Fire District 3 volunteers, American Red Cross install free smoke detectors

Several local residents are a little safer this month, thanks to a national effort to be fire-safe.

Clallam County Fire District 3 volunteers partnered with American Red Cross to install free smoke detectors at several residences in Carlsborg Mobile Estates.

Red Cross, as part of a nationwide campaign to save lives from smoke and fire, sponsored the event. The organization provided tools, smoke detectors and education to residents while volunteer Fire District members provided labor to install the detectors. In all, 19 residents participated and 32 detectors were installed.

Sue Pechina was the driving force behind this campaign, fire district officials said.

“(She) did a great job of organizing all of the participants, working with the management of the park and advertising the event the week before,” the district said in a press release.

For more about the program, call the Fire Planning Division at 360-683-4242, x114.