New health center ready in Sequim

Extended Care is opening its newest facility, Sequim Health and Rehabilitation Center, located at 650 W. Hemlock St., Sequim, while closing its Port Angeles Care Center.

Extended Care, which provides both short- and long-term nursing care and rehabilitation, also runs Crestwood Convalescent Center in Port Angeles.

According to Skip McDonald, manager of the new center, the Port Angeles Care Center had become outdated and was too small to adequately serve the patients’ needs.

"It just sort of outlived its capabilities as a building," McDonald said. "The Sequim community is growing and the company thought it would be good to have a facility in each town."

The new center is three times larger than Port Angeles Care Center so Extended Care will be able to expand programs and services significantly, providing three times the space for physical therapy. The company’s social services department will also expand, and with more beds, the nursing department will increase as well.

According to McDonald, current patients and residents will be moved to the new facility on Jan. 14, but the center will not be accepting new patients until Jan. 16.

For more information on Sequim Health and Rehabilitation Center, call 360-582-2400.