Backcountry Horsemen support river center expansion

The Peninsula Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington, BCHW-PNC, recently supported the Dungeness River Audubon Center’s “Inspire Wonder” capital campaign with a $1,000 donation.

With the support, organizers for the campaign say they’ve reached 43 percent of a $2.9 million goal to expand the building at Railroad Bridge Park, add a new entrance and paved, lighted parking.

Back Country Horsemen have worked with river center executive director Powell Jones for years to educate local youths and public about the value associated with local parks, forests, wilderness and other public lands.

The horsemen’s President Dan Dosey said, “we see that our relationship with the center enriches our community through education, advocacy, and volunteerism.”

Back Country Horsemen was founded in 1985, and club member Judy Sage estimates the local chapter has contributed $198,000 in volunteer hours on trail maintenance this year.

Organizers of the Inspire Wonder campaign look to expand the 1992 building because of an increase in use and lack of space.

For more information about Back Country Horsemen Peninsula Chapter, call 360-461-9774.

For more information on the Dungeness River Audubon Center, 2151 W. Hendrickson Road, and its capital campaign visit and/or call Jones at 360-681-4076 or campaign chair Annette Hanson at 360-670-6774.