COVID-19 Relief Fund donations top $300,000

The COVID-19 Relief Fund has swelled to more than $300,000.

The fund, which is dispersed in grants by the Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP) to those who have been financially hurt by the COVID-19 precautions, is made up entirely of donations from North Olympic Peninsula residents to help their neighbors.

The total as of June 10 is $303,761. The fund represents an amazing outpouring of compassion from people living in Clallam and Jefferson counties.

The Peninsula Daily News and Olympic Community Action Programs converted the Peninsula Home Fund into the COVID-19 Relief Fund in March to create a way for neighbors to help each other through the economic repercussions of the response to the unique coronavirus pandemic.

Requests for food assistance had slowed earlier this month, said Audrey Morford, executive coordinator for OlyCAP.

Rental assistance had become a larger concern for many. Although Gov. Jay Inslee banned evictions — a ban he recently extended to Aug. 1 — many are trying to keep up with their rent despite having lost their ability to earn a living because of business closures.

Counties are beginning to reopen now, but for many, the struggle to pay their bills continues.

So the donations are very welcome.

There is no way to thank you enough. But at least we can let others know what you did.

Here is a list of the donations given to the COVID-19 Relief Fund during the past two weeks.

Name and amount

Tom and Joyce, Sequim, $200.

John Palmer, Port Angeles, $300.

Eugenie Nastri, Port Townsend, 1,000.

Steve Tharinger, Port Townsend, $250.

1st Security Bank of Port Angeles, Port Angeles, $1,000.

Irma Stennes, Port Angeles, $600. My children, David and Denise.

Patricia (Pat) Donlin, Port Angeles, $1,000.

JoAnn Hamilton, Port Angeles, $100. In memory of Cherie Jacobson Estes. Cherie was my friend. She was also a friend to countless members of our community, working as a nurse for over 30 years.

Karen and Joe Holtrop, Sequim, $200.

Name only

Elizabeth Ann and Jackson L. Williams, Sequim.

Bobbie McMahon and Jerry Spieckerman, Port Townsend.

Manfred and Susan Hemetsberger, Sequim.

Gene and Shirley Adolphsen, Sequim. Blessings to the front lines of folks battling COVID-19.

Jack B. Ramberg, Port Angeles.

Marcia and Bob Homer, Sequim. In memory of Harold and Velma Winters, and Hank and Peggy Homer.

Phillis Elliott, Port Angeles.

Judith E. Rice, Sequim.

Jo Ann Fjellman and Cal Severns, Sequim.

Richard Halsaver, Sequim.

Steve and Linda Bailey, Carlsborg.

Robert A. Kuhn, Port Angeles.

Muriel Main, Port Angeles. In memory of Al Main.

Bob and Chris Wiswell, Sequim.

Mark and Verna Jacobs, Port Angeles. In memory of Bruce Edwards.

Phyllis Little and Darrell Little, Sequim. In honor of priests and loved ones.

Patrick Plaster, Port Townsend. In memory of Duane Plaster.

Marlene K. Hanson, Sequim. In memory of Donald G. Hanson.

Brad and Nancy Anseth, Sequim.

Don Webb, Port Angeles.

John and Susan Bertholl, Sequim.

Michael and Marianne McDermott, Sequim.

Richard and Barbara Jepson, Sequim.

A. Laverne Dixon, Port Angeles.

William Hamilton, Port Angeles.

Michael and Darlene Clemens, Port Angeles.

Mrs. E.W. Richardson, Port Angeles. In memory of Earl Richardson.

Herb and Marolyn Russell, Port Angeles.

Judy Carey, Sequim.

Lois King, Sequim.

Wally and Sandy Wallenfelsz, Sequim.

Olympic Springs, Carlsborg.

Fred Kaiser, Port Angeles.

Eldora Pederson, Port Angeles.

Robert L. Wheeler, Port Townsend.

Emily Easterling Murphy and Patrick Murphy, Port Angeles.

Vicki Sensiba, Sequim.

Coy Chittenden, Port Angeles.

Susan Blenk, Sequim.

Jennifer Brodie, Sequim.

Kendall and Linnea Christopherson, Port Angeles

Bernhard and Janet Bruening, Sequim.

David Brewer, Port Angeles.

Lauren and John Turner, Sequim.

Gail Rodgers, Port Townsend.

Rosemarie Jack, Sequim.

Richard and Sharon Reuter, Port Angeles.

Peter Stolinsky, Port Angeles.

Sandy Reed, Sequim.


Port Angeles, $100. Change someone’s life.

Sequim, $150.

Port Angeles, $100.

Port Angeles, $200.

Sequim, $151.

Port Angeles, $650.

Sequim, $200.

Port Ludlow, $500.

Port Angeles, $100.

Port Angeles, $50. In memory of Bruce Edwards.

Sequim, $500.

Port Angeles, $1,200.

Port Angeles, $115. In memory of Eleanor Tschimperle.

Port Angeles, $500.

Port Angeles, $300.

Carlsborg, $1,000.

Port Angeles, $100.

Port Angeles, $100.

Sequim, $1,060.

Sequim, $200.

Port Angeles, $500.

Sequim, $300.

Port Angeles, $200. In memory of George Floyd.

Sequim, $750.

Port Townsend, $1,500.

Sequim, $1,200.

Sequim, $25.

Port Angeles, $200.

Sequim, $50.

Sequim, $100.

Port Angeles, $500.

Sequim, $250.

Port Angeles, $500.

Port Angeles, $100.

Chimacum, $200.