crunchless Core Program

This program is developed to offer you the perfect solution to those struggling with building abs by giving you a two-phase program, each lasting for four weeks. Phase one is designed to hit the ‘reset button’ in your core muscles’ strength and stability by using a set of functional exercises and workouts. In contrast, the second phase incorporates advanced exercises essential for reaching deep inside the core; something crunches don’t do.

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Q: How is Crunchless Core different from other ab programs?

A. Crunchless Core is a complete workout. While other workout programs focus on offering alternatives to crunches – like planks and other moves are all they do. They won’t offer consumers a complete workout system that builds from the core with functional moves that won’t cause stress on the spine and joints.

Q: How long does the Crunchless Core program take to show results?

A. The complete digital program takes sixty days to begin to see your chiseled abs develop. It’s a program offered in two phases and four weeks total. The 2nd phase builds on the 1st and is where users of the program make their gains.

Q: Is this program suitable for everyone?

Yes, men and women can benefit from the Crunchless Core digital program. Each of the exercises is shown in detail, and the videos show users precisely how to follow each of the exercises.

Crunchless Core Price

The Crunchless Core is a six-week training program that offers you the safest and most efficient ab results within a short duration of time. The program retails at $17.00 and is available for digital download once payment is completed.

The manufacturer also includes two free bonuses to this program:

The first is the Crunchless Core Lite– Home Edition, valued at $50. This program features 16 super-fast core workouts that use no equipment, and users can execute them in their garage or backyard.

The second bonus is the Exercise Exchange Manual valued at $25. This workout offers you alternative exercises you can swap out for ones you don’t want to do due to injury or don’t have the equipment to do.

Customers can make online purchases from the developer’s website, and payments are made online through Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. The developer offers a sixty-day money-back guarantee for users who don’t get the desired results.

To contact the company, customers can reach out to ClickBank for refunds, order issues by phone, direct chat, or by sending an email to:

  • Phone Toll Free: 1-800-390-6035 or International: +1 208-345-4245
  • Email Support/ Live Chat: https://www.clickbank.com/support/

Program Developer Disclaimer

Nevertheless, the developer of this program wishes to inform the users that this program is a “quick-fix” abs program promising quick results without putting in the effort. Users must be ready to work hard and pay the price of achieving results. Moreover, this program is not a crunched replacement collection of planks. The developer has used their own experience of over fifteen years of studying and working with athletes one-on-one to discover what works combined with proven medical research to come up with this program.

Final Comments

This product offers just that for anyone seeking a permanent solution to a safe workout program that guarantees safety and results. This program is science-based to provide you with nothing but facts when it comes to having a correctly toned core while caring for your spine’s wellness.

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