OMC lauds three respiratory therapy staff members

The Olympic Medical Center Board of Commissioners recognized three respiratory therapists at a recent virtual board meeting, acknowledging their commitment to life-saving work, their dedication to patients and exemplary teamwork.

As part of OMC’s respiratory therapy team, the recognized employees manage care for patients with breathing problems and lung issues.

OMC representatives say that Ericka Albers, Carolyn Frummet and Devin Jackson have gone above and beyond to ensure their patients have the best possible outcomes.

Chief Medical Officer Scott Kennedy, MD, presented the awards to respiratory therapists Ericka Albers, Carolyn Frummet and Devin Jackson.

“Although the entire respiratory therapy staff is routinely involved in life-saving work, I would like to take a moment to recognize these staff members for their most recent efforts and how they exemplify teamwork, dedication to our patients and the OMC Way,” Chief Medical Officer Scott Kennedy said in presenting the honors.

He first recalled a life-saving story about Ericka Albers, who was called to a patient’s room early on a weekend morning and quickly recognized the gravity of the patient’s rapidly deteriorating status.

“She immediately called a Rapid Response (code) to rally resources to the patient’s bedside, then expertly attended to the subsequent management and complex resuscitation effort,” Kennedy said. “The hospitalist complimented Ericka for her quick assessment and decision to call a Rapid Response … undoubtedly saving the life of this young patient.”

Frummet’s work ethic was on display when she quickly and expertly responded to a respiratory emergency involving a newborn, Kennedy said.

“Carolyn quickly joined the response team to prepare for and provide assistance during an urgent surgical procedure in support of the newly arriving infant,” Kennedy said. “The house nurse supervisor complimented Carolyn and the others involved on their wonderful display of OMC teamwork in action.”

Jackson is recognized for her ability to respond swiftly and skillfully to emergencies, OMC representatives said. During a recent life-threatening situation where Jackson worked tirelessly to resuscitate a newborn, an observing director was blown away by what they saw.

Kennedy recalled the director’s sentiments, saying, “The director was completely impressed by Devin’s dedication, skill and teamwork.”

He added, “These are but a few recent examples of the uniquely skilled respiratory therapy department staff acting in concert with the outstanding team of healthcare professionals at OMC to make the difficult look routine.”