Purple Garden Psychic Reading Review: Is The Tarot Card Reading Site Worthy?

Brand Overview: Purple Garden

Purple Garden is one of the leading online psychic reading services available. It is one of three sites developed to help people get a psychic reading and potent mental help. These are mobile platforms that are simple and easy to navigate for an enjoyable browsing experience. On Purple Garden, users have unlimited access to live psychic chats and psychic video readings. Their sister site, the Purple Ocean, provides faster video sessions where you can get quick answers to a few questions.

On Purple Garden’s mobile app, it is easy to scroll through different psychics. While you look through the list of available psychics, you’ll also find reviews about each of them. Also, you’ll be able to add funds and chat with a psychic of your choice for as long as you want. It doesn’t matter where you are located worldwide. You can find the perfect psychic through the Purple Garden mobile app.

At first glance, the app comes alive with images reflecting the calm and serenity that users seek in their readers. It is easy to navigate, and all you have to do is log in or sign up to begin your search for the right psychic.


  • Credible company
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Detailed profiles
  • Hundreds of readers to choose from
  • Different reading types
  • Video readings
  • Top-quality mobile app
  • A unique feature called journeys
  • Payment refund policy


  • Unreliable customer guarantee
  • No free readings
  • No psychic information center or blog

Is Purple Garden a Reputable Psychic Reading Site?

The Purple Garden platform is modeled after some of the best technology available on the internet. The company provides its services through a mobile platform available to iOS and Android devices. Experts developed the mobile app with years of experience building online platforms for psychic services. As a result, Purple Garden has affiliate psychic sites like Bitwine Psychics and Purple Ocean.

As expected from a reputable psychic website, Purple Garden takes special measures to ensure your protection from common risks associated with online psychic reading, such as:

  • Creating reasonable refund policies
  • Monitoring their reader reviews
  • Developing a rigorous application process for psychics
  • Monitoring reading sessions and requiring readers to adhere strictly to laid down rules

Purple Garden has a customer feedback section that gives them a peek into the mind of their customers. When the company gathers this information, they use it to improve service delivery and develop new ideas that help them stay relevant in the industry. Lastly, the Purple Garden has a responsive customer support system to help resolve customer queries.


=> click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

What Makes Purple Garden Unique?

  • The platform has a unique ” Journeys ” feature (we wrote more on this later). This feature brings a new dynamic to online psychic reading.
  • Purple Garden operates on both mobile and desktop platforms. But readings are available via mobile devices only since it supports the video call feature.
  • Psychics and Readers on the Purple Garden platforms specialize in live psychic chats readings and live video reading. There are no email services.
  • Purple Garden brings live readings to you in the comfort of your home or anywhere else through your chosen platform. User convenience is of top priority to the company.
  • The ” Top accuracy ” banner is an extra feature on the brand website. You’ll find it at the top part of the page. Here you can find readers with the highest reading accuracy. This feature dramatically reduces the stress involved in looking for quality readers. Many online psychic reading platforms lack this helpful tool.
  • Psychics don’t charge a set fee, but you can see the charge boldly displayed on each psychic’s profile.

Purple Garden’s Stand out feature

This exciting platform has many unique features, but one stands out – it is called “Journeys.” This feature lets you share the special moments where a psychic was able to help you. Your story and experiences can be the pointer that helps someone else who is dealing with a similar situation. You can also view other people’s journeys and learn a thing or two.

Journeys cover various pressing life issues that you can learn from at no extra cost. You can find successful sessions on essential topics like breakups, infidelity, relationship struggles, career, and significant life decisions. Also, there are materials and experiences on issues on other subjects like feeling sad. When will I find love? Does he think about me? When will we be together? Twin flames/ Soulmates, Feeling stressed/ uneasy?, and more. Based on some users’ experience, some readers do not like to give time frames to their readings on the Purple Garden platform. While this may not be the case with all readers you encounter on the platform, you should not get your hopes too high. Readings with a time frame do come, but they heavily depend on luck.

To access the journeys feature, all you have to do is click on the main menu to see the direction you are seeking.

Readings that Purple Garden’s Psychics Offer

Purple Garden offers many psychic reading types. You can find the different reading types in the mobile app – select “Category” from the menu bar. The company categorizes all reading types according to what they wish to showcase to the world. If you dig deeper and look closely at the profiles of readers, you’ll find that they may be proficient in other reading types.

Below are some of the reading types that Purple Garden promotes:

  • Dream Analysis

Our dreams reveal the actual state of our psyche, and what’s in our mind determines our reality. So, it makes sense to analyze our dreams carefully and accurately determine what they mean. This way, you’ll be able to get some ideas about what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

In some instances, dreams come from your unconscious mind trying to alert you to something. It may be a bid to help you quicken a healing process, help you manage your fears or an alert on the need to move on from something or someone.

Your mind tends to find ways to clear its storage space anytime it’s clogged and can’t take in more issues. Your mind prompts you to deal with these issues so it can have room for others. Not all dreams are silly, and paying attention to your dreams is a much bigger deal than you think. This is where dream analysis comes in handy, and you’d find many readers on Purple Garden who can offer this service. It’ll be worth your while – contact your psychic in the morning after the dream and wait for interpretations.

  • Readings with Psychics

A psychic is generally someone who can perform a reading. They typically can see, hear, sense, or know some specific information about you and the type of energy you have around you. In some cases, psychic readers may not see or sense as clearly as some people want. Often, they receive blurry dream-like visions, which may require some skills to unlock.

On Purple Garden’s top-rated reader list, you stand a chance of finding a reader with the right skill set to help you find what you are looking for. However, you’ll have to be detailed and open and avoid asking broad and vague questions. If you do this, your reader may not be able to help you much.

  • Astrology and Horoscopes

Are you Pisces? Capricorn? Or Aquarius? Many of us know this little information about ourselves but can’t use it to connect the dots that lead to the answers we seek. On the brighter side, if you know your zodiac sign, you already have an idea of how astrology and horoscopes work. This type of reading is perfect for people looking to do some self-exploration. The best psychics at this type of reading can help you determine the right time to start a project or how love works, etc.

These readings are perfect for making plans. We suggest that you hire the services of any top psychic reader at the beginning of the year or during your birthday.

Astrology and horoscopes can make predictions too, but it’s a subtle art. If you wonder how the stars align for you, you should book an appointment with a top-rated psychic reader from Purple Garden today.

  • Tarot Reading

This is perhaps the most underrated of all of the reading types. It may not be able to predict the future, but it tends to provide immense and accurate details about a person’s life. It also aids psychics with natural skills to bring visions to life. Tarot cards can tell us a story about who you are, where you’ve been, and the person you are becoming. Based on the card’s revelations, you can better understand your current situation and accurately decide on the following steps to take. Tarot readings are popular with people seeking more profound insights into their love lives, health, career, marriage, dreams, etc.

  • Oracle Readings

This reading is very similar to the tarot readings. However, it’s less specific and a lot easier to understand. Tarot card readings alone are subjective because they may convey different meanings that depend mainly on context. On the other hand, Oracle readings can be done individually but still convey a simple yet profound message. Common examples of oracle cards include Psychic oracle cards and Angel oracle cards.

Oracle readings can include I-ching, crystal ball, and runes, depending on the reader’s expertise.

  • Palm Readings

This reading is not so common. Some psychic platforms do not offer this service because it requires a video reading session, and they might not be equipped for that yet. The reader needs to see your palm before they can do an accurate reading. At Purple Garden, you can take advantage of the palm reading sessions to get an idea of where your life’s headed.

With a good reader, this feature can help you make accurate decisions regarding your future.

  • Relationship Readings

This is another term that describes love reading or a love psychic. Some psychics specialize in “help services,” such as the various forms of counseling or a love therapist. In this category, psychics on Purple Garden specialize in different aspects of relationships and love. So, when you browse through this category, you will likely find psychics with varying sets of skills to handle life issues in the relationship and love sphere.

  • Angel Insights

Do you wish to connect with the angels around you? Do you want them to guide you through your life’s journey with unique energy? If yes, you should request a psychic on Purple Garden with a specialty in angel readings. This type of psychic is gifted in receiving visions from angels. They use the wisdom derived from these visions to help you overcome challenges, make progress in life, and set you on the right path when feeling lost. People who are healing or grieving will find this reading particularly useful.

How Does Purple Garden’s Online Psychics Reading Work?

While Purple Garden has a website, you can only get actual readings from real psychics via their mobile app. If you are not on the mobile interface, consider using another online psychic reading service.

To begin, you’ll need to go to your device’s app store to download the Purple Garden app. When you are through downloading, register with the brand and begin searching for a psychic by exploring the available categories.

The app has a design that lets you see vital information about each psychic at a glance. You’ll find information such as:

  • Psychic availability (whether they are offline or online).
  • Estimated charge per minute
  • The reading options they specialize in
  • The psychic’s picture
  • Their dos and don’t

With this information, you decide at first glance whether you can work with the psychic or not. Longer sessions are expensive, and you’ll also have to give up extra cash if you want to purchase videos.

What’s the Process of Becoming a Psychic Reader on Purple Garden?

Another vital aspect of the Purple Garden’s operations is the selection of quality readers. People who wish to be readers go through a different registration route, and they’ll have to download the Purple Ocean app (Purple Garden’s sister platform). Potential readers must create a profile and submit their legal address, name, and telephone number for proper identification on the app. If accepted, they must also share their PayPal details to get paid for their work.

Each profile must bear an authentic photograph of the reader (no illustrations and icons are acceptable). They have to create an introductory video and vividly describe their psychic services and specialties. Next, the potential reader must make a sample video reading session for review. The company has a dedicated panel that helps determine pretenders from readers with actual talent.

At the end of the review process, Purple Garden will inform the psychic whether they were selected or not. Readers must take responsibility for creating a believable and engaging video reading sample. They must ensure that all information is accurate and that the content of their application adequately represents their credentials and capabilities.

Clean and Easy-To-Navigate Interface

Unlike apps that take some practice to get used to, the Purple Garden app has a different design. It is straightforward and clean, and you’ll spend no time figuring out how to navigate through it. This means that you’d have more time on your hands to search for and chat with the right psychic reader.

The developers behind the app are experts in developing technology that helps people find the correct online psychic reading. They know precisely what is needed to make video readings and chat sessions seamless and enjoyable.

Easy Payments and Transparent Prices

Payments or “top-ups” come from your android or android account. Payment authorization may sometimes get approved instantly, and other times, it may take some time. You can select the psychic you wish to work with when your payment is approved. Communication with the expert coaching begins immediately, whether via chat or through the video call feature of your mobile device.

The Psychics

You can access many psychic readers on the Purple Garden app as long as you have the cash to pay. Many readers have their headshot as an introduction to their profile. It is easy to connect with a psychic if you can see what they look like at first glance. The best psychic readers on the platform have introduction videos for you to explore. This introduction gives you an insight into what it is like to work with a psychic before hiring them.

You’ll equally explore the psychic’s review stats, read through user comments, and keep track of the psychics you’ve viewed recently. The system’s design ensures that you never miss a thing.

The Purple Garden Guarantee

Purple Garden does not claim to have a product guarantee, and neither does any Purple Garden review. However, they have a refund policy for their clients, and the client must make the refund request within three days of receiving the reading.

However, the client must be able to provide accurate information about the reading session. Helpful information, in this case, will include the date when the reading took place, the reader’s details, and a genuine reason why they want a refund. Upon submission, Purple garden’s customer support will review the query on your behalf.

Unfortunately, Purple Garden does not clearly state the terms upon which they will make this refund. But they clearly say that restitution could be complete or partial. And depending on the company’s discretion, they’ll make payment in actual cash or credits. A time frame is also not attached to this refund policy, so responding to your request may not be swift.

This refund policy is not a great guarantee, but you can lower the risk by restricting your first reading time to twenty minutes. Since there are no free readings on this app, this process will help limit the risk you incur.

Psychic Reading Costs

There are no fixed prices on the Purple Garden app, but every psychic sets a price they feel corresponds to the quality of service that they render. Psychics charge clients per minute, and you can proceed if you think you can afford them.

Furthermore, a provision on the website lets you cut down reading prices when you use promo codes or coupon codes. Unfortunately, this is a limited offer, and you need an actual code before you can enjoy available discounts.

Overall Psychic Reading & Tarot Reading Services

In general, Purple garden seems to offer a quality psychic reading service. While they are certainly not perfect, they have the necessary tools to run an online psychic reading service successfully. They do their best to ensure that you limit the risk associated with seeking psychic help from the internet. With Purple Garden, psychic reading is fun, easy, and effective.

The “Journeys” feature is a standout feature that separates Purple Garden from its competitors. The feature helps you by showing you similar life experiences that others have gone through so you can learn real-life lessons.

Like we said earlier, Purple Garden’s online psychic service is not perfect. Some areas of their service delivery badly need an update, like the refund policy. We believe they are not as transparent about the process as they need to be. There needs to be clarity on the terms of refunds and how they screen psychics.

Fortunately, the seamless app compensates for these drawbacks. Overall, the service seems fair and effective.

Our Favorite Psychic Reader from Purple Garden

In case you are looking for a shorter way to find a quality psychic, pick any one of our favorite psychics below:

Spiritual Elaine

Elaine is a fantastic psychic. She doesn’t just provide tarot or psychic readings, she also does pendulum readings. Pendulum readings are great for questions that require a yes or no answer.

She is transparent and honest, making it abundantly clear that she won’t sugarcoat the truth. She is committed to telling the truth exactly how it is.

Elaine is the psychic for you if you are searching for blunt readings that may hurt you but will help you move forward.

Reading by Danielle

Danielle is a twin flame/soulmate specialist and an energy healer. She has provided readings across the globe for more than two decades.

She currently has a 5.0 rating on Purple Garden and hundreds of favorable reviews from clients who have received accurate readings from her. Danielle is genuine, transparent, and honest. She provides warnings about her style on her page; she doesn’t sugarcoat readings.

Danielle will respectfully deliver a not-too-favorable reading, and she wants you to remember that she’s just a messenger and not the cause of your wrong readings.

Also, she doesn’t deliver time frames. She’ll tell you if they are revealed to her, but there are no guarantees.

Danielle is a love specialist and should be able to help with your love troubles.


Sagest is one of the highly-rated readers of Purple Garden. She is honest and very approachable. She doesn’t just provide readings; she uses her experiences as a life coach and her psychic skills to help you with all aspects of life.

Thanks to her enormous heart, Sagest begins her readings with wisdom, love, and integrity. She is warm and is the right reader for people who are trying online readings for the first time.


Mia specializes in relationship readings and general tarot readings. She is highly rated on the Purple Garden platform, and she taps into your energy so she can accurately guide you on your life path.

Mia claims that she can provide timeliness alongside her readings (rare quality). She confirms the accuracy of her readings by explaining the circumstances surrounding your current situation. She’ll also tell you precisely what you need to do to move on from your current predicament.

Psychic Matt Warren

Matt is a hugely gifted psychic. He is French but also has Spanish and Basque origins too. He started tarot readings at a young age and has more than 20 years of psychic experience.

Matt is a professional parapsychologist who sometimes does love and life coaching. Like his fellow gifted psychics, Matt is sincere and commits never to sugar coat readings regardless of what they may be.

Matt offers special discounts on live chats and video reading sessions. He is open to all communities, including people from the LGBTQ sphere. He can help with topics like love, finance, career, business, and friendship.


=> click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

Wrapping Up On Best Psychic Reading Site: Purple Garden

Look no further than Purple Garden if you are actively looking for a mobile app-based psychic reading service. They are pretty consistent in service delivery, and they have an abundance of highly rated psychics.

Also, they’ve invested heavily to ensure that their mobile app makes it pretty easy for new users to find quality readers. You can easily navigate psychic profiles, and the payment system presents very few hassles. With the Purple Garden app, you are just a few clicks away from getting the life solutions that you desperately need.

This Purple Garden review pointed out that the platform allows readings only on mobile devices. If you wish to use your computer, you will have to find another service provider.

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