Review the Top 10 Best Nerve Pain Relief Supplements to Buy

Numbness, pain, and tingling in the extremities are usually caused by neuropathy.

Neuropathy is most typical in people with diabetes. Approximately 65% of the population with this diagnosis suffers from nerve damage, which leads to diabetic neuropathy.

Aside from diabetes, neuropathy can be caused by several other reasons. For example, in some cases, physical nerve damage is one reason, and in others, it’s simply a genetic condition.

Nowadays, nerve health supplements are considered to be the solution in dealing with neuropathy. Most of them are proven to ease the adverse effects of this diagnosis, such as inflammation and pain.

Tons of them are available on the market, and it’s challenging to figure out which supplement is quite perfect for you. Therefore, we prepared our research of the finest nerve supplements on the market.

Read our findings on the ultimate neuropathy supplements for 2021 below.

Top 2021 Nerve Supplements

Our editorial team analyzed and tested many available supplements for nerve health. We reached out to labs, contacted manufacturers, and carefully rated all listed supplements in order of efficiency.

Here is our list of the leading nerve supplements in 2021:

  • Nerve Control 911
  • Neuropathy Support Formula Nutrun Maximum Strength
  • Nervala
  • Nerve Renew
  • Nerve Rejuv
  • Nervexol
  • Circle Labs CBD
  • Nuturna Neuropathy 900
  • Neuro Calm Pro
  • Nervogen Pro
  • Nerve Pain Bonus Guide #1: Neuropathy No More
  • Nerve Pain Bonus Guide #2: Neuropathy Revolution

Read on to see our reviews and decide which product works the best for you.

Nerve Control 911


Nerve Control 911 is a neuropathy supplement made by one of the most influential wellness and health brands in the industry, PhytAge Labs. The key feature of their product is that it targets nerve pain linked with all known neuropathy conditions, like diabetes, with natural-only ingredients.

The pain can be relieved by taking only two pills of Nerve Control 911 a day.

The brand assures that its product can improve muscle function and control reflexes and motion. Plus, the product efficiently transmits information between the body and the central nervous system to reduce inflammation, among other effects significantly.

Passionflower and marshmallow root are just some of the ingredients included in the product. Although, one particular ingredient is called the ‘miracle root,’ which originated from Malaysia. According to the brand, there was a case where Nerve Control 911 helped in ‘avoiding amputation.’ The woman who suffered had enormous damage to her nerve before using the product and, thanks to it, managed to save herself from amputation.

Because of this and many other facts explained on the product’s site, the nerve-calming formula is among the top nerve brands in 2021.

Nuturun Maximum Strength Neuropathy Support Formula


This is one of the most wanted and best-selling supplements for neuropathy on the internet. The Nuturun Maximum Strength’s support formula is considered to be very powerful. Namely, this product consists of herbal extracts, benfotiamine, alpha-lipoic acid, turmeric, and L-arginine to treat nerve pain.

Another benefit that makes the Nuturun Maximum Strength the list’s most affordable supplement is its strong dose. Every serving of four capsules contains 600mg of ALA in higher amounts than other brands on our list.

Using the Nuturun Maximum Strength Neuropathy Support Formula supplement, you have a powerful blend of 18 herbs, minerals, and vitamins, all targeting nerve pain in different ways.



Named as the ‘supplement which knows the secret of getting rid of numbness, tingling, and soothing pain’ – Nervala is represented on the market by Barton Nutrition.

As per the company, this supplement’s primary goal is to ‘cool down’ your nerves and protect ‘overheating engines’ that lead to pain in the nerves.

Nervala targets the inflammation and oxidation happening in the body by eradicating free radicals. In such a way, the supplement can support nerve health and address neuropathy as an issue.

There are two active ingredients in each product serving: alpha-lipoic acid – 600mg and benfotiamine – 75mg, both aimed at treating neuropathy disorders.

Nerve Renew


Nerve Renew formula by Life Renew is designed as an advanced supplement for nerve support. It mainly utilizes alpha-lipoic and vitamins B to ease neuropathy.

To deal with the nerve damage, the brand suggests taking up to two tablets daily. The product operates in a way that fades the deterioration of the nerves with the help of antioxidants. It also relieves nerve pain, numbing sensations, discomfort, and cramping.

Some of the essential ingredients in this supplement are the vitamins such as B12, B2, B6, B1, and D.

Life Renew says that its formula has been absorbed more than three times faster than other products like it compared to other neuropathy supplements. The reason behind that is that the product’s delivery mechanism is super-unique.

Nerve Renew can be used daily for tingling, numbness, fast-active pain relief, natural nerve repair, energy boost, etc.

Nerve Rejuv


The Golden After 50 Nerve Rejuv is a supplement for neuropathy that has been commercialized for seniors suffering from nerve pain. This includes both non-diabetics and diabetics.

Pain, tingling, and numbness related to neuropathy can be seemingly avoided by consuming up to two capsules daily.

Golden After 50 uses turmeric and alpha-lipoic acid as some of its formula components to reach these healing goals. The main benefits from these ingredients are body regeneration, nerve endings recuperation, and neuropathy pain prevention. All amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts added in Nerve Rejuv can significantly contribute to soothing nerve pain.

Other specific benefits that Golden After 50 holds credits their formula for are shingles and fibromyalgia symptom alleviation, making the product effects broader than nerve pain treatment.



The Nervexol supplement is created to ease and alleviate nerve pain. The product was officially launched in 2020. Nervexol consists of compounds such as alpha-lipoic acid, calamarine, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and vitamin B1. Despite other neuropathy supplements rich in B vitamins, this product is among the few others that use calamarine. This ingredient is a type of sea squid founded in the deep seas of South American coasts. Its benefits are eye health support, brain performance enforcement, and joint health due to its abundant fatty omega-three acid sources.

The company explains that by using other unusual ingredients, like calamarine, into the formula, the supplement can support and reinforce the nerves, ease sleep, reduce burning and stinging sensations, help with numbness and tingling, especially in the legs, feet, and hands.

Circle Labs CBD


Circle Labs has a wide pallet of creams, tinctures, and CBD balms that remarkably decrease diabetic nerve pain. A lot of people are using CBD daily as a way of dealing with neuropathy. Some are claiming that this is the only natural treatment that works to their benefit. CBD operates in a way that encourages your CBD2 and CB1 receptors (found in the cells) to interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Many Circle Labs products are available on the market. Such include their CBD\CBDa oils and tinctures, 3x Strength Pain Stick CBD, as well as CBD Tension and Pain Balm.

Utilizing some of these supplements daily can contribute to restoring nerve function. As per satisfied customers, CBD Circle Labs’ products offer nerve pain and neuropathy symptom relief. The product cost can vary, depending on what you end up choosing.

Nuturna Neuropathy 900


As one of the top-selling supplements on Amazon and other eCommerce retailers – Nuturna Neuropathy 900 is the product to look at.

Nuturna Neuropathy 900 utilizes powerful portions of entirely active components to treat neuropathy like their other product designs. It boasts L-arginine, organic turmeric root, acetyl L carnitine, alpha-lipoic (900mg per serving), and other herbal extracts.

The product uses from 300mg to 900mg of ALA and has been clinically trialed. With the Nuturna Neuropathy 900, you receive 18 different compounds to help immunize your health and alleviate nerve pain.

Neuro Calm Pro


No other product on this list that supports nerve health, quite like Neuro Calm Pro. Why? Because it affects the nervous system through the ears! Neuro Calm Pro is developed both as a health supplement for the nerves and as a tinnitus supplement. It utilizes natural elements to relieve damaged and irritated nerves while diminishing nerve pain and neuropathy symptoms.

It was created with one in particular thought in mind – to calm the irritated nerves. Researcher Gerard Watson combined the building blocks of L-tyrosine, fenugreek extract, wild yam, and saw palmetto to create the product. Neuro Calm Pro can help with conditions like general tingling, nerve pain, numbness, or tinnitus in your extremities. Another analogous supplement from the company is Neuro Deep Calm.

As part of their latest promotion, the brand features therapy protocols with every product purchase made. The protocol is backed by digital sound, so all consumers can experience pleasing audio therapy to ease already irritated nerves.

Nervogen Pro


With a specific goal to treat neuropathy, Pro Nevrogen designed its product as a nutritional supplement. In it are five active components used in small doses. As per the manufacturer, the ingredients featured in the product calms nerve pain, prevent tingling and numbness, and more. The product uses poppy seed extract from California and corydalis, extract prickly pear, passionflower, and marshmallow root.

The dosage is the main issue with the Nervogen Pro supplement. The product offers a humble 145mg of passionflower and 110mg of every other ingredient we mentioned. That costs the product power in comparison with its competitors.

But, even with a low dosage, the product boasts a premium price tag. Even though Nervogen Pro can give a soft help for neuropathy and nerve pain, it can not be reliable for fixing nerve pain in severe cases.

Nerve Pain Bonus Guide #1: Neuropathy No More


Neuropathy supplements provide many affected with utter. Some consumers even use them as their only form of treatment option. An eBook called Neuropathy No More has been recently released. The book’s author, Jodi Knapp, has presented neuropathy as a choice and not a life sentence. As reported by the writer, everyone ‘can just choose to be free and released of neuropathy’ by simply implementing some of the protocols found in the eBook.

Adjusting your lifestyle and diet are some of the things Neuropathy No More recommends when treating neuropathy. The goal is to utilize the drugs to ease neuropathy symptoms while making simple and easy lifestyle adjustments.

Neuropathy is a complex condition, and it can’t be cured in some patients. So, depending on the condition severity, the Neuropathy No More guide may not suit all patients. Nevertheless, the eBook’s refund policy is 60 days for those who deem it unfit.

Nerve Pain Bonus Guide #2: Neuropathy Revolution


This guide for nerve pain called – Neuropathy Revolution states that diabetic nerve pain can be treated in less than 30 days. Precisely like the Neuropathy No More guide, this guide, too, offers a full refund for unhappy customers.

To end nerve pain caused by diabetes or stop chronic peripheral neuropathy ‘in less than 24 hours’, the creators of this guide suggest utilizing their holistic, seven-step system.

The program is also bundled up with another eBook, Diabetes Protocol, released in 2021. Using some of their holistic strategies, the eBook says that it ‘can fix and treat the root causes of Type 2 diabetes.’

How We Ranked The Top Nerve Supplements

Even though almost every supplement states to prevent and help with nerve pain, many of them simply don’t work. A number of them have unproven ingredients. Others have the right ones, but the doses are incorrect or unsuitable for treatment.

So, to distinguish the worst from the best supplements for nerve pain, here are the factors we looked into for our ranking:

Ingredients That are Clinically Proven

Millions of people worldwide are affected by peripheral neuropathy. The researchers have spent decades analyzing and finding out how nutrients, herbal extracts, plants, minerals, and vitamins can impact neuropathy. For our list, we chose supplements for neuropathy that use and contain top and clinically proven compounds.

Doses That Show Effects

Some product doses out there are simply too low. Despite having the right ingredients, some supplements for neuropathy consist of incorrect or insufficient doses. These companies typically refuse to share information about their dosage recommendations as well openly. We included neuropathy supplements similar to those served in scientific studies and clinical trials for our ranking.

Value and Price

$20 to $100 is the average cost of most supplements for neuropathy. Here, we featured different supplements and products that come at all prices. Nevertheless, at every expense, we emphasize the excellent value and quality of the product. Considering your budget, you can find and choose different brands to treat neuropathy.

Transparent Benefits

Many nerve pain supplements for diabetes falsely say they can eliminate neuropathy, cure diabetes, and fix an array of related problems. Others, for example, are more honest and state that their benefits can support nerve welfare, maintain blood sugar levels and aid the body in general. For our research, we only featured brands featuring transparent and realistic benefits.

Honest Labels

Not all supplements feature all relevant information on their label. However, this is a must considering diabetics and other vulnerable groups need to be aware of the intake amount to avoid problems and achieve results. Many neuropathy supplement brands will cover the complete list of their product dosage and all ingredients and considerations on their label. Other brands may also feature scientific findings on their product labels or feature their product’s clinical trials.

Location and Reputation of the Manufacturer

There are two types of supplement producers: those who reveal limited information about their location, company, and the sources of the ingredients, and those who are well-known in the world of nerve healing supplements. For our research, we preferred the latter group over unknown providers.

Company Medical Board

The most reputable nerve supplement brands will have their medical advisory board. That board offers all the professional help needed to create a solid product. Such experts can include nutritionists, medical researchers, doctors, wellness and health professionals, naturopathic experts, and more. Companies with a medical advisory board are fully invested in the decision and manufacturing process of their products.

Attested to Benefits

We tested different formulas for our research, analyzed a customer’s reviews, and utilized tons of metrics to understand better and determine the effectiveness of each supplement we listed. There are great supplements that work perfectly within the first days or weeks. In creating our list, we steered clear of brands that could not vouch for their product benefits.

Neuropathy Supplements Scientific Evidence

Most supplements for neuropathy have not undergone any clinical trials. Still, tons of research is in favor of using specific ingredients to create superb neuropathy supplements.

Below, we present to you the most powerful and most proven ingredients for neuropathy supplements.

Acetyl L Carnitine

This ingredient is among the most popular found in nerve supplements. The kidneys and liver naturally produce it. Some consumers take products that contain acetyl L-carnitine daily to support cognitive health and physical energy. As per a few small studies, this compound can largely contribute to easing neuropathy symptoms. Other studies, however, indicated key differences between acetyl L-carnitine and placebos. Here, researchers found that acetyl L carnitine can remarkably improve nerve function in patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Almost all supplements for neuropathy consist of Vitamins B, whether it is a B complex blend, B12, or B6. In a study from 2014, researchers discovered that B12 deficiency showed results linked to various health issues – pointing to nerve dysfunction as one of the main ones. Another statement was also made, suggesting that this deficiency type first shows neuropathy symptoms in the feet. If a person has neuropathy symptoms and is deficient in the B12 vitamin – an increased intake of the same supplement could be beneficial. The same study monitored and examined the effects of vitamin B6 effect on neuropathy. It was later found that its deficiency can result in heartburn and numbness in the feet, legs, and hands. Same as Vitamin B12, if you lack a B6 vitamin in your system – related nerve supplements can help compensate for lost amounts.

ALA – Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This is one of the most common antioxidant-chemical components found in the world of neuropathy supplements. Studies show ALA can help ease the stabbing and burning pains related to neuropathy, mainly in a few weeks. The 2006 study elaborates that researchers gave participants different amounts of ALA per day; for example, 1800mg, 1200mg, or 600mg. Five weeks later, they started to test the doses’ effects. Most results were seen in patients who took an actual dose of the compound, and none were seen in patients who took a placebo. Using 300 mg of ALA also boosted circulation and decreased inflammation in the subjects who took the actual dose.

Many believe that magnesium can be another boost in treating neuropathy. Under the Peripheral Neuropathy Foundation, magnesium helps alleviate chemotherapy and neuropathy symptoms. However, more reliable research should be done so this data could be positively confirmed. Another study showed that people experienced fewer neuropathy symptoms while undergoing chemotherapy thanks to their higher magnesium levels. In comparison, one study of 2013 indicated that there is no connection between magnesium and neuropathy.


This amino acid is as generous as compounds get. Glutamine puts its primary focus on treating muscle pain, tingling, inflammation, and numbness. Several studies also found glutamine helpful and productive in the treatment of different neuropathy disorders. Glutamine can be obtained via neuropathy supplements and many foods, such as egg whites, wheat, corn, milk, soybeans, peanuts, and more. One study review showed that glutamine could drastically diminish the patient’s neuropathy symptoms.


This antioxidant is found in most supplements for neuropathy. Recent research demonstrated that glutathione could be effective for treating various neuropathy types. These are embedding diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-related neuropathy, and others.

The only concrete issue with glutathione is its absorption. Glutathione is mainly broken down by the body even before it is absorbed. This is why it isn’t easy to include glutathione as part of a supplement. But, neuropathy can be managed in other ways, too. Lifestyle factors and diet were both mentioned as key factors in balancing neuropathy symptoms.

Relevant studies show that engaging in more physical activity, balancing the blood sugar levels, receiving a Shingles vaccine, and reducing inflammation, can be paramount in dealing with neuropathy. To normalize the blood sugar levels and flow, it’s advised to give up smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.

Lastly, neuropathy is a severe condition and requires a medical checkup to determine diagnosis and course of treatment. If the condition is more serious, supplements might not be a reliable cure for it.

Neuropathy Supplements FAQs

Q: What Does Neuropathy Mean?

A: Neuropathy is a chronic condition provoked by compressing or damaging the brain and spinal cord nerves.

Q: Peripheral Neuropathy. What is it?

A: It is another name for neuropathy. There isn’t any particular difference between the two.

Q: What’s the difference between polyneuropathy and mononeuropathy?

A: When a condition simultaneously affects more nerves at once – it’s called polyneuropathy. When only one nerve is involved, it is defined as mononeuropathy.

Q: Most common symptoms for neuropathy?

A: Some of the most typical neuropathy symptoms include weakness in the feet and hands, numbness, tingling, burning, pain, and more. The most relatable feeling to neuropathy is the sensation of needles and pins.

Q: What’s the cause of neuropathy?

A: Destroyed or damaged nerves are the most significant cause of the condition. Signals are sent to your brain from your body every second. When these nerves get damaged, the signals create confusion, pain, or numbness.

Q: How is neuropathy treated medically?

A: Depending on the condition, different types of treatments can be recommended. Physical therapy and pain medication, laser treatments, or topical medications are the most common treatment plans. Other treatments are focused on the symptoms and not the root cause.

Q: Neuropathy surgery. How does it work?

A: Known as nerve decompression, neuropathy surgery relieves compression points around a particular nerve.

Q: Different people, different neuropathy sensations – why is that?

A: The condition is a very complex one. That’s why many can experience different symptoms. A doctor’s evaluation can help set a proper diagnosis of neuropathy.

Q: Is neuropathy painful?

A: Pain depends on the damage the nerves have suffered. It can vary – from slight to extreme.

Q: What kind of nerves the condition of neuropathy affects?

A: Three types of nerves are primarily affected in neuropathy: the motor nerves, the sensory nerves, and the autonomic nerves. Each type affects different body areas.

Q: What are the common causes of peripheral neuropathy?

A: The most common causes of peripheral neuropathy include physical injury, fracture, repetitive motion, diabetes, circulatory disruptions, vascular issues, smoking, autoimmune diseases and disorders, chemotherapy drugs, cancer, hormonal imbalances, liver and kidney diseases, and infections.

Q: How do doctors diagnose neuropathy?

A: Diagnosing neuropathy is a complex task, as its symptoms can vary. To diagnose it, a doctor will look into your medical history, do a neurological and physical exam, carry out genetic and body fluids tests, etc. In some cases, EMG or nerve biopsy is required.

Q: How can I prevent neuropathy?

A: Baby steps. The condition is preventable, mainly by controlling diabetes symptoms and losing weight. For the best results, speak with your doctor.

Q: Is neuropathy a genetic condition?

A: Out of the 100 types of neuropathy tested, some are genetic, some are not.

For example, ‘Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease’ is a genetic nerve disorder. Non-genetic neuropathy types are influenced by various lifestyle and medical factors, not genes.

Q: Can pre-diabetes cause neuropathy?

A: Neuropathy is developed by people with diabetes. But it can also be developed in prediabetics. A considerable risk for neuropathy is high blood sugar levels which may point to pre-diabetes.

Q: Neuropathy supplements. How do they work?

A: Some supplements are designed to support inflammation and blood flow. Others nurture the body with herbal extracts, amino acids, plant extracts, and other ingredients connected to neuropathy relief.

Q: What are the best neuropathy supplements today?

A: The best neuropathy supplements available on the 2021 market can be found in our list.

Top 2021 Nerve Supplements Conclusion

Millions of people are affected by the pain and discomfort of neuropathy. To help yourself or someone else – consider using some of the nerve and neuropathy supplements we offered above. Defend your body from nerve pain, and give it the support it deserves!

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