Manward Letter Reviews (Andy Snyder’s Crypto Profit Package)

Andy Snyder and the team at Manward Press have launched a new marketing campaign for the Manward Letter.

By subscribing to the Manward Letter today, you can discover three “next gen cryptos” that could be even bigger than Bitcoin. If you missed the first wave of crypto fortunes, the next wave could help you build your wealth.

What is the Manward Letter? Should you subscribe to the Manward Letter today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Andy Snyder, the Manward Letter, Manward Press, and the three mysterious new cryptos.


What is the Manward Letter?

The Manward Letter is a financial newsletter published by Manward Press. Trading veteran Andy Snyder writes each Manward Letter.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of the Manward Letter filled with investment ideas based on Manward’s proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP).

Described as a “unique and sometimes controversial investment model” by Manward Press, the Modern Asset Portfolio involves diversifying and reducing risk while using modern tools. It’s marketed to investors who want to leverage superior logic for superior gains.

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Manward Press has created a video and sales page featuring Andy Snyder. In the campaign, Andy recommends investors avoid buying Bitcoin – and buy three next-gen cryptos instead because they could be even bigger than Bitcoin.

“If you missed the first wave of crypto fortunes…then this is your second chance,” explains the sales page.

Let’s take a closer look at Andy Snyder’s urgent wealth dispatch and what it means for crypto investors.


What is the Next Generation of Crypto Winners?

As part of a new marketing campaign, Andy Snyder and the Manward Letter team promote a new video and sales page touting a new generation of crypto winners.

Most of us missed the boat on Bitcoin. Sure, some people have made modest gains with Bitcoin. However, people who invested in Bitcoin before 2015 could have earned astronomical profits.

Andy Snyder believes there are similar opportunities in today’s market. There are cryptocurrencies available today that could be the next Bitcoin. By investing in these cryptocurrencies today, investors like you could earn a fortune.

Andy uses nicknames to describe his three recommended cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Ethereum Killer Coin (EKCoin)
  • Internet Killer Coin (IKCoin)
  • Income Coin (ICoin)

Andy describes his recommended cryptocurrencies as “third generation” cryptos. If Bitcoin was the first generation cryptocurrency and Ethereum (ETH) was the second, Andy’s recommended cryptos are the next wave.

To discover the real names of Andy’s three recommended cryptocurrencies, you need to subscribe to the Manward Letter today.

Subscribers also receive a guide explaining how to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you have never bought crypto before, then Andy’s guide walks you through the process in a simple, step-by-step way.


What is the Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP)?

The Manward Letter recommends stocks and digital currencies based on Andy Snyder’s Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP) investing system. Here’s how Manward Press describes the MAP investment philosophy:

“This unique (and sometimes controversial) investment model offers diversification and risk-reducing techniques, but does so with modern tools. It’s beloved by investors who know superior gains require superior logic.”

To read between the lines, Andy recommends diversifying with non-traditional assets – like cryptocurrencies. Investors who make crypto part of their Modern Asset Portfolio could earn significant returns on investment – just by adding the correct coins to their portfolio.

By subscribing to the Manward Letter today, you can discover recommendations based on Andy’s MAP investment philosophy. Andy discusses cryptocurrencies, technology stocks, and other assets that could help you form the foundation of your MAP.

Once you subscribe to the Manward Letter, you also get access to Andy’s model portfolio of recommended stocks and cryptocurrencies. You can see the buy, sell, and hold recommendations for each asset in the portfolio, tracking the performance of each stock, crypto, or asset over time.

What is the EKCoin?

One of Andy’s recommended cryptos is called the Ethereum Killer Coin or EKCoin. It’s Andy’s nickname for a coin that he does not reveal upfront.


Here’s how Andy introduces the EKCoin:

“This Ethereum-killing altcoin was actually developed by one of the original founders of Ethereum. He left Ethereum early on when he saw the flaws in its design. His name is Charles Hoskinson, and he is a brilliant mathematician and entrepreneur who started creating the EKCoin in 2017.”

Andy believes the EKCoin will disrupt the $22.5 trillion financial services industry. The goal of digital currency is to create a fully decentralized financial services network.

Today, the EKCoin network has about $16 billion in liquidity, and the coin is available for around $2. Andy believes the coin is “unlikely to stay this cheap” because “something big is happening in the coming months.” That event will speed up the transition away from Ethereum to the EKCoin, which is why Andy believes EKCoin is the future.

What is the IKCoin?

Andy has spotted another cryptocurrency called the Internet Killer Coin (IKCoin). The coin will disrupt the internet as we know it, creating a fully decentralized online network.


The IKCoin project was launched by Dominic Williams, a famed crypto theoretician and internet expert. Since 2016, the project has sought to re-create and improve the internet using blockchain technology and cryptography.

Here’s how Andy describes the benefits of the IKCoin project compared to the ordinary internet:

“According to my research, the IKCoin is going to be that disrupter to Big Tech and its monopolistic hold on our data and our lives. That is why I’m so excited about this IKCoin. It has massive potential to solve many of the problems that have slowly crept into web development and to challenge the power structure that controls it.”

A handful of internet companies control a significant part of the internet. Andy believes the IKCoin will change that, saving the future of the internet.

To learn more about the EKCoin or IKCoin, you need to subscribe to the Manward Letter today. All new subscriptions come with a bonus report called “2 Killer Crypto Coins that Will Be Bigger than Bitcoin.” Andy reveals the actual names of the EKCoin and IKCoin, then explains why he believes they’ll be more significant than Bitcoin.

What is the ICoin?

In a second report bundled with new subscriptions of the Manward Letter, Andy reveals a third recommended cryptocurrency. It’s called the Income Coin or ICoin.


The ICoin seeks to change the way we bank, lend money, invest, and borrow money. It’s a coin based on a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. Like other DeFi tokens, ICoin could have revolutionary effects if it ever takes off. Here’s how And describes the potential for the ICoin:

“…I think ICoin is the “best in show” when it comes to the DeFi – or decentralized finance – revolution. I’ll show you what makes this coin such a disrupter… and why more and more investors are flocking to it.”

To discover complete details about the ICoin and how it works, you need to subscribe to the Manward Letter today. All subscriptions come with a bonus report called The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting From the Hottest Play in DeFi.

How Much Money Can You Make With Manward Letter?

Like other investment gurus, Andy Snyder is hesitant to provide specific earning claims. He’s confident his recommended cryptos could be the next big thing. However, investors are not guaranteed anything.


Nevertheless, Andy believes the opportunities mentioned above are “some of the best opportunities” he has seen “in more than two decades” of working in finance.

Some of Andy’s previous recommended cryptos have soared in recent months. After suggesting Monero last year, for example, the digital currency rose 311% in 210 days. Here are some of Andy’s biggest wins and recommendations delivered to Manward Press readers:

  • Monero in 2020, and the coin rose by 311% in 210 days
  • Buying Iota Coin through his Alpha Money flow research service; the coin jumped 196% in 45 days
  • Buying the Kyber Network Crystal Legacy Coin, and the token jumped 40% in four days between February 4 and February 8

According to ManwardPress.com, the company has also earned huge returns from recommended stocks, including 325% returns on Gilead Sciences in 69 days, 298% returns on Caesars Entertainment in 63 days, 109% returns on Oshkosh in 34 days, 238% returns on Fabrinet in 91 days, and 272% returns on Renewable Energy Group in 11 days.

Andy believes the three coins recommended today “are going to be bigger than Bitcoin in the years ahead.” That could mean huge returns for investors.

What’s Included with the Manward Letter?

If you subscribe to the Manward Letter today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and tools over top of your ordinary subscription. Here’s everything included with new subscriptions to the Manward Letter:

  • 12 months of the Manward Letter, including monthly issues with in-depth research, investment ideas, stock commentary, options trading information, and crypto tips
  • Access to the proprietary Manward Letter model stock portfolio, including daily updates with the current buy, sell and hold ratings. If you want to see all of the Manward Letter’s recommended plays in one convenient place, then the proprietary stock portfolio is the place to start.
  • Bonus Report #1: 2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger than Bitcoin: In this report, Andy discusses two cryptocurrencies that he believes will be bigger than Bitcoin. By investing in these coins today, you could purportedly earn a fortune – similar to investors who bought Bitcoin before 2013. Andy calls one the Ethereum Killer Coin (EKCoin), while the other is the IKCoin.
  • Bonus Report #2: The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting from the Hottest Play in DeFi: This report discusses a third recommended cryptocurrency related to decentralized finance (DeFi). By investing in this crypto today with Andy’s step-by-step guide, you could earn huge returns as Defi continues to explode. Andy has nicknamed the crypto “ICoin.”
  • Bonus Report #3: How to Go From a Crypto Zero to A Crypto Hero: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Crypto: This guide explains everything you need to know about buying your first cryptocurrency. If you’re a new investor who has heard of the benefits of crypto but isn’t sure how to get started, then this report may be the right choice for you.
  • Special Bonus Report #1: LibertyCoin: The Perfect Crypto for Building Wealth and Liberty: As part of an extra special bonus promotion, Andy is bundling three additional bonus reports with all new subscriptions, including a report on LibertyCoin, a digital currency for building wealth and liberty.
  • Special Bonus Report #2: How to find the Hottest Technology Stocks of Tomorrow…Today: In this video, Andy discusses how you can spot hot technology stocks before the rest of the world finds out.
  • Special Bonus Report #3: Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future: This report explains how banks of the future might work for securely storing digital currencies, including how to create your ultra-secure bank using hard wallets, soft wallets, and other modern security features.
  • Access to the entire library of Andy Snyder’s premium investment reports, training videos, stock-picking reports, and other ways to build your wealth
  • Access to the complete Manward Letter archives, including 50 issues of the Manward Letter from the last few years
  • Weekly alerts with position updates, additional market commentary, and explanations on what moves markets
  • Invitations to live video calls and online town hall meetings with Andy Snyder, as well as other subscriber events to keep Manward Letter readers informed on what’s happening and how it affects their wealth
  • And more

According to Andy Snyder, the bundle of bonus reports alone is valued at over $900. You’re getting all six bonus reports with a new subscription today.

Manward Letter Pricing

Manward Letter is available in both print and digital versions. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • One Year Subscription (Print + Digital): $79
  • Basic Subscription (Digital Only): $49

Your subscription will automatically renew after your subscription period.

A 365-day moneyback guarantee backs the Manward Letter. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days.

If you’re unhappy with the investment information provided by Manward Letter, or if you did not earn significant gains through the recommended stocks or cryptos, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Manward Press

Manward Press is a Baltimore, Maryland-based financial publishing company. The company offers several free and paid financial newsletters, including the Manward Letter.

Manward Press was founded by Andy Snyder, a trader with 20 years of financial industry experience. Andy founded Manward Press to help smaller investors earn similar returns to more prominent investors, hedge funds, institutions, and others with a perceived advantage.

Flagship newsletters from Manward Press include the Manward Letter, Andy Snyder’s Alpha Money Flow, and Venture Fortunes.

You can contact Manward Press, LLC via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-682-5210 (North America) or +1 443-353-4263 (International)
  • Mailing Address: 14 West Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21201

Libertarian and author Joel Salatin also contributed to several Manward Press financial services, including the Manward Letter.

Manward Letter Final Word

Manward Press has launched a new marketing campaign for the Manward Letter. Andy Snyder claims to have spotted three rising cryptocurrencies that will soon become bigger than Bitcoin.

By subscribing to the Manward Letter today, investors can discover these cryptocurrencies’ names and ticker symbols. There’s the EKCoin, the IKCoin, and the ICoin, each of which has unique advantages that could make them the next Bitcoin.

To learn more about the Manward Letter and the recently recommended cryptocurrencies, visit the official website today.

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