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The special services staff of Sequim School District is conducting ongoing developmental screening for children ages birth-through-21 who live in the Sequim School District, are not attending school, and who may be delayed in one or more of the following areas: cognitive, communication, fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional, adaptive skills and/or health impairments.

The screening is to identify developmental delays that might affect a child’s performance in school. Our intervention program offers the child and family a connection to appropriate services, education and information. Any individual or agency provider who wishes to refer a child for screening should contact Colleen Robinson, secretary, Special Education Programs, Sequim School District No. 323, at 582-3433. Include the child’s name, birth date, age, mailing address and telephone number.

– Colleen Robinson,



_ Congratulations to John Cole’s fourth-grade class for a successful declamation experience. Declamations are right out of the old debate team. Students are asked to memorize a published piece then stand in front of the class to recite the piece using only voice, motion and expression. This year, Jenna O’Steen finished in fourth with Shel Silverstein’s "Smart." Gracelyn Hurdlow was third with "When Young Melissa Sweeps" by Nancy Byrd Turner. Jett Gagnon was second with "What If" by Shel Silverstien. And the blue ribbon went to Jack Drennen with "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King Jr. A special thank you to our distinguished judges.

– John Cole, teacher

_ Here are more two more student writing samples from Louise Lemley’s class, as they recently finished filing reports as journalists about Groundhog Day.

"Shadow Sean"

It’s Groundhog’s Day and last night Shadow Sean celebrated. But in the morning, he didn’t hear his alarm clock. He was last seen at Greywolf Elementary School.

Investigators aren’t really on a lead, but an eyewitness gave us a lead. Shadow is in the local pool named SARC and has fallen asleep. So officials drove swiftly to the SARC and woke him up. No Groundhog’s Day is on.

– Anna Frandsen

"Bobby Bobber Groundhog"

Eyewitnesses have reported that they have seen Bobby Bobber four times this morning but not enough to tell if there was a shadow or not. The news reporter from 8.9 BK News asked the eyewitnesses why they couldn’t tell if there was a shadow or not. The spectators say they couldn’t tell because he was bobbing up and down out of his hole.

Reporters predict that the groundhog didn’t come out of his hole because of the forecast, or even maybe he could have been stuck In "hibernation mood" and didn’t know what was going on.

It was 8:09 a.m. when they last saw him. But finally at 2:02 p.m., investigators saw the groundhog and his shadow. It is believed that the eyewitnesses saw Mr. Bobber sprint out of his burrow. It was reported that they tried to find Bobby Bobber, but surprisingly he was not to be found.

– Jadyn Overby-Morgison


_ At the Feb. 20 Sequim Education Foundation Engineering Challenge, Sequim School District students gathered at the Boys & Girls Club to test the popsicle stick bridges that they and their families had been working on for several months. It was an exciting day filled with many surprises as bridge after bridge was tested to determine how many pounds it would hold before breaking. Elementary school winners were:

First place: John Edson from Haller and Skyler Hallinan from Greywolf, who won $500 in scholarship money and $25 in cash

Second place: Violet O’Dell and Flora Walchenbach both from Haller, who won $250 scholarship money and $20 cash

Third place: Ethan Mair from Haller, who won $100 scholarship money and $15 cash

Fourth place: Darby Thompson from Haller who won $10 cash

All of the bridges were amazing. No two looked alike. The students worked hard on their bridges, turning their creative ideas into reality and their interest in engineering into money to help send them to college.

– Dave Hasenpflug,

science specialist

_ Helen Haller celebrated the Cougar-Wolf Writing Conference this week. Laura McGee Kvasnosky was our guest author. We had so much fun with our writing, sharing and listening. Judie Lawson’s first-graders want to share what they liked best about the week’s events.

Jacob Nicholson: I liked the stories the author told. I liked that she wrote the books.

Caylie Hammond-Neske: I liked meeting the author. I like the part when she read us about the dinosaur that went to school. I liked trying to find the dinosaur.

David Ayala: I liked having the penguin book read to me. I answered her question about the penguin being on an island.

Zoe Zimmerman: I liked the pictures of the pigs that she drew. I liked the dancing one best. She is a good writer.

Sidney Johnston: I liked writing my color, animal, rhyming book. I picked red, blue and white to write about.

Mia Wyant: I liked singing the song … my bunny lies over the ocean … with the author. I like to sing and it was fun.

Jackson Bush: I liked the Ivy and Zelda story.

Coral Disinski: I liked when we sang the song My Bunny lies over the ocean. I like singing!

Isabel Frutos: I liked singing the songs about my bunny lies over ocean. It was a funny song.

Grace Gala: I like to write a book in the special author workshop. I wrote my book about going to my friend’s house.

Peter Silliman: I liked the artist. She was cool. I liked how she was doing tricks with her little wand (baton). I liked talking about the rhyming. I had a connection with it. I also do that, too, at my house.

Olivia McDonald: I liked when we did the book about the colors and decorated the cover. I liked doing the purple rhyming words. They were funny … we had burple and maple surple.

Julianna Frease: I liked the author. I liked her stories and the pictures of her when she was in school.

Rebekah Parker: I liked the assembly because it was nice when the author came. I got to see her illustrated books. So she’s one of the best authors ever.

Braden Bean: I liked the assembly. The author showed us some pictures of her and her family.

Taig Wiker: I liked the writing workshop with the author. We got to make our own book. I learned a lot from her. I learned about illustrating close up, medium and far away. My story was about water skiing.

Kyle Johnson: The Ivy and Zelda story was good. The author made the characters like animals.

Kenny Chapman: I liked the pigs that the author drew. My favorite was the one with its hand up in the air. I liked singing Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes using a mouse voice.

Logan Laxson: I liked all the books the author made. I liked the Ivy and Zelda book best. I liked the pictures.

Tyler Nehrbas: I liked the Red and White book she read to us. It was fun. She did songs with us. She made a lot of nice art.


See eighth-grade parent night coming up at the high school on March 9.


_ Many thanks to Karin Anderson, who once again has volunteered many hours to prepare for the upcoming Student Art Show displayed at the Sequim Museum and Arts Center during March. Thanks also to Sequim Arts, the sponsor of the show.

– Martha Rudersdorf, teacher

_ First Teacher


Wednesday, March 3 – Kids Craft at 10:30 a.m., First Teacher Fundraising Committee meeting at 10 a.m.

Thursday, March 4 – Parent Connection with Nicole Brewer at 10 a.m. Come meet other parents and talk about relative parenting topics while your children play together. For more information about Parent Connection, call Nicole at 461-9992

Friday, March 5 – Popcorn & a Movie: Children bring their pajamas, pillow and a parent to watch a short movie

Monday, March 8 – Reading Time with Michael McAleer at 10:30 a.m. Each child attending Reading Time receives a free book

At First Teacher’s New Parents & Expectant Parents Tea on Friday, Feb. 26, Pam Arnott from Olympic Medical Center spoke about local resources for expectant and new parents.

Linsay Rapelje won a handmade quilt by SunBonnet Sue member Sharon Kay.

Leilani Aiken won a tote bag full of diapers donated by Costco.

Each parent went home with a fleece baby pillow and matching blanket made by local volunteer Kathryn Chamberlain.


_ Eighth-grade parent night is at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 9, in the high school cafeteria. Plan to attend this information evening for our incoming freshman. The Sequim High School administrative team will explain the new registration and course selection process.

– Lora Millet, secretary

_ Last year, the painting students painted beautiful silk banners that will go up in town on the light posts. The crafts class created batik banners as well. For the banners to be displayed this spring, we need someone (or two or three) to hem the edges of these 24- by 36-inch banners. There are about 20 banners. If anyone is willing to help us out, it would be great. The students are anxious to see their artwork displayed in town for everyone to see this summer. Please contact teacher Jaye Hall at 582-3600.

– Jaye Hall, teacher

_ Here are a few informational items from the counselors at Sequim High School:

Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be requesting their future courses online this year. This will be done March 24-25 through Skyward’s Student Access during Den. Families will be able to review the courses selected by logging into Skyward’s Family Access.

The SHS 2010-2011 course catalog is online now. Go to the Sequim High School Web site ( page and click on the counseling tab. After it pops up, you will see a hyperlink to "SHS Course Catalog 2010-2011." Click on the link and you will see the course catalog. Bookmarks can be added for your convenience.

For students interested in Running Start, Peninsula College will have an informational meeting on Wednesday, March 31. The meeting will be held at Peninsula College in Building M, Science & Technology, Lecture Hall at 7 p.m. There will be an optional campus tour prior to the meeting, at 6:30 p.m.

– Maria Roragen, co-registrar secretary

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