County begins electronic filing of death records

The Washington State Department of Health is moving from paper to electronic filing of death records and will release the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) to Clallam County in April or May.


The EDRS already is used in Benton, Franklin, Mason, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Spokane and Thurston counties, with thousands of medical providers filing death records electronically.


The EDRS streamlines the death registration process, improves the quality of the data collected and improves communication among those who file.


In communication between funeral directors and physicians, it eliminates the need to fax or sign paper records.


Families get death certificates faster and will be able to do so from any local health jurisdiction across the state. Delays with paper processing are reduced.


Immediate and accurate death data are used to combat public health threats.


To enroll or request information, call the EDRS Implementation Team at 855-562-1928 or e-mail