County valuation notices going in mail Oct. 17

The Clallam County Assessor’s office will be mailing about 50,000 valuation notices on Oct. 17.

Property owners in Clallam County who do not receive a notice within a reasonable amount of time are encouraged to check to see if their mailing address for tax purposes is correct (check at

Those without internet access can contact the assessor’s office in person at 360-417-2400, or at 223 E. Fourth St., Suite 2, in Port Angeles.

Clallam County’s 2022 assessed valuations for 2023 taxes have seen a sizeable increase for their Jan. 1 assessment, Clallam County Assessor Pam Rushton said in a press release last week — averaging a 25-percent bump across the county.

Values of individual properties will have a larger range in value changes depending on how close the value was to market in previous years, she said.

Taxes typically will not increase based on an average assessed value increase but may depending on recently voted measures, taxing districts’ budgets, and amount of value change compared to the average changes, Rushton noted.

Property owners have a variety on online resources through the assessor’s office ( and other online sites, Rushton said.

Discuss values with Assessor’s Office appraisal staff by calling 360-417-2400.

To file an appeal with the Board of Equalization, visit For more information on filing a board petition at