Chalk Talk June 24, 2015

Students honor volunteers and share how-to stories in the latest Chalk Talk.


A regional ESD 114 “Road-eo” was held at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds on May 30 for school bus drivers. Substitute bus driver Valarie Wilkinson, in her first year at competition, placed seventh. Bus driver Marcia Bowden placed second in her second year and advances to state competition in Yakima on June 21.

John Stevens, bus driver trainer for the district, helped with training and preparing the bus drivers for competition.



Here are some “How To” writings by second-grade students:


How to Fish by Addison Loewen (teacher: Susan Dufner)

Step 1: You make sure you have waterproof shoes.

Step 2: You make sure you have a fishing pole and fishing supplies like a spinner and a bobber.

Step 3: You hook up the boat. If you are fishing on the ground, you are ready to go.

Step 4: You go to a fishing place that is open.

Step 5: You get your lifejacket on and your jacket if it is cold.

Step 6: You launch the boat or you get your spot set up.

Step 7: You get your pole set up. You put your weight on and your hook on, then your bait.

Step 8: You cast your pole by following these steps: Swing your pole to the side and you go forward to cast a pole.

Step 9: You leave your pole in the water to catch a fish.

Step 10: You catch a fish!

How to Make a Friend by Sienna Dahlquist (Teacher: Susan Dufner)

If you want to make a friend, first you find someone you want to be friends with. Next, you say “Hi,” in a nice way. Then, you ask them if they want to play. You let them pick the game and you share. Finally, you have a friend!


How to do a Shoulder Roll by Marshall Phipps (Teacher: Renee Mullikin)

If you are being picked on or bullied or get in a fight and the other kid is stronger than you, then you can do a shoulder roll and run and get a teacher.

Here’s how you do it. First kneel down. Second, put your right hand on the floor. Third, push off with the back left leg. Then, put your head on the bent part of your right arm. Next, roll over. Then get up with your leg up. Last, jump up and get a teacher. You now know a Tae Kwon Do move to help you in a dangerous situation.


How to Ride a Skateboard by Isaac McKeen (Teacher: Renee Mullikin)

Have you ever wanted to ride in a skate park? I’ll tell you how. Here is what you need: a skateboard, skate shoes, a sweatshirt, shorts, gloves, knee pads and a helmet. First you put your equipment on. Second get on your skateboard with your feet in the middle facing forward. Third, put one foot on the ground. Next push back, then put your foot back on the skateboard and ride. Finally, put more weight on one side to turn and have fun.

How to Brush Your Teeth by Savannah Francis (teacher: Teresa Thorson)

Step 1 – You have to get your toothbrush and toothpaste out.

Step 2 – Then put a couple drops of water on your toothbrush.

Step 3 – Then put a pea size of toothpaste on your toothbrush.

Step 4 – Then you need to get a timer out.

Step 5 – You can sing the ABCs or Happy Birthday while you brush.

Step 6 – Then you need to start brushing your teeth.

Step 7 – When you’re done put your toothbrush and toothpaste away.


How to Make a PBJ by Joanna Morales (teacher: Teresa Thorson)

First, you need peanut butter and jelly. Don’t forget the two slices of bread. And get parent permission. Second, you get a spoon. Open the jelly and get some on the spoon. Spread it on a slice of bread, then the peanut butter, the same. Third, you put it together. Fourth, you enjoy … yummy. When you are done you share the recipe.


How to Make a Ham Sandwich by Ian Baylon (Teacher: Teresa Thorson)

Ingredients: Your choice of bread, ham, mayo (optional), mustard (optional), lettuce (optional), cheese (optional)

1. Gather supplies listed above.

2. Put two slices of ham on the bread of your choice.

3. Add lettuce and finishing touches or sauces of your choice. Add cheese if you want.

4. Put another piece of the bread you chose before on top and eat.



School volunteers were honored at a tea held in the library on June 4. These individuals committed to helping out in classrooms each week, many as reading tutors. Light refreshments were served and several teachers circulated their students through the library during the tea to offer messages of thanks with cards, flowers and songs.

Principal Donna Hudson addressed the group to add her appreciation.

The event was organized by Holly Ambro, Washington Reading Corps tutor. “The volunteers really deserved this, they worked so hard this year! We had about 40 volunteers attend,” Ambro said.

Students in Jennifer Lopez’s fifth-grade Language Arts class have been learning how irony can add unexpected humor to their writing. They practiced by writing seemingly standard Help Wanted advertisements, with some surprising twists. The project was enjoyed by all, with many students writing additional job announcements for fun to share with their classmates and families.

Help Wanted By Jastin Bailey

Do you love nature? Of course you do, I mean, who doesn’t? If you love nature, then I can be 100 percent optimistic you want to keep it around. In order to do that we need a person to take care of all trees. From cedar to oak, from A to Z, we need people to fertilize, water, defend and plant trees. But you, you will get the best job to help trees. Just to let you know it’s none that I just listed. Your job is the best, everyone else will want it but you will be the chosen one. Chosen to hug.

Yes, you read that right. Your job is a tree hugger, and I don’t mean just any tree hugger, I mean a literal tree hugger that actually hugs trees. You’re not expected to bring anything except a lunch. If you don’t, I can’t do anything for you since you’ll be in the middle of the forest. If you see Bigfoot, you might get some tea and crumpets out of him, but be cautious because he may consume you as well.

There are no uniform requirements but you want to cover up as much of your skin as possible so you don’t get splinters. Unlike the last person with this job, he’s in the graveyard now. Oh, he isn’t dead, he’s just working night shifts.

The job is in the Amazon Rainforest located in South America. The schedule is 12 in the morning to 12 at midnight, so breakfast and dinner would be a good idea. As you know money is made of paper, so your pay will be a penny a week.

I can assure you that this is the job for you. From cedar to oak, From A to Z, call 1-800-I-hate-trees or go to