Reviewing the Top Ranking Best Mushroom Pills and Powders

Medicinal mushroom extracts are in increasing demand these days. With growing popularity, scientists constantly discover new psilocybin benefits of organic mushrooms as consumers become more aware of it.

It is so much easier to purchase online medicinal mushrooms and best mushroom supplements these days. However, psilocybin’s quantity is limited in few mushroom supplements, a controlled substance. But a majority of most mushroom supplements contain other mushrooms for added benefits.

You can select your choice from a wide range of mushrooms- medicinal mushrooms and mushroom supplements; you have more options today than ever before. Here, we have chosen some of the best medicinal mushroom supplements of 2021 that you should consider buying.

Top Medicinal Mushroom Supplements in 2021

Our editorial team contacted the manufacturers of the best mushroom supplements. After analyzing several lab reports, we have compared numerous medicinal mushroom supplements to help in providing this list of the Best Medicinal Mushroom Supplements to buy in 2021. After deep deliberation, here are our top picks of best medicinal mushroom supplements:

Onnit Shroom Tech Support Supports overall health and wellness
Four Sigmatic Helps in clear thinking and mental clarity
Real Mushrooms Promotes immune system
MUD/WTR Enhances cellular energy
Mushroom Defense Protects the body from various illnesses and diseases
Organixx 7M+ Reduces the chances of cognitive decline
Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane Increases self-confidence and physical performance
Genius Mushrooms Boost brain health
Mushroom Revival Regenerates immune and brain cells
Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus Improves energy and focus
FreshCap Increases mental clarity and focus
VidaCap Promotes overall health
Shroomy Promotes digestive and gut health
Ceremony Mushrooms Alleviates stress and anxiety
Gundry MD Mushroom Vitality Boost energy level and brings back youthful energy
Circadian Wellness Improves physical performance
Vita Post Immune Support Enhances immunity
MycoPhyto Complex Avoids catching viral and bacterial infections
Brain Forza Organic MyLion’s Mane Prevents free radical damage
Spore Improves immunity response
Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery Enhances cognitive abilities
The Drug store Adaptogenic Mushrooms Boost cognitive health
Yoursuper.com Magic Mushroom Reduces age-related body decline
Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract Promotes overall wellness
Plant People Wonder Day Rejuvenates immune and brain cells
Goldmine Super shroom powder Boost immune function

Let’s get into reading what makes these mushroom supplements the best choice for you:

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT


Onnit is one of the best medicinal mushroom brands that are available in the market today. The Joe-Rogan-backed mushroom supplement company advertises Shroom Tech SPORT as a daily energy supplement. The mushroom supplement company recommends taking one capsule of Shroom Tech SPORT daily to boost your energy levels and support daily energy in numerous ways.

We chose the Onnit Shroom Tech sport because it is one of the few mushroom supplement companies on our list that runs a clinical trial on its products. Onnit regularly invests in clinical trials for Shroom Tech SPORT and its other mushroom supplements. According to the results of one clinical trial, Shroom Tech SPORT reportedly enhanced bench press reps by 12%, boosted bench press and back squat reps by 7%, and helped increase the cardio performance of its users by 8.8%.

Shroom Tech SPORT uses plant-based ingredients like vitamin B12 and a mushroom complex to help support your energy levels in multiple ways. The ingredients added to this supplement make Shroom Tech SPORT one of the most potent medicinal mushroom formulas on this list.

Ingredients Cordyceps, Adaptogen blend, ashwagandha, green tea leaf extract, Rhodiola, and astragalus root extract
Key Highlights
  • Boost cellular energy level for better physical health
  • Improves brain health with enhanced mental clarity
  • Enhances cardiovascular health
  • Promotes overall wellness and health in various ways
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Price $25

    Four Sigmatic


    Four Sigmatic is well-known for its ground mushroom coffees and vegan proteins, for which it is featured in major media outlets consistently. Media platforms such as Goop, Women’s Health, and TIME have covered Four Sigmatic supplements in their features. Four Sigmatic offers combined benefits of multiple mushroom extracts and other plant-based ingredients.

    Four Sigmatic categorizes its mushroom supplements into three major categories- including ‘Think’ (to help you live focussed mornings and afternoons), ‘Defend’ (to support daily nutrition and immune system), and ‘Chill’ (to help you relax at any time of the day). As a customer, you can also purchase based on product types- choosing from various coffees, proteins, and Caicos, among other options.

    Four Sigmatic operates out of Finland, where people have used mushrooms like Chaga and lion’s mane mushroom for centuries. Today, Four Sigmatic’s popular options include the Mushroom Blend Mix, ground mushroom coffees, and plant-based protein powders that come in multiple flavors. It is also worth noting that Four Sigmatic products are USDA organic certified. The certification makes the mushroom supplements company one of the popular options in medicinal mushroom supplements.

    Ingredients Organic Superfood Protein Blend (organic pea protein, organic hemp, organic chia, organic coconut, and organic pumpkin protein powders), Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Eleuthero, Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Reishi, Organic Chaga, Organic Lucuma
    Key Highlights
  • Relaxes the mind to reduce stress symptoms
  • Reduces fatigue and morning sickness
  • Boost cardio energy for better physical performance
  • Supports immune system to protect against infections and illness
  • Other Perks
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • USDA Organic certified ingredients
  • Price $20

    Real Mushrooms


    Real Mushrooms is a family-owned and run mushroom farm and mushroom supplements company. This mushroom supplements firm has about 40 years of growing experience; this adds to the mushroom company’s real-world experience and makes it one of our user’s top choices.

    Today, some of the renowned Real medicinal mushroom formulas include powders and capsules with mushroom extracts. You can make your own choice and choose specific medicinal mushrooms, including mushroom supplements like Chaga, Tremella, Turkey Tail, Reishi, along with cordyceps mushroom products. You can also choose a blend of numerous mushroom extracts such as ‘5 Defenders’ or ‘Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix,’ among many popular options.

    Located in a small coastal town in Vancouver, this mushroom supplements company offers top-quality and mushroom supplements without charging vast sums of money. Most of the company’s mushroom powders and capsules are priced at around $25 to $35, making it one of the affordable mushroom supplements companies on our list.

    Ingredients Chaga mushroom extracts, tremella, turkey tail mushroom extract, reishi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and cordyceps mushroom
    Key Highlights
  • Provides a better immune system to fight against free radical damage
  • Boost mental performance and brain health
  • Enhances oxygen utilization and cellular energy
  • Strengthen muscle mass and bone health
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • FDA(GRAS) approved mushroom extracts
  • Price $25 to $35



    MUD/WTR is a coffee substitute that uses organic ingredients and medicinal mushroom extracts to provide targeted benefits. MUD/WTR aims to offer you the energy-boosting benefits of coffee without overloading your body with caffeine.

    If you are looking to boost your body’s overall energy levels in the morning without any irritating side effects of caffeine, then MUD/WTR may be the perfect choice for you. Each serving of MUD/WTR supplements contains about 1/7th of caffeine present in coffee. Besides, the ingredients are USDA-Organic-certified, much similar to other mushroom supplements on our list.

    Ingredients Masala chai, cacao, turmeric, cinnamon, Himalayan sea salt, and four types of proven and medicinal mushrooms- lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga, and reishi mushroom extract
    Key Highlights
  • Enhances digestive health and cardiovascular abilities
  • Boost metabolic rate for better performance
  • Reduces memory loss problem by promoting brain health
  • Alleviates stress and chronic mental disorders
  • Other Perks
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured under GMP practices
  • Price $40

    Mushroom Defense


    Mushroom Defense is the best mushroom supplement that combats fatigue in your body and protects you against cognitive decline while also providing other protection benefits. As per the manufacturer, Mushroom Defense can leave you feeling cleaner and energized. The mushroom supplement also shields you from viral and bacterial threats and infections, sharpens your memory and focus, and offers other unique benefits that we do not see advertised with the other mushroom supplements companies on our list.

    Mushroom Defense’s supplements contain proven and medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and Shiitake mushrooms. Each serving contains approximately ten functional mushrooms that help support numerous benefits throughout your body in different ways. The company derives its mushrooms from a blend of eighty% fruit bodies and twenty% mycelium. Described as ‘revolutionary’ by the manufacturers, Mushroom Defense continues to be a popular mushroom supplement company option available online today.

    Ingredients Cordyceps, lion’s mane, turkey tail, shiitake mushroom, reishi fruiting body mushroom, and maitake fruiting body mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Detoxifies the body to promote a weight loss regime
  • Boost memory and focus
  • Reduces fatigue and keeps you active
  • Protects against age-related disorder and cognitive decline
  • Other Perks
  • 67 days money-back guarantee
  • Made in the United States
  • Price $60

    Organixx 7M+


    Organixx 7M+ is immunity-boosting fermented mushroom pills that entail a mix of seven potent medicinal mushrooms known for their anti-aging and immune-supporting benefits. These organic mushrooms include turkey tail, Chaga, Shiitake, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms. The supplements company ferments each mushroom to ensure maximum nutrition and bioavailability.

    Organixx 7M+ mushroom complex also uses a unique ingredient that we do not see with other mushroom supplements: kelp extract. The Kelp extract in the mushroom supplement 7M+ can purportedly support a healthy liver function. The company recommends taking the Organixx 7M+ mushroom complex daily to give your body mushroom extracts, beta-glucans, antioxidants, and other plant-based compounds to support multiple benefits.

    Ingredients Turkey tail, chaga, shiitake mushrooms, maitake, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms
    Key Highlights
  • Increases metabolism to enhance physical energy
  • Alleviate age-related body decline symptoms
  • Supports liver and gut health
  • Boost daily energy
  • Other Perks
  • 365 days money-back guarantee
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Price $55

    Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane


    Lion’s Mane is one of the well-known mushroom supplements available in the market today. With MyPure Lion’s Mane formula, you get a significant dose of Lion’s Mane in every capsule. The company markets MyPure Lion’s Mane to support healthy brain function and immune response. By taking one tablet of MyPure Lion’s Mane supplement daily, you can professionally support good memory, mood cognizance, nerve growth, healthy brain function, among other benefits.

    The Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane has a competitive advantage over other mushroom supplement brands: the supplement uses hundred% certified organic lion’s mane and mushroom extract. Each MyPure Lion’s Mane tablet contains about twenty% to forty% of beta-glucans obtained from hundred% natural mushroom fruiting bodies.

    Ingredients Lion’s mane extract
    Key Highlights
  • Supports brain health with great memory power and cognitive health
  • Promotes nerve growth for better immune and brain function
  • Boost better sleep quality and reduce mood swings
  • Increases physical energy
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back 100%-certified guarantee
  • 100% Natural formula
  • Price $23

    The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms


    The Genius Brand’s Genius Mushrooms utilizes lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms to help boost your energy levels, provide stress relief, support memory, and liver health, among other benefits.

    Genius Mushrooms is one of the mushroom supplements brands available for online purchase today. Over 22,800 reviews back the supplement on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Genius Mushrooms continue to be a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of mushrooms easily and handily. Each serving of the supplement contains cordyceps (to boost performance), lion’s mane (to support cognition), and Reishi (for longevity). These ingredients allow the supplement brand to provide robust and proven organic mushrooms in every vegetable tablet.

    Ingredients Cordyceps mushrooms, lion’s mane mushroom extract, and reishi mushroom extract
    Key Highlights
  • Boost physical performance with enhanced cellular energy
  • Supports cognitive abilities for better brain health
  • Provides anti-aging properties for better health and wellness
  • Promotes liver and gut health
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% organic mushroom extracts
  • Price $22

    Mushroom Revival


    Mushroom revival admits that they are “obsessed with the power of mushrooms.” If you purchase a mushroom revival supplement today, you too can live and experience the benefits of its mushrooms.

    Renowned Mushroom Revival formulas include the Calm Tincture, the Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture, the Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture, along the Cordyceps Energy Tincture. Whether you are looking for a specific mushroom compound or a collection of multiple mushroom blend tinctures, Mushroom Revival has various formulas to help you enjoy the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in a tincture form.

    Ingredients Chaga, cordyceps, Lion’s mane mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, maitake, and turkey tail capsules
    Key Highlights
  • It brings happiness by providing soothing properties to the brain
  • Boost immune function to prevent free radical damage
  • Improves mental clarity and memory power
  • Reduces stress hormones naturally
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Soy and GMO-free
  • Price $35

    Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus


    Earth Nutri Performance Energy Focus comes with a goal to enhance your physical and mental energy usage and distribution using a blend of mushrooms and other ingredients. The powdered formula comes with citicoline, alpha-GPC, organic mushroom powder, and theacrine as its primary ingredients. The supplement resembles a nootropic and mushroom formula combined to provide maximum benefits.

    Energy +Focus Mushroom Formula uses a blend of various mushrooms to boost your peak power, decrease exhaustion, and sustain higher performance levels for long hours. The mushroom blend contains various medicinal mushroom extracts. All these ingredients deliver 2,000 mg of mushroom extract in every serving (every stick). You have to mix one serving with water and drink Energy + Focus daily for a high-power burst of mushroom-based energy.

    Ingredients Citicoline, alpha-GPC, organic mushroom powder, theacrine, cordyceps mushrooms, reishi mushroom fruiting body, king trumpet, shiitake, lion’s mane, and turkey tail mushroom extracts11
    Key Highlights
  • Minimizes tiredness and allows the user to stay active
  • Sustain great energy level for longer period
  • Provides multiple health benefits for overall well being
  • Reduces morning sickness
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Natural mushroom mix
  • Price $40



    FreshCap provides numerous types of mushroom supplements, mushroom coffees, and mushroom powders to deliver targeted benefits. You can get morning freshness energy, nighttime relaxation, and other specific benefits by consuming FreshCap’s mushroom formulas daily.

    As per FreshCap, the company’s mushroom supplements can help support your overall health and immunity levels, enhance focus and mental clarity, energy, and stamina, among other effects.

    You can purchase specific mushroom supplements such as the Lion’s Mane capsules and Turkey Tail Capsules (costing $35 apiece). You can also buy synergistic blends containing multiple mushroom extracts in the form of mushroom powders.

    If you are looking for efficient mushroom supplements with attractive and trendy packaging, then FreshCap may be the right choice of mushroom supplements available today. You can also customize and personalize various mushroom supplements for added benefits. This practice will also allow you to try different types of mushrooms at once.

    Ingredients Organic Chaga extract, organic Cordyceps, organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Maitake, Organic Turkey Tail, organic Reishi mushroom and green tea leaf extract.
    Key Highlights
  • Boost cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Enhances focus and learning ability
  • Aid in weight loss by increasing energy level
  • Manages stress and anxiety-related symptoms
  • Other Perks
  • 60 days refund policy
  • 100% natural formula
  • Price $35+



    VidaCap is a mushroom supplement company that offers a range of mushroom supplements targeting specific benefits like proper sleep for the users. The brand also provides several particular medicinal mushroom formulas like its Reishi and Lion’s Mane supplements. VidaCap’s formulas enable you to enjoy the benefits of mushroom supplements at affordable prices without compromising on mushroom quality.

    Each VidaCap supplement offers premium-grade mushrooms sourced from closed greenhouses situated in China and Russia. These mushrooms are sun-dried, screened, and milled after reaping. VidaCap also tests its mushroom supplements with a third-party lab to ensure they are free from heavy metals and other harmful components. VidaCap remains one of the most influential and best-value mushroom brands available today for those seeking various benefits and specific mushroom power mixes, even though most other mushroom supplement companies follow a similar route.

    Ingredients Reishi, passionflower and melatonin, turkey tail, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and Chaga mushroom mycelia
    Key Highlights
  • Boost the immunity for better metabolic rate and defense body system
  • Boost cognitive health
  • Promotes memory power and focus alertness
  • Enhances digestive and liver functioning
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Backed with many positive reviews
  • Price $24



    Shroomy is one of the only two mushroom supplements brands on our list that comes packaged as mushroom gummies. Shroomy markets its gummies as nootropic mushroom blends that help support cognition and health in multiple ways. This supplement will cost you around $1 per day. These mushroom gummies consist of the most common mushrooms, such as the lion’s Mane, Reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms.

    According to Shroomy’s website, the lion’s mane mushroom in their gummies acts as a proven cognition booster that gives you greater mental clarity while working, studying, or doing other productive work. In contrast, Reishi boosts your immune system while cordyceps take care of your energy levels by optimizing ATP Production.

    If you want to truly live and experience the benefits of mushroom supplements in the form of a gummy, then the mushroom supplement brand- Shroomy may be the perfect choice of mushroom supplement for you.

    Ingredients Reisha, Cordyceps mushrooms, and Lions Mane mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Strengthen immune system to protect against viral and bacterial infections
  • Gives great mental clarity and focus for better mental performance
  • Enhances physical performance by improving cellular energy
  • Reduces tiredness and helps in staying energetic
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • No addictive or harmful chemicals are added to the supplement
  • Price $30

    Ceremony Mushrooms


    Ceremony mushrooms provide several medicinal mushroom blends to help support your overall immunity and stamina. The mushroom company is best-known for its mushroom tinctures that offer targeted benefits to the customers, including Stress Relief tinctures, Sleep potions, Mushroom Blend tinctures, and Digestion Tincture. Every mushroom tincture contains a powerful combination of mushrooms, adaptogens, herbs, and other plant-based ingredients. Much similar to other high-quality mushroom supplements, Ceremony Mushrooms’s remedies come at a higher price than regular mushroom capsules, powders, and formulas on this list.

    Ingredients All types of medicinal mushroom extracts, such as shiitake, reishi, cordyceps, and maitake mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes better digestion and gut health
  • Relieves the mind from high-stress levels and provides happiness
  • Ensures better sleep quality and controls mood swings
  • Boost overall wellness and health with various health benefits
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured under FDA and GMP practices
  • Price $45+

    Gundry MD Mushroom Vitality


    GundryMD is a California-based anti-aging supplements company that has launched a mushroom supplement called Mushroom Vitality. The company backs itself with top ratings and high price tags. Mushroom Vitality can purportedly support a healthy immune system while boosting your energy levels in the morning.

    Mushroom Vitality is also one of the few mushroom supplements on our list that comes packaged as a liquid tincture. You should add about 4 mL (approximately five droppers ) into a glass of water and then consume Mushroom Vitality supplement daily for enhanced benefits.

    Dr. Gundry developed this formula that further legitimizes Mushroom Vitality over competing mushroom supplements mentioned here.

    Ingredients Reishi mushroom fruiting body, Chaga mushroom mycelia, and Coriolus mushroom fruiting body with mycelia
    Key Highlights
  • Protects your body from old aged illness and diseases
  • Supports immune system for better metabolic rate and overall health
  • Strengthen your muscle mass and bone health
  • Reduce morning sickness and boost your energy every morning
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Every mushroom extract added in the supplement is approved by FDA(GRAS)
  • Price $66

    Circadian Wellness


    Circadian Wellness uses its own “Quicksome” technology to produce high-quality mushroom supplements that target specific benefits among its users. As a customer, you can purchase Circadian Wellness supplements that target sleep, energy, pain, cognition, and libido, among other similar effects.

    Circadian Wellness believes that realigning your circadian rhythm is vital for a healthy mind, body, and soul; this is the company’s vision that it continues to incorporate into its daily functioning. If you consume the right mushroom supplements daily, you can restore your circadian rhythm and support optimal health. You can also enjoy more excellent absorption with lower mushroom doses due to Circadian Wellness’s Quicksome technology. Circadian Wellness may have the solution you seek, whether you are looking for specific mushrooms such as the lion’s mane or a blend of various mushroom types.

    Ingredients Lion mane’s, cordyceps, maitake, reishi mushroom extracts and turkey tail mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes overall wellness and cardiovascular health
  • Boost cognitive functioning
  • Reduces pain and aches
  • increases self confidence and sexual performance with natural testosterone and libido production
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Uses Quicksome technology
  • Price $30+

    VitaPost Immune Support


    VitaPost Immune Support is an immunity-boosting mushroom supplement with great immune-enhancing properties. The formula contains a blend of plant-based extracts to help support your immunity levels in multiple ways, including mushroom extracts.

    Suppose you consume VitaPost’s Immune Support supplements daily. In that case, you can provide your body with beta-glucans and arabinogalactan obtained from advanced herbal extracts and antioxidants from ingredients like quercetin and green tea extract, among other beneficial ingredients that support immunity in numerous ways. It is no news that Shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushroom extracts have been linked with good immune system health for centuries now. With VitaPost’s Immune Support supplement, you can provide your body with the mushroom extracts and other necessary ingredients that you require for good immune health in multiple ways.

    Ingredients Vitamin E, Green tea extract, Beta Glucans Graviola Leaf, Shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Strengthen immune function for overall health and well-being.
  • Boost mental health by decreasing stress, memory loss, and other mental disorders
  • Helps in the nourishment of immune cells, tissues, and muscles for better and seamless movements
  • Offers various cognitive health abilities
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Complete safe product
  • Price $14

    MycoPhyto Complex


    MycoPhyto is a mushroom supplement containing six proven mushroom extracts capsulated as a single, convenient mushroom formula. The mushroom supplements company has also added a dosage option of 50 mg of beta-glucan to optimize and support various health-related benefits.

    MycoPhyto Complex uses advanced Bionutritionals. Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, formulated the MycoPhyto Complex formula that contains a combination of six medicinal mushrooms and is proven research-backed to support health in multiple ways.

    Ingredients Reishi, cordyceps mushrooms, turkey tail, Polyporus, royal Agaricus, and maitake mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Boost overall brain functioning and wellness
  • Saves the body from aging symptoms, like cognitive decline, joint pain and more
  • Enhances physical energy for better performance and activities
  • Improves immunity to fight off with free radical damage
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Price $40

    Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom


    Brain Forza Mushroom Supplement utilizes USDA-organic certified lion’s mane mushrooms that are laboratory-grown; this makes them stronger than wild-grown mushrooms. These mushrooms are cooked twice at about 125 degrees celsius.

    The mushroom supplement firm, Brain Forza, markets its Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom formula as a supplement that can optimize your brain health, memory, neuroprotection, and good mood, among other benefits. This solution is two to six times stronger than a regular lion’s mane mushroom extract as it contains more than 1 g of polysaccharides in each serving. According to Brain Forza, their mushroom supplement is the purest and the most potent hericium known in present times.

    The mushroom formula comes USDA Organic-certified, so it is verified to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other similar contaminants.

    Ingredients Lion mane’s, reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps mushrooms
    Key Highlights
  • Supports immune health for overall wellness
  • Enhances memory and problem-solving abilities
  • Promotes learning ability and overall cognitive health
  • Boost metabolic rate to stay energetic
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured under GMP Practices
  • Price $40

    Goldmine Supershroom Powder


    Goldmine SuperShroom Powder is one of the well-known mushroom supplements brands today. Goldmine Supershroom Powder protects and nourishes your immune system by effectively using antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory mushrooms and herbal extracts.

    You should take 0.5 to 1 teaspoon of Goldmine Supershroom Powder up to three times a day to enjoy the benefits of delicious plant extracts while supporting your overall health.

    Ingredients Lucuma, ginger, astragalus, reishi fruiting body mushroom, turkey tail fruiting body mushroom, and maitake fruiting body mushroom
    Key Highlights
  • Responsible for the nourishment of brain and immune cells
  • Reduces high blood pressure and blood sugar level along with various health benefits
  • Boost sleep, memory, and focus
  • Supports digestive and cardiovascular health
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Anti-Inflammatory formula
  • Price $28

    Your Super.com Magic Mushroom


    Yoursuper.com offers a magic mushroom powder. The formula doesn’t come packaged with ‘magic’ mushrooms, quite literally, but it contains mushrooms that provide you with magical benefits. Magic Mushrooms formula serves six organic superfood ingredients: cacao, Chaga, ashwagandha, Reishi, lucuma, and cinnamon. These six ingredients are all USDA Organic-certified.

    YourSuper.com tests each of its supplements in a third-party lab before and after the production process to ensure maximum customer quality. The mushroom company recommends using Magic Mushroom powder in recipes, drinks, oatmeal, shakes, beverages, and other meals of your preferences. This formula is similar to a hot chocolate powder mixed with proven mushroom extracts to offer you mushroom benefits with the tastiness of a hot chocolate powder.

    Ingredients Cacao, Chaga, ashwagandha, reishi, lucuma, and cinnamon.
    Key Highlights
  • Soothes and relaxes the mind
  • Promotes healthy immune system to fight against bacterial and viral infections
  • Supports overall health and well being
  • Reduces inflammation to deal with pain and body aches
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • All organic ingredients are added
  • Price $35



    Spore is a mushroom supplement that provides multiple benefits, including cognitive function, eliminating brain fog for enhanced clarity, mental energy, and focus. The supplement also supports creativity while providing other benefits.

    Each Spore Focus Performance Mushroom supplement carries cordyceps, ashwagandha, ginkgo Biloba, lion’s mane, and other plant-based ingredients. Much similar to other mushroom supplements listed here, Spore is made from a blend of proven mushrooms containing popular adaptogens that support your health in numerous ways. As per the manufacturers of Spore, the supplement works as a natural energy booster and libido booster. It is a neuro-protective supplement that also offers anti-aging benefits and daily cognitive support for its users.

    Ingredients Green tea extract, cordyceps, ashwagandha, Ginkgo Biloba, and lion’s mane mushrooms
    Key Highlights
  • Great libido and testosterone booster for better sexual performance
  • Natural energy booster to enhance physical health
  • Comes with many cognitive benefits
  • Protects neurotransmitters from aging damage
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured under GMP research centers
  • Price $50

    Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery


    Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery is an immune support supplement formulated by Dr. Bill Rawls. Dr. Rawls came up with the adaptogenic herbal formula that strengthens your body and supports immune health, making you more resilient.

    Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery uses Chinese Skullcap extract, cordyceps extract, reishi mushroom extract, and Rehmmania extract to deliver these benefits. These four mushroom extracts boost immune system benefits by acting as adaptogens and helping your body respond to physical or cognitive stress. Vital Plan backs its formula with a100% money-back policy which makes Adaptogen Recovery one of the best mushroom supplements available today in the market.

    Ingredients Chinese skullcap extract, cordyceps extract, reishi mushroom extract, and Remannia extract
    Key Highlights
  • Boost immune functioning to fight with free radical damage of immune cells
  • Soothes the mind, in case of high-stress levels
  • Promotes cognitive health and self-confidence
  • Increases energy level for enhanced physical performance
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Price $72

    The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms


    The Drug store provides more than a dozen adaptogenic and medicinal mushrooms that target specific health and wellness goals. Some of the most sought-after medicinal mushroom supplements are Wunder Workshop, Glowbar, and Anatomē. Some of the Drug Store’s formulas cater to meet the immunity needs of their customers, while others take care of overall health and wellness or cognition.

    The Drug Store operates from London, UK, and is a supplement company that provides a range of supplements for its users, including CBD oils, nootropics, and various mushroom blends. Whether you are looking for mushroom tinctures, medicinal mushroom powders, or any other mushroom extracts or supplements, then The Drug Store may be the perfect fit for your needs as it offers extensive options at competitive prices.

    Ingredients Four types of mushroom extracts, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12
    Key Highlights
  • Alleviates age-related cognitive decline
  • Boost lean muscle mass and aid in weight loss
  • Supports overall health and wellness
  • Enhances digestion and improves gut health
  • Other Perks
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Heavy discount on orders from its official website
  • Price $20+

    Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract


    The supplement company, Botany offers a famous mushroom formula called the Cordyceps Militaris extract. This supplement contains about 30 g of Cordyceps extract in each serving along with one% cordycepin concentrate. Botany’s Cordyceps Militaris extract provides you with all the benefits of cordyceps in a simple yet effective way.

    Each jar of Botany’s mushroom supplement is UV-resistant to minimize degradation. The PET single wall jar helps to ensure that you receive the highest quality cordyceps that offer powerful benefits. Botany has partnered with a third-party lab to provide maximum purity and potency in its formulas. The company also publishes its test results online for its users. If you are looking for a high-quality Cordyceps Militaris Extract, then Botany’s mushroom supplement may be the right choice for you.

    Ingredients Cordyceps extract and 1% cordycepin concentration
    Key Highlights
  • Enhances better sleeping quality and treats insomnia
  • Reduces mood swings and boost cognitive health
  • Brings back youthful energy for better physical performance
  • Enhances immune functioning for overall health
  • Other Perks
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping all over the USA
  • Price $24

    Plant People WonderDay


    Plant People Wonder Day is the second mushroom supplement company that comes in the form of a gummy. Most gummies come packaged as powders, capsules, or tinctures, but WonderDay offers similar benefits in an adhesive form.

    Every Plant People WonderDay gummy comprises ten functional mushrooms, including lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Reishi mushroom extracts. These gummies contain a wild raspberry flavor that tastes extremely good. According to the website of Plant People, the WonderDay mushroom gummies can help support your stress levels, energy mood, and immunity, among other beneficial effects. Whether you are looking to cope with your stress responses, energy, performance, digestion, or immune system, Plant People may have the right benefits for you with its incredible WonderDay gummies.

    Ingredients Lion’s mane, shiitake, maitake, chaga, and reishi mushroom extracts
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes cellular energy for better physical health and performance
  • Boost immune system to protect the body from catching bacterial or viral infections
  • Strengthen bones and increase muscle mass
  • Helps in supporting stress levels and calms the mind
  • Other Perks
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured by FDA and GMP approved research centers
  • Price $30

    How We Ranked the Best Medicinal Mushroom Supplements

    All medicinal mushroom supplements companies make similar promises of providing the best mushroom supplement and how their product offers the most benefits. However, only a few top-ranked mushroom supplement companies can live up to that promise.

    We considered the following factors responsible for separating the best mushroom supplements from the worst. They are the following:

    Proven Ingredients

    There are a thousand mushrooms and fungi available in the world today. However, only a handful are present in mushroom supplements. As per the scientific studies, we preferred mushroom supplements that used proven ingredients to provide specific health benefits to the users. FDA approves most of the mushroom extracts added in the supplements listed above (GRAS).

    Clinically Effective Dosage Options

    Some mushroom supplements comprise the right ingredients but offer the wrong dosage options. Some supplements contain very few active ingredients to provide any real-life benefits. Other mushroom formulas hide their low dosage options behind fashionable labels, making it difficult to see the ingredients’ breakdown. We preferred mushroom supplements for this list of best medicinal mushroom supplements that offered a robust and clinically proven effective dosage option.

    Backed by Trials or Lab Tests

    Most mushroom supplement companies do not bother to invest in their clinical trials to cut expenses. However, some of the best mushroom supplement companies, including Onnit, have invested in the clinical tests of their products to prove that their formula works and can benefit the customers. While compiling this list, we looked favorably upon the scientific research and trials conducted by a particular mushroom supplements company. The more scientific research a company undertook, the higher we ranked it on our list.

    Manufacturer Reputation and Transparency

    Some mushroom supplement companies are entirely transparent and honest with their ingredients’ usage, dosage options, testing, ingredients sourcing, and manufacturing processes. Others are vague in their descriptions and can often be misled with fashionable labels. However, we only preferred companies with a strong reputation for overall Transparency and supplement quality for this list of best mushroom supplements.

    Production Methods (Whole Fruiting Body vs. Other Forms)

    Mushroom Supplement companies manufacture their products in various ways. Some companies use the whole fruiting body that utilizes an entire mushroom for enhanced benefits. Other companies often resort to using myceliated grain production, methods that utilize the mushroom roots. Some supplement companies also use ‘full spectrum’ and ‘pure mycelium’ to create mushroom supplements with potent effects. We looked for a delicate balance between these production methods.

    Extraction Methods

    Manufacturers use numerous medicinal mushroom extraction methods. Traditionally, people have used hot water extraction. Currently, some supplement companies utilize alcohol extraction or dual extraction methods to maximize the concentration of active ingredients in the final product. It is also worth mentioning that the extraction method also depends upon the type of mushroom. For example, softer mushrooms like the Lion’s Mane are ideal for hot water extraction, while more complex mushrooms like Reishi are unsuitable.

    Medical Advisory Board

    Some mushroom companies have an in-house medical advisory board. Some companies are even guided and run by several medical doctors, which adds to their credibility and gives them extra legitimacy over other mushroom supplement companies on this list. In most cases, we preferred mushroom supplements that were verified, tested, or approved by some certified specialist or medical practitioner, like a doctor.

    Advertised Benefits

    Medicinal mushrooms have a revolutionary potential, and more people are becoming aware of it. However, some therapeutic mushroom companies go overboard while advertising their product’s benefits. These companies often end up suggesting that their supplements can cure or prevent certain diseases. We preferred mushroom supplement companies that honestly and transparently advertise their products’ benefits.

    Money-back Guarantee

    Even the best mushroom supplements would not work for everyone, given individual body needs and performance. This reason is why we preferred mushroom supplement companies that come with a money-back guarantee option. Good mushroom supplement companies often back their claims with a money-back guarantee offer, making it easy for the customers to get a refund if they are unsatisfied with the results.

    Side Effects of Medicinal Mushrooms

    Most mushroom supplements will not result in significant side effects when taken in standard dosages by healthy adults.

    However, some people may experience slight nausea or mild digestive discomfort, especially while consuming high doses of medicinal mushroom supplements.

    As a customer, you should be extremely cautious about taking magic mushrooms unless prescribed by a doctor, as it can drastically affect your body and mind. One can expect more severe side-effects or discomforts in their body when consuming magic mushrooms. The complex side-effects occur due to the presence of psilocybin, which is a plant-based ingredient often associated with hallucinations and psychoactive properties.

    When you are consuming a legal mushroom supplement or a medicinal mushroom formula, it is imperative to understand that in these cases, you will not experience significant changes or side effects in your body. This factor is because legal mushroom extracts function differently than regular ones to support your overall health. These mushrooms do not contain any active psilocybin or other psychoactive compounds.

    It is always favorable to talk to your medical expert, preferably a doctor, and consult their advice before resorting to mushroom supplements. We recommend speaking with your doctor, especially if you have a medical condition or are undergoing medication or treatment of some sort. This precautionary measure will ensure that your body will not react differently to these supplements, and you can still function harmoniously. It will also help secure your body from severe infections or harmful effects.

    It is not uncommon for individuals to react differently to the same drug, medicine, or supplement. So, we suggest always speaking to your doctor and consulting their advice before making a purchase decision. Your health matters the most, and any decision concerning your well-being must be well-deliberated, thought upon, and judiciously arrived at before it starts to affect your life in significant ways or does irreparable damage.

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