Clallam PUD’s Waddell announces cancer diagnosis

Clallam Public Utility District Commissioner Jim Waddell has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Waddell announced the diagnosis at the PUD’s Oct. 24 meeting.

He said he is undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

“I was diagnosed about eight weeks ago after dealing with severe abdominal pain for the last seven or eight months,” Waddell said.

“So for the last five weeks or so I have been taking chemo,” he added.

“In fact, I took it just a few days ago and have been feeling the chemo cycle today.”

Waddell said the prognosis is that if he can successfully make it through the next six months of chemo followed by surgery he should have a 50 percent chance of living for another four years.

Commissioners and staff expressed their thoughts and prayers to Waddell that chemo and surgery go smoothly.