Clallam Transit issues news release on bus service between Port Angeles and Forks

Due to the unexpected closure of US 101 at Lake Crescent, Clallam Transit service between Port Angeles and Forks has been impacted. 


The #14 Forks bus will be re-routed to use SR 112 (through Joyce to SR 113) until the slide at the lake has been cleared.  From Port Angeles, all westbound buses will use 112 at Lairds Corner and return to 101 at Sappho.  Buses from Forks will use the same routing in reverse when eastbound.  CTS will attempt to maintain all departure times as scheduled from both Forks and Port Angeles during this road closure. 


In addition, CTS will utilize two smaller shuttle buses to maintain service to those areas cutoff from bus services between Lairds Corner and Sappho.  One bus will run from Lairds Corner to East Beach Road along US 101 and the second bus will run between Sappho and Lake Crescent Lodge on 101.  Passengers planning to use Clallam Transit service in these areas directly affected by the closure are encouraged to contact the CTS information desk at 1-800-858-3747 to confirm the timing although these shuttle buses are expected to run very close to the published #14 Forks bus schedule.


The public may also access the CTS website at for additional information.


CTS will continue this route deviation until WSDOT re-opens the highway. 


Terry G. Weed, General Manager