Chalk Talk May 20, 2015

Students and staff from Sequim School District share events, stories and accomplishments.


On April 14, Shannon Green, Sheri Burke and Pat Quinet’s third-grade classes took a trip near the fish hatchery in Sequim to plant trees. Merrill & Ring, Green Crow and Hermann Brothers provided 300 trees, shovels, gloves and other items needed to complete this fun, environmental friendly task. Each student planted four trees and placed a green, circular paper around the top of the tiny tree with the name given by the student.

Students in Sheri Burke’s third-grade class have been studying Egypt for the past month. They have learned about Egyptian pharaohs, queens and kings, gods and goddesses, pyramids and mummies. We ended our week with mummy wrapping and then each student created a sarcophagus that was designed with hieroglyphics of the name of the person that was wrapped. It was an awesome month of learning!



Here are some poems Sheri Suryan’s class has been working on throughout the year. There are a variety of forms: Haiku, Diamante, Sensory, Cinquain, Friendly, Acrostic and Free Verse.


Raking, crunching leaves,

Trees whistling, red, orange, yellow, brown,

White, glistening frost.

Flowers, stubs, brown grass,

Cold wind, brown branches falling,

Thumping twigs, crack, snap.

Dark brown, golden sky,

Cloudy, shadowy, orangish red,

Scarves, hats, mittens, boots.

Marshmallows. Fire crackling,

Chocolate, melting, cold crisp wind,

Rustling leaves, crunch, crack.

Warm turkey, mash potatoes, gravy,

Homemade pumpkin pie,

Apple cider, family

Malory Morey



shy, funny, jolly, loyal

Sibling of Isa

Lover of Minecraft

Who fears heights

Who needs love and attention

Who gives laughter

Who would like to see Minecraft

Resident of Port Angeles


Andy Benitez


The following students were nominated for March Student of the Month by their teachers based on the characteristic of Responsibility: Kristi Anderson, Anthony Cortani, Nick D’Amico, Cody Edison, Mikayla Geniesse, Casey Hall, Shaeleigh Lawrence, Austin Leis, Vita Olson, Claire Payne, Sarin Rees, Caden Robert, Abigail Schroeder, Alec Shingleton, Caira Taylor, Ryan Tolbert, Saige Turner, Seth Ueltzen, Miles VanSant, Flora Walchenback, Amanda Weller and Zoe Yates.

Sixth-grade teachers Paul Pinza, Allison Hastings, Steve Koehler, Dave McInnes, Elizabeth Lawson, Isabella Morrison and Deb Quinnell took approximately 190 sixth-graders and 23 parent chaperones on a field trip in March to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle to experience “Pompeii: The Exhibition.”

Here are more of their thoughts about the experience:

“The smoke machine produced an amazing smell! The video they showed was really interesting. It showed how the people of Pompeii lived each day.” Bailey Gagnon

“It was really fun. When you read a book, it tells you things. But, when you go and see for yourself, you get your own description in your mind! It was a little frantic, walking through the exhibit, because we had to write in answers on an assignment paper. About the body casts, it was as if you could see the expressions on their faces. Some of them looked really freaked out. The jewelry artifacts showed a lot of craftsmanship. There were farm implements and other tools made from some sort of metal. It looked like the people of Pompeii led physically hard lives, based on the tools they had.” Abbi Priest

“The body casts made the biggest impression on me. To see the people and how they reacted to the situation they found themselves in, and how terrified they were.” Colby Keith

“The video was most interesting to me, as it showed each day. The CGI experience was very effective. There was a little hail storm first, then dust came, then a little sand. We learned the eruption happened in the early afternoon.” Kaleb Needoba

“Of the entire field trip, I really liked seeing the facility! There was a water exhibit on the outside of the science center building.” Tyler Fritz

“I saw a cast of a dog, with a family next to it. I was struck by how the dog looked as if it was flinched in the final moments.” Jackson Lindorfer

“The video and the smoke machine were the most interesting to me. I saw a cast of a man caught walking up some stairs.” Emily Green



There is no school on Monday, May 25, in observance of Memorial Day. The district office will be closed as well.

There is a board meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, June 1, in the boardroom. The agenda is available on the district website at Board meetings are open to the public and there is time set aside for public comment.




There will be a blood drive at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 20, in the SHS auxiliary gym.

Don’t miss the upcoming Mr. SHS Competition, a male beauty contest and fundraiser for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) at 6 p.m. Friday, May 22, in the auditorium. The competition includes a dance number, talent and formalwear. This event is open to the public. Admission is $3 with ASB and $4 without.

Graduation party tickets will be on sale May 26 and June 1 during lunch periods. Tickets also will be sold during graduation rehearsal on June 11 and June 12. The cost is $25. No tickets will be sold at the door. The party is held at the Sequim Community Church Fellowship Hall and is not an official Sequim School District event.