Chalk Talk June 22, 2016

School is out but there's still plenty to share from Sequim Schools in the latest Chalk Talk


Volunteers must submit to a background check and application process each school year. Look for a new online application process coming in fall 2016.

For more information about volunteering in the Sequim School District, contact Patsene Dashiell, director of Communications/Volunteer Coordinator, at or 582-3264.


Kindergarteners celebrated the end of the school year with a fun field trip to the Dungeness Valley Creamery on Towne Road. Thank you, Ryan and Sarah McCarthey for a great time!

The students in Alex Ogilvie’s first-grade class had a lot of fun practicing their Reader’s Theater scripts. Recently, a particular group practicing the script for “Lightning Linda” went to a second-grade room to share their presentation. Everyone had a great time!

A “Moving On” ceremony, attended by parents and other family members, was held in the afternoon before school dismissal on Tuesday, June 14. This annual ceremony marks the passage of our fifth-grade students who will be entering sixth-grade at Sequim Middle School in the fall. Each child had their picture taken with Principal Donna Hudson and counselor Cheryl McAliley to provide a family keepsake photograph of their big day.

Fifth-grade teachers Teresa Iversen, Halie Maynock and Robert Withrow are extremely proud to send this group of fifth-graders off to become Timberwolves at Sequim Middle School in the fall. We also would like to thank school director Jim Stoffer for attending this special event.


Renee Mullikin’s second-grade class walked to the Sequim Library on June 2 to check out books for an animal research project and learn about the summer reading program.

On the way to the library, the class stopped at the high school greenhouse. Agricultural science students paired up with the younger children to give them a tour of the greenhouse facilities.

Each Haller student got to pot a plant, as well as sample some carrots and snap peas growing in the raised bed area of the greenhouse, each with assistance from a “big kid” partner. Some children also fed carrots to rabbits being raised by FFA (Future Farmers of America) students.

Thanks to Sequim High School staff Scott Chichester and Terry Barrett for their assistance!



Teacher Rebecca Bullard reflects on the school year just gone by: What a great year it has been! The class has worked hard and (students) have come so far. They each selected some of their class work to display in the lobby during our awards ceremony on Monday, June 13. My hope is that the children will continue to read and practice their math skills throughout the summer. Have a wonderful summer!



For the final time this school year, the Science Department would like to showcase the following students as “Catalysts” for Term Four.

A catalyst in a science classroom consistently displays an exceptional level of participation. They are curious and questioning. They ask those thought provoking inquiries which extend understanding. They are engrossed and engaged. They clearly and accurately share their observations, both verbally and in writing. They are analytical and articulate. Catalysts are the sparks which ignite learning!

In sixth and seventh grade, teacher Isabella Morrison celebrates the accomplishments of sixth-graders Lily Fili, Lily Peterson, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Elliott Fiorina, Gracie Sharp, Alyssa Bonheyo, Brandon Charters, Pryce Glasser, Cristian Gonzales, Amelia Hermann, Dylan Jackson, Richard Meier, Sydney Price, Ryan Schmitt, Lauren Sundin, Kristina Baker, Harrison Bell, Angelina Cooper, Grace Cooper, Shaheer Chaudhry, Alex Church, DeeDee Dorrell, Mallie Jackson, Ashley Lines, Malory Morey, Olivia Owen, Robert Streck, Mia Coffman, Erica Foresman, Camphor Fukushima, Brayden Money, Ruby Romano, Piper Shields, Kathyleen Snyder, Aarell Ancheta, Aaron Gaylord and Kendra Munger, and seventh-graders Audrey Bennett, Erik Christiansen, Chloe Clemons, Dallin Despain, Braden Koch, Irina Roybal, Emma Sharp and Aryona Zappey.

Teacher Joe Landoni tips his hat to seventh-graders (as voted on by their peers) Enya Griffin, Jacob Rorebeck, Kate D’Amico, Zachary Budnek, Mary McAleer, Gabe Ludvik, Anna Bell, Melissa Porter, Chase Demucha, Natalya James and Michael Young.

For his seventh- and eighth-graders, teacher Phil Zarelli gives a standing ovation to Deanna Drew, Silas Lewis, Oscar Walchenbach and Autumn Shaw and eighth-graders Zen Graham, Ashlynn Martin, Sydney Swanson, Ethan Zink, Tyler Turner and Gabrielle Happe.

Finally, teacher Debra Beckett applauds eighth-graders Aaron Snyder, Jessica Dietzman, Alissa Lofstrom and Daisy Ryan and in her Science and Engineering Teams Class, Kaleb Needoba and Brayden Metzger.

Keep up the fantastic effort, young scientists! You are excellent role models for your peers.